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Fantasy Football 247 Site Team Gameweek 33

Fantasy Football 247 Site Team Gameweek 33

Fantasy Football 247 Site Team Gameweek 33

Welcome to Fantasy Football 247 Site Team Gameweek 33. For fup sake. 55 fupping points. Ok, that’s the obscenities out of the way but c’mon, 55 points? I haven’t checked but I doubt we have been below the average on many occasions this season but we were in GW32. It may have been by just 1pt but we were still below it. We should’ve known what was in store at lunchtime on Saturday as Kyle Walker was rested and captain Eriksen picked up a solitary assist despite Spurs putting four past Watford. Our keeper and three defenders weighed in with a massive 6pts and with Antonio Valencia needing yet another rest we played the gameweek with just 10 players. 10pts from Eden Hazard were very much appreciated as were the nine from Josh King who climbed from our bench to replace Eyeore. Romelu Lukaku chipped in with two goals but the less said about Alexis Sanchez & Arsenal on Monday night the better. Naturally we ended the gameweek with a sizeable red arrow and we now sit 52,078. Some tough decisions need to be made…

Our transfers this week are: selling Alexis Sanchez and Fernando Llorente and buying Wilfried Zaha and Harry Kane.
Tough decisions were taken indeed and they come no tougher than selling Llorente. Only joking! They come no tougher of course than selling Alexis, who has been so good for us this season and is the highest points scorer in FPL. However, we are at that time of the season where big and possibly stupid decisions are made. And we have made it! No goals or assists in his last three matches was enough to attract the axe with not even two double game-weeks to follow enough to save him. Selling Alexis means of course we can buy Kane and also young Wilfried of South London – Zaha is in great form and despite a tough set of fixtures on the horizon, his form and double-game-week next week justified his inclusion while Kane of course needs little explanation or reasoning. Getting rid of Llorente is just a bonus.

The Team in full this week…

Our captain is: Romelu Lukaku
Despite his 13pt haul last week, Big Rom only just won the vote with Kane running him close. With the votes at 2-2 the deciding vote went to the Everton striker from a source who was against selling Alexis, so it was probably personal against Kane. From such reasoning, leagues are won and lost. C’mon Rom! Kane is vice-captain if required.

Thanks for reading Fantasy Football 247 Site Team Gameweek 33

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The Fixture Tracker in full…

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  1. Does anyone have news on the Leicester presser, in particular is Vardy ok to play today

  2. Morning gents, I can’t choose between Kane or lukaku for captin this week also do you think all out attack would be a good option I would appreciate your thoughts.

    • No1, something else to consider is it’s not guaranteed that Walker will start this week after Trippier’s performance last week. I would guess it’s 70/30 Walker but it’s hard to say.

  3. Morning all!!

    I need your help!!

    Sanchez and llorente out for king/sterling and Kane (c) – Sanchez would be back in my team when I WC in GW36.

    • Or Kun to Kane?

    • Mitro – you still agonizing :) ?

      • Yes mate! My rival has done a -4 and I think Kane was one of the transfers

        • Never known you agonize so much over taking a hit !! :)

  4. Hi all, having a busy week studying for my exams and so would appreciate all help. I made 2 transfers and plan to play AOA.

    Do you think cappo Kane is risky given that everyone will go for LKK this week? I’m chasing massively. Cheers for all input in advance

    • Hey Neo – if your chasing massively, then I think you cant go for Lukaku captain. I think Sanchez might be the one I’d go then though. Surely there is a reaction to the Palace defeat.

      I’d have Stones over Gibson on the bench

    • Great team neo

      Both are very good options, Lukaku is averaging around 11 points at home

    • If you’re chasing and you think everyone else will captain Lukaku it might be the right time to start captaining differentials. Both have as good of a chance as the other IMO.

    • If your chasing go Kane !!

  5. For the first time in weeks, I’m actually happy enough with my team (no doubt I just jinxed myself)

    Question: Would you play Pieters over either Valencia or Alonso? If so who and why?

  6. Best of luck everyone!

    Am I good to go?

    Heaton Vs Jaku

    Robertson vs Valencia?

  7. hi all, played my WC but trying to decide on a solid defender (already have Alonso and Jagielka as my 2 other starting defenders). I have 5.2 ITB. I am between Davies (Spurs) and Gibson (MID) and Shaw (MUTD)

    Davies has the easiest game this GW. But he may be benched in the future when Rose is back.
    Gibson has a DGW coming up. But has a tough current GW.
    Shaw has a DGW coming up but is at rotation risk.

    Next week I plan on using my FT for Ibra. So what would you do? Or is there another defender I have not considered that I should be?

    • What about Southampton djemba?

      Two tricky looking games next but they have more games and therefore more points potential than most.

      I would go Valencia from United if it’s one of the teams you mentioned.

      • Thanks, sorry forgot to mention I also have Yoshida already. So i’ve covered Southampton. Maybe stick with Davies this week and take a -4 hit for a MUTD defender next week?

        • If I’m in your position on a wildcard I would be setting up for the rest of the season as best I could without thinking about future transfers I would need to make. Especially for -4 and especially for defenders.

          Nothing wrong with United defenders now in my eyes.

        • think Shaw will start regularly?

  8. Gents

    Team for GW33; good to go?

  9. So here’s me for those who are vaguely interested.

  10. Hey all. Have 2 FT’s but nothing in the bank this gw…I’m not really sure what I should do so any ideas are appreciated

    • Aquero to Kane seems like a popular move, but i would do Siggy to Alli and save one transfer

    • Kilbeg

      Sterling to Zaha and save a transfer gets my vote.

      • you should listen to GP not me :winktongue:

        • Wafflez

          In fairness, Alli is a great shout for his team. I like Sigurdsson for his next two though, that’s the thing.

        • Cheers for the input guys…but I bit the bullet and brought in Alli and Zaha

        • yea but i realised that there werent funds enough for siggy yo allli so Zaha with an upcoming dgw and great form makes sense

  11. Morning all

    Agonising over capt this week,
    Leading by 40 ish points in main ML
    it’s down to Ali or Luka.
    Main rival doesn’t have Ali so guessing he’ll go Luka.

    Am I set.

  12. Play:
    A) Holebas (SWA)
    B) Valencia (CHE)

    • I’m not paying 5.5+ to bench a defender so I’d start Valencia over the yellow card machine.

      • My Thoughts as well. Cheers!

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