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This is the home of MLS (Major League Soccer) fantasy football, FF247 style! We have a beginners guide and we will keep you up to date with any major developments throughout the MLS campaign as well as regular updates on our very own MLS league and Team.

MLS GW18 Tips – Fantasy Major League Soccer

MLS GW18 Tips – Fantasy Major League Soccer This week’s article is going to be a bit different. Due to the severity of the change in playing style we’re going to see in the fantasy game, I focused a bit more on how to deal with those changes than I normally would. The fact of the matter is, we’re moving into a phase of the game that isn’t going to give us a slew of DGW’s to anchor our teams. In fact, in the next five rounds, only Columbus and Chicago will have a DGW — but for the most part we’ll be playing a more typical fantasy game with teams playing just once each week. No longer will we have to worry about which player is the most likely to play 180 minutes, we’ll just have to worry about picking the best players in each round (the way fantasy football was meant to be). Tha...Read More

MLS GW17 Tips – Fantasy Major League Soccer

MLS GW17 Tips – Fantasy Major League Soccer GW16 is done and dusted – and there were more than a few surprises along the way for many team owners. Who could have foreseen Bradley Wright Phillips making MLS history by missing two penalties in one match? Or who thought that San Jose would pull off another miracle this season and beat Seattle for a second time in an away fixture? Giovinco with 2 points just for showing up? Safe to say there were a few quirks to this past week. But elsewhere, there was plenty that went according to plan. Consider Portland finding their groove and winning their fourth straight against a lowly Houston. That win looked almost effortless. And LA revealing that they were really a powder keg just ready to erupt spoiled Philadelphia’s long road trip. As l...Read More

MLS GW16 Tips – Fantasy Major League Soccer

MLS GW16 Tips – Fantasy Major League Soccer As it turns out, GW15 wasn’t all that scary after all, was it? There were two sides to GW15; on the one side, the limited options made it hard to score truly great points — and on the other side, the limited options made it hard to make too many mistakes. As a result, those who fully participated in the round probably did OK for themselves. GW16 is a bit of a different animal though. We now only have two teams on a bye (Chicago and Columbus) and no teams on a DGW. And that all-important massive GW17 is now just a stone’s throw away. So how do we prepare? Do we really focus on getting the most out of this week? Or is the better option to stock your team up for next week and simply hope for a decent return in this round? Honestly, there...Read More

MLS GW15 Tips – Fantasy Major League Soccer

MLS GW15 Tips – Fantasy Major League Soccer We love MLS. We love Fantasy MLS. We’ve played it for years. Many of us have had relative success in doing so. We’ve just never committed to actually writing about it… Until now that is! Well, sort of. Let us explain. Despite having a well full of writers who all love and play MLS we could never nail one down to actually write a regular article. So we went on a talent hunt. And as ever we came up with fantasy gold! It’s our pleasure to introduce our new friend and new ‘MLS guru’ Guy Sanchez… Guy has a long history of covering American sports and previously wrote for a now defunct site (not his fault, we hope!) but in doing so he gained a press pass for the Portland Timbers, which in his words ‘...Read More

MLS Chat Room 2015

MLS Chat Room 2015 “With the Red Bulls nearing a shut out, Keane receives the ball just inside the 18 and plays a neat wall pass with Zardes to put him into the 6, his shot on frame is rejected out of bounds by the goal tender but the referee seems to have blown for a PK to the offense for an alleged double team”… Welcome to the FF247 MLS Chat Room for the 2015 season. A hidden gem within the site if you will, for those fantasy managers who just love to play whatever games they can get their mitts on and specifically in this case MLS. Most of us started playing fantasy MLS back in 2013 and were soon hooked. The aim of the Chat Room is to allow a space for those that play it to come on and post and chat whatever they want about MLS – be it a traditional RMT, some tea...Read More

An Idiot Abroad’s Guide to MLS – Part 2. Eastern Conference

An Idiot Abroad’s Guide to MLS – Part 2. Eastern Conference When someone in the UK looks east in the morning, they see a rising sun shielded by grey clouds. That is, apart from those in London. For when those fine fellows look eastwards, they see Harry Redknapp; a man who knows more about the East than the Dalai Lama. He and assistant Kevin Bond were kind enough not to notice me recording their conversation on a dictaphone parked outside The Crown and Sceptre. HR – “’Ere, Kev. I was on the old dog and bone this mornin’. You wanna see some of these players we got scouted from the USA! Proper players. ‘Ave a gander at this.”

An Idiot Abroad’s guide to MLS – part 1, Western Conference

An Idiot Abroad’s guide to MLS – Part 1, Western Conference The FIFA ‘Handshake for Peace’ party is in full swing and couples are gliding around the dancefloor to New Order’s “World in Motion”. Two lonely souls exchange wary glances from opposite corners of this crowded room; their mutual curiosity almost tangibly entangled. One takes a final swig of pimms and strides unsteadily towards the other… “I say. Surely no kingdom would in good conscience allow such a captivating light to leave their skies so dark. May I be so honoured as to learn your name?” “I’m… I’m…” The words hang in the air with unresolved suspense. I impatiently descend upon them from the rafters and intervene. “This, my br...Read More

MLS 2014 An Introduction to Major League Soccerball

MLS 2014 An Introduction to Major League Soccerball Welcome to the world of MLS and more importantly a massive warm welcome to our latest writer, or as we refer to him now ‘our resident MLS expert’ Bryan Munich. Most of you will be familiar with Bryan from the site already but will perhaps not be aware of his MLS credentials. Bryan finished an incredible 39th in the world in MLS last season despite being a humble Sheffield Wednesday supporting Yorkshireman and actually residing in Japan for the last four years! He actually managed a very special and rare accomplishment along the way last season and was the overall top scorer for the entire game in one game-week. Not many can boast that! Bryan is no FPL novice either, he is currently ranked 8th overall in Japan and is in the top...Read More

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