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Barry and Paul’s World Cup Predictions Game 2

Barry and Paul’s World Cup Predictions Game 2 Welcome to Barry and Paul’s World Cup Predictions Game 2. We know, we know, Game 1 hasn’t ended yet but it’s time for your Game 2 predictions already. We can’t even tell you the results of your Game 1 ones yet, such is the nature of the World Cup format, as one GW runs into another in quick succession. Trust us though, we have this in hand. Your GW1 results will be collated with your (yet predicted) GW2 & 3 ones and there will be a league table up prior to the knockout stages. Admin aside, it’s time to play again so get predicting for Game 2 please. The rules are as follows…. Below you will find the fixtures of the 2nd set of 16 group games. Cut and paste the fixtures into the comments, add your pr...[Read More]

Barry and Paul’s World Cup Predictions Game 1

Barry and Paul’s World Cup Predictions Game 1 Welcome to Barry and Paul’s World Cup Predictions Game 1. We’re back! We’ve only been gone a few short weeks but already it feels an age, thankfully not much has changed. We do have a whole bunch of lovely new members, so I’d like to first say a very warm welcome to each and every one of you. It’s usually very quiet on-site around this time of year, so it’s been nice to have some new ‘faces’ to interact with. Lets all enjoy the tranquillity while it lasts, the new season will be upon us in no time, but before then we have the small matter of a World Cup to enjoy! As the title suggests this is the World Cup Edition of the competition you all (well most of you) know and love. For our new members this is a simple predictions based comp...[Read More]

Barry and Paul’s Predictions – The Final Reckoning

Barry and Paul’s Predictions – The Final Reckoning Welcome to Barry and Paul’s Predictions – The Final Reckoning. GW38 brought the season to a close in typical GW38 style. The final game-week of the Premier League often throws ups some unusual final scorelines and this season was no different; a 9 goal thriller in Spurs last home game at Wembley, City scoring a solitary goal in their win at St Mary’s, and of course my beloved Newcastle putting 3 past Chelsea without reply – Happy days! What started as an informal and innocent comment on another random article, asking you what you thought the game-weeks scores would be that week, has turned into something of an FF247 staple article now! Careful what you say around here folks, it can often rob you of hours of your life! Tha...[Read More]

Barry and Paul’s Predictions GW37

Barry and Paul’s Predictions GW37 Welcome to Barry and Paul’s Predictions GW37. GW36 started badly for FPL managers and B&P predictors alike. Liverpool couldn’t manage to break down the not-so-mighty Stoke, and all those who had backed Salah to score (first) collectively moaned in unison. The most notable result of the game-week was Palace putting 5 past Leicester without reply. Literally nobody predicted that. I’m pretty sure nobody reads these intro’s but if you do, let me know what sort of things you would like more of next season, as lets face it, you probably all know the scores of the previous game-week without my blathering! GW36 RESULT This week’s big winner was my fellow Chuckle Brother Matt. I can’t even shout fix as the Boss-man (Init) did the number crunching on this...[Read More]

Barry and Paul’s Predictions GW33

Barry and Paul’s Predictions GW33 Welcome to Barry and Paul’s Predictions GW33. Every week I write this intro and wonder if anyone actually reads it. I know Init reads it, which is fortunate as last week I was awarding the previous weeks winner a t-shirt, sloppy on my part. It has also been brought to my attention that some of our winners are yet to receive their FF247 t-shirt; sloppy on someone else’s part (I’ll not name names (Rich) but I can’t be held responsible for my delivery boy). Whilst my fellow chuckle brother and I are not responsible for the receiving (or not receiving) of said t-shirts, my apologies non-the less. A 1-0 win for the Toon was surprisingly not my favourite result of the weekend. No, that honour goes to Burnley’s 2-1 win over West Brom. Not that I have anythi...[Read More]

Barry and Paul’s Predictions GW32

Barry and Paul’s Predictions GW32 Welcome to Barry and Paul’s Predictions GW32. It feels like GW31 was a long long time ago, so forgive me for being brief! The standout result was of course Liverpool’s 5-0 demolition of Watford, Mo Salah goes from strength to strength, if only Liverpool had played in the 3 o’clock kick-off so a few more would have got the first scorer correct! The only other really notable result was the Palace 0-2 win over Huddersfield which was a right kick in the teeth for anyone predicting success for the Terriers in either FPL or B&P’s (which is obviously way more important!). Just one winner this week and that was Leprechaun with 7pts; not bad for just 4 matches! AT, who is becoming a regular in the weekly leaderboard, took 2nd spot with a close 6pts and ma...[Read More]

The Sportsman’s Perfect 10 Competition – Win £10k!

The Sportsman’s Perfect 10 Competition – Win £10k! Welcome to The Sportsman’s Perfect 10 Competition – Win £10k! Did you ever fancy winning a big ball of cash for doing very little indeed? Yes! We’ve got the game for you. With The Sportsman’s Perfect 10, all you have to do is correctly predict the result of our ten selected games and you’ll collect a cool £10k. The best part? Entry is absolutely free. CLICK HERE TO PLAY NOW Our games this week come from the FA Cup fourth round, with a few from League 1, and we’ve drawn up our own list of selections for Round 25 to give you a helping hand, have a read below. Huddersfield V Birmingham David Wagner’s punchy overachievers have looked bereft of ideas of late and he might well take this as an opportunity to rest some of h...[Read More]

Euro U21’s Competition, Potty Style!

Euro U21’s Competition, Potty Style! Thanks for reading Euro U21’s Competition, Potty Style! Good Evening and welcome to the launch of my Summer Competition. Given as UEFA have left all us good fantasy folk stranded with no actual competition to play I thought I would step forward to try and fill the void a bit with my own little competition, just to keep us entertained. The competition is based on the Under 21 European Tournament which starts on Friday 16th June. Screw UEFA then, let’s get on with it… Your aim is to gather as many points as possible, its that simple. Follow this link to the UEFA site to find all you need to know when selecting your men who’ll hopefully bring you European Glory (then click on the Under 21 tab). Lets Play ‘Its A Pre-Tournament ...[Read More]

World Cup 2014 Fantasy Football!

World Cup 2014 Fantasy Football! As we sadly near the end of our beloved FPL season we thought it would be time to tell you that all hope is not lost and that you will not have to spend a long and lonely summer with friends and family at the beach ‘enjoying’ yourself whilst secrectly counting down the days to start of the next FPL season! Alas, the World Cup is upon us and will hopefully feed your fantasy addiction! We will be open for business as usual over the Summer with fantasy interest aplenty as we will be partaking in the usual FIFA World Cup game with an FF247 league and articles to boot. Hopefully you are as excited as we are at the prospect of seeing England lose on penalties again, watching Messi try to fulfill his one missing accolade and seeing the latest gem emerg...[Read More]

Ultimate FPL 2014 “The Ultimate Headache”

Ultimate FPL 2014 “The Ultimate Headache”- FPL Fantasy Football Premier League So just when we thought we had this game all figured out, the comedians at Fantasy Premier League decide to hit us with this nugget. We were sitting with our pen and paper (laptop, for you geeks) crossing out teams for GW29 and worrying to death about how we would navigate the upcoming weeks. All of a sudden we heard a large thud, as FPL decided to drop their new Ultimate League on us, just when we thought things could not get any more complicated! But no worries at FF247 as we are here to help, with your team that is. We absolutely value your addiction to Fantasy Football and seek to make sure you don’t escape from the powerful hold it has on you. So let’s get started with the rules you need to know...[Read More]

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