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World Cup 1st Group Phase Live Match Chat

World Cup 1st Group Phase Live Match Chat Welcome to World Cup 1st Group Phase Live Match Chat. The long four year wait is over and so is the tinkering for the first set of matches. We hope that you are happy with the 15 players you ended up with, but even if you decided against playing the fantasy version we still encourage you to partake in the chat below. We are sure there will be plenty to discuss that doesn’t always involve whether you should get assist points for a shot that was blocked or your striker really did touch the ball a la Kane before it went in. Predictor games, brackets, bets on the golden boot are all welcomed here. And yeah, even old school footy chat for those that who are just watching the games for fun and just want to talk about the Joga Bonito. So that you ha...[Read More]

Barry and Paul’s World Cup Predictions Game 2

Barry and Paul’s World Cup Predictions Game 2 Welcome to Barry and Paul’s World Cup Predictions Game 2. We know, we know, Game 1 hasn’t ended yet but it’s time for your Game 2 predictions already. We can’t even tell you the results of your Game 1 ones yet, such is the nature of the World Cup format, as one GW runs into another in quick succession. Trust us though, we have this in hand. Your GW1 results will be collated with your (yet predicted) GW2 & 3 ones and there will be a league table up prior to the knockout stages. Admin aside, it’s time to play again so get predicting for Game 2 please. The rules are as follows…. Below you will find the fixtures of the 2nd set of 16 group games. Cut and paste the fixtures into the comments, add your pr...[Read More]

Fantasy World Cup Russia Group D Guide

Fantasy World Cup Russia Group D Guide Welcome to Fantasy World Cup Russia Group D Guide. Well, I was supposed to have this article ready and up on Saturday, but then I had the audacity to go on vacation (that’s what we call “going on holiday” on this side of the pond). So Init, in his ever gracious manner, (or maybe just because he happened to be on holiday and didn’t want to pick up my slack) let me distort the alphabet and get you D in a belated manner. So, without any more delay, here is the run-down on Group D! Group D has some interesting pairings! In the last World Cup, Argentina and Nigeria both took part in Group F, where they both advanced out of their group. Their match was a 3-2 victory for Argentina, with Messi and Ahmed Musa each scoring two, and a Marcos Rojo goal the only t...[Read More]

Fantasy World Cup Russia Group G Guide

Fantasy World Cup Russia Group G Guide Welcome to Fantasy World Cup Russia Group G Guide. Group G is considered to be a relatively easy group, however, that depends on your point of view; fans of World Cup virgins Panama probably don’t fancy their chances much. Other than the men who don’t make the hats (I was dismayed to learn Panama hats originate from Ecuador) Group G consists of perennial underachievers England, perennial dark horses Belgium and Tunisia (I ran out of perennial based superlatives), who everyone seems to have written off, but could yet pull off a nasty surprise or two. Unsurprisingly Belgium are favourites to top the group, England tipped to take second, and it could go either way in my opinion. Nobody expects much from Tunisia, and even less is expected from Panama. The...[Read More]

Barry and Paul’s World Cup Predictions Game 1

Barry and Paul’s World Cup Predictions Game 1 Welcome to Barry and Paul’s World Cup Predictions Game 1. We’re back! We’ve only been gone a few short weeks but already it feels an age, thankfully not much has changed. We do have a whole bunch of lovely new members, so I’d like to first say a very warm welcome to each and every one of you. It’s usually very quiet on-site around this time of year, so it’s been nice to have some new ‘faces’ to interact with. Lets all enjoy the tranquillity while it lasts, the new season will be upon us in no time, but before then we have the small matter of a World Cup to enjoy! As the title suggests this is the World Cup Edition of the competition you all (well most of you) know and love. For our new members this is a simple predictions based comp...[Read More]

Play RealFevr World Cup Fantasy League and Win: FevrCoin Bonuses, Ledger Nano S, and Other Cool Merchandise

Have you already picked your World Cup fantasy dream team at RealFevr? This is your chance to put your management skills to the test and win yourself some great prizes and the option to buy FevrCoin with a nice bonus during our ICO. Those of you interested in the RealFevr token sale, what better way to get to know the RealFevr fantasy platform than by playing it during the World Cup! So we thought we would try something a bit different, it works like this: – Already a RealFevr user? Simply whitelist with the same email at – Already whitelisted? Just register with the same email on, or download the iOS or Android App and register there – Launch RealFevr, create your World Fantasy team, after a while your team will automatically be part of the FevrC...[Read More]

Fantasy World Cup Russia Group F Guide

Fantasy World Cup Russia Group F Guide Welcome to Fantasy World Cup Russia Group F Guide. When most people watch the World Cup draw their thoughts wander to who their team will be facing and their possible subsequent prospects. When an FF247 writer views the draw they simply see 25 teams they know nothing about and yet know full well that they will be tasked with writing about at least 3 of them in a few months time! And thus that is exactly the case here. Group F contains Germany, Mexico, Sweden and South Korea. Now I can waffle on to my hearts content about the prospects of Germany, we probably all could, such is their profile. But I can’t honestly say I followed the progress of the other 3 to the finals with much vigor. Yours truly is nothing if not resourceful though! Your other ...[Read More]

MLS GW16 Tips Fantasy Major League Soccer

MLS GW16 Tips Fantasy Major League Soccer As the World Cup is just around the corner this is a short article for a short round before MLS takes a break and gives us a chance to prepare for the big event. NEW FF247 MLS LEAGUE For anyone who missed it we have decided to start up a fresh FF247 MLS league beginning in GW13. Please feel free to join in. As a quirk of the new MLS rules they have split their season in two. The first part expires in GW17. You will then automatically be entered in to our league again for the second half of the season. It’s a perfect opportunity to begin playing MLS if you haven’t already, or if like many others you’ve been playing but haven’t given it due care and attention due to the busy end to the FPL season then perhaps a perfect opportu...[Read More]

Fantasy World Cup Russia Group H Guide

Fantasy World Cup Russia Group H Guide Welcome to Fantasy World Cup Russia Group H Guide. Group H promises to be one of the more unpredictable groups in the tournament as Poland, Senegal, Colombia and Japan compete for two spots in the knock-out stage. Tough to call who will come first and second in the group, though one would expect Colombia to rock the boat and top Group H, while Poland and Senegal duke it out for second place. The bookies’ favourites are Colombia in first with Poland in second. The winner of Group H will play the runner-up of Group G, and conversely, the runner-up of Group H will play the winner of Group G. Belgium and England are expected to go through from G, though who knows in which order. The game itself can be accessed here – FIFA World Cup And the official ...[Read More]

Fantasy World Cup Russia Group E Guide

Fantasy World Cup Russia Group E Guide Welcome to Fantasy World Cup Russia Group E Guide. This group is evenly split in terms of geography as we see two Latin American teams, Brazil and Costa Rica, play two Central European teams, Serbia and Switzerland. It’s going to be an interesting group as we get to see the age-old question of which style is better, the Latin slick and smooth or the European tough and direct. Even though the geography is balanced the level of skill is not as this group feels like the ‘best’ against the ‘rest’. The winner of this group should be Brazil, unless they implode, so even though you may think this group is not worth watching, stop and read this because the other three teams could provide a lot of competition for 2nd place. Costa Rica, Serbia and Switzerland w...[Read More]

Fantasy World Cup Russia Group C Guide

Fantasy World Cup Russia Group C Guide Welcome to Fantasy World Cup Russia Group C Guide. Group C is made up of four teams with long and varied World Cup histories. Group favourites and top seeds France are making their fifteenth appearance and were winners on home soil in 1998. Whilst it may not look like it upon first glance, this group is packed with World Cup finals experience, as each of the other three sides are all making their fifth appearance at the finals and none of the four sides have failed to escape the group stage. With both Peru and Denmark both being previous Quarter Finalists and Australia reaching the last 16 in 2006. Interestingly, both of the Intercontinental Play-Off winners feature in this group with Australia (after beating Honduras 3-1 over two legs) and Peru (who ...[Read More]

Fantasy World Cup Russia Introduction

Fantasy World Cup Russia Introduction 2018 Welcome to Fantasy World Cup Russia Tips 2018. “Just when I thought I was out… they pull me back in.” You know you want to! Stop fighting it. You know full well when you see that first World Cup RMT come in you’ll have that feeling, that sense, you just have to take part too. But you can’t, you swore you’d take a fantasy break, you needed a fantasy break. It’s been a long season and it takes its toll. But now you’re thinking you’ll maybe take a peek, just to see what it’s all about… We’ve had people swear blind upon completion of the FPL season that we will see them in August and not a moment before. And who can blame them? We’ve also had many people say this before and ...[Read More]

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