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Fantasy Football Team News and Predicted Line-ups GW35

FPL Team News and Predicted Line-ups Gameweek 35 Welcome to Gameweek 35. Another special game-week takes hold, but this time we see blanks not doubles. We kick it off with a super light Saturday with only two fixtures in the cards. West Brom host the great Mo Salah and his mates in a lunch time kick-off and that is followed by Palace paying a visit to Watford trying to secure points so they can inch closer to survival. Sunday is slightly busier, but not that much as it brings us three fixtures. Arsenal host the Hammers, the desperate Stokies welcome in Burnley and the champions look to party with their 3 fans when Swansea makes the trip to the Etihad. Monday finishes off the game-week when Everton and Newcastle treat us to an exciting all out attacking game…right. Arsenal Lacazette W...Read More

FF247 Fantasy Football Site Team GW35 Free Hit Special

FF247 Fantasy Football Site Team GW35 Free Hit Special Welcome to the FF247 Fantasy Football Site Team GW35 Free Hit Special. We’ve taken a slightly different approach to our usually formulaic Site Team article this week, and this is why… Rather than deluge you with all sorts of different Tips and Captain Picks this week we thought it may be wiser to (almost) let the elongated DGW34 play out to its natural conclusion and then come in with a (relatively) simple look at GW35. Just in case you’ve been under a rock or something GW35 is also known as Blank GW35 as there are only 6 fixtures this week. Just to be completely prescriptive then the 6 fixtures, or 12 teams involved, are as follows – If this comes as some sort of a surprise to you… then said rock may be y...Read More

Fantasy Football Live Match Chat DGW34

Fantasy Football Live Match Chat DGW34 Welcome to Fantasy Football Live Match Chat DGW34. Its double time!! A huge week of footy awaits, 14 games, starting on Saturday and with at least one game each day until we finish on Thursday. Wow. We kick off Saturday lunchtime with a date on the south coast as FA Cup semi-finalists Southampton and Chelsea have a warm-up for their Wembley date next week. Just four 3pm matches follow as Burnley host Leicester, Brighton go up to Palace, Huddersfield welcome Watford and Swansea and Everton meet at the Liberty. The first evening match, yes there are two, this week is that good(!) sees Liverpool host Bournemouth before the main event sees Wembley welcome Man City as they play Spurs. Don’t book any plans for Saturday evening! Sunday is a calmer affair – A...Read More

Fantasy Football Site Team DGW34

FF247 Fantasy Football Site Team DGW34 Welcome to the FF247 Fantasy Football Site Team GDGW34. Guess what? We got another green arrow (that’s 7 in a row now!!) but we still only climbed 7.5k places up to 140,557. This is getting excruciatingly predictable. Maybe DGW34 will be different. Our GW33 of score of 37 was pretty crap really, but somehow we beat the average (32). This write up will be very brief by the way. Our captain Aubayemang scored 12pts and Vardy scored 8pts. Our next highest scorer was Matt Ryan who scored 3! We were right to bench DDG lol! We have 6 players scoring 2pts and two scoring a single point each. It was painful to witness but many were in the same boat and there was no damage done. Somehow. Onwards and upwards to the big double and points galore. Righto! Last week...Read More

Fantasy Football Tips DGW34

Fantasy Football Tips DGW34 Welcome to Fantasy Football Tips DGW34. Into DGW34 we go as last week’s disaster is well and truly pushed to the back of our minds. With the likes of Salah and Firmino not even starting and then players like Lukaku, Kane, Willian and Mahrez proving to be massive flops, an average as low as just 32 points was inevitable. Even the top team with 102 points still had a zero next to Hector Bellerin – if that’s any consolation! Suffice to say, with writing on two consecutive gameweeks, I feel the need to evaluate my tips article from last week. Well, the best goalkeeper suggestion turned out to be either Lloris, Pope or Ryan who each scored three points. Looking at the defenders, Tarkowski was embarrassingly the best tip as he collected two points, with Monreal ...Read More

Barry and Paul’s Predictions GW34 & 35

Barry and Paul’s Predictions GW34 & 35 Welcome to Barry and Paul’s Predictions GW34 & 35. Most weeks, I do the maths and counting side of things while my better half does the writing but Paul (Rosco) has jetted off to “work” in Dubai so I’ve been left to write this… they don’t even like my counting, so I wonder how the gaffers will feel about this! ? I guess that at least this week, my better half won’t misread my emails and reward the entire site with t-shirts. Congrats to the new PL Champ- Oh wait! That’s right it wasn’t a dream, City did in fact lose. So United added their names to a very short list of teams to have beaten City this season. I must say I was actually glad when that happened because at least now there is another week where something other than second place...Read More

Fantasy Football Captain Picks DGW34

Fantasy Football Captain Picks DGW34 2017/18 Welcome to Fantasy Football Captain Picks DGW34. I’ll be honest, in recent weeks I’ve adopted the ‘Always captain Salah approach’, it’s served me well, but how much fun is it to simply captain the same player week in, week out? Just when we were all getting complacent, Salah picks up an injury, forcing us all to look elsewhere in GW33. He could of course be back this game-week (more on that later), so what we need is a compelling argument to look elsewhere once again. Well that compelling argument has arrived, if ever there was a time to roll the dice, this week would be it. Yes, that’s right folks, its DGW time! Even the most risk-averse managers are likely to throw caution to the wind this game-week. DGW’s do something strange to the mind of a...Read More

Fantasy Football Fixture Analysis DGW34

Fantasy Football Fixture Analysis DGW34 Welcome to Fantasy Football Fixture Analysis DGW34. We’ve arrived at the business end of the season. Or silly season as I prefer to call it. Double game-weeks sandwiching blank game-weeks, for some chip utilisation strategies have become bigger issues than Brexit or a Trump trade war, while those FPL managers who have already burned some of their chips are looking around with envy and bewilderment as they attempt to navigate the last few weeks. This week’s Fixtures article will focus exclusively on those teams who play twice in DGW34 – we’ll analyse their fixtures and form and give our view on whether they will make or break your DGW34. The All Important Fixture Tracker… Gameweek Tracker GW34-38 Bournemouth – Liverpool (a), Man Utd ...Read More

FF247 Fantasy Football Site Team Gameweek 33

FF247 Fantasy Football Site Team Gameweek 33 Welcome to the FF247 Fantasy Football Site Team Gameweek 33. So our first week with our 2nd wildcard was….ok. Which perfectly sums up our recent performance really. We scored 58, the average was 48 and we saw another small green arrow, climbing 8.5k places to 148,105. We still yearn to get inside the top 100k and with the Bench Boost, Free Hit and Triple Captain left to play we hope we have every chance to do and much more if we utilise them properly. GW32 saw some good – clean sheets from DDG (obviously) and Morgan, goals from Vardy and capo Salah, an assist from Son and a welcome brace from Aubayemang; and some bad – Murray’s missed penalty and a Bailly no-show; and some ugly – West Brom scoring vs our pair of Bur...Read More

Fantasy Football Tips Gameweek 33

Fantasy Football Tips Gameweek 33 Welcome to Fantasy Football Tips Gameweek 33. Into the business end of the season we go and this round is very much the calm before the storm, with what is widely thought to be two double game-weeks on the horizon – 34 and, most likely, 37 – with the shortened Game-week 35 in-between, presenting great opportunities for the chips you have left. This Tips article will focus on the more long-term players to have in your team, whilst next week’s will look to the best options for that specific double game-week. Many FPL managers – myself included – used their wildcard the last round, with tactics in place for the usage of the chips and then additional transfers. I’m not ashamed to say it’s all been planned out on an Excel spreadsheet! These strategies, however,...Read More

Barry and Paul’s Predictions GW33

Barry and Paul’s Predictions GW33 Welcome to Barry and Paul’s Predictions GW33. Every week I write this intro and wonder if anyone actually reads it. I know Init reads it, which is fortunate as last week I was awarding the previous weeks winner a t-shirt, sloppy on my part. It has also been brought to my attention that some of our winners are yet to receive their FF247 t-shirt; sloppy on someone else’s part (I’ll not name names (Rich) but I can’t be held responsible for my delivery boy). Whilst my fellow chuckle brother and I are not responsible for the receiving (or not receiving) of said t-shirts, my apologies non-the less. A 1-0 win for the Toon was surprisingly not my favourite result of the weekend. No, that honour goes to Burnley’s 2-1 win over West Brom. Not that I have anythi...Read More

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