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Fantasy Football 247 Site Team Gameweek 34

Fantasy Football 247 Site Team Gameweek 34

Fantasy Football 247 Site Team Gameweek 34

Welcome to Fantasy Football 247 Site Team Gameweek 34. Another week, another small green arrow, but at least it’s better than a red one and we’re back in the top 50k. Woohoo!! Our score of 57 was 11 better than the average of 46, so we have to be fairly happy with that. Our new recruits had mixed weeks – Kane kicked us off with a 12 point haul and how close we were to captaining him – while Zaha did nowt despite Palace scoring two at home to Leicester. Never mind, the Zaha purchase was with this week’s double game-week in mind so he best be saving his points for this week. Elsewhere, Valencia contributed a surprise clean vs Chelsea, Walker made a guest appearance for Spurs for another clean sheet, Eriksen made an assist, Lukaku does what Lukaku does, jeez even Andy Carroll gave us 5pts! So, all things considered, it was ok and we now sit in 49,057th place.

This weeks transfer/s: Andy Carroll to Alvaro Negredo
With big Andy ruled out early this one felt like it was going to be an easy decision – a quick Negredo or Benteke debate and out. Oh how little did we know… One simple question “Ok then, so who do we bench?”, and 24 hours later the debate made the American election process seem both short and logical. Our midfield, to recap, is Erik, Siggy, King, Zaha and Hazard. So you can probably appreciate the issue we had! Benching Carroll was of course debated also but there seemed to be a strong pull towards getting a DGW forward so suggestions such as PVA in were quickly dismissed. Negredo himself won a close and controversial vote by 3-2 over Benteke.

And then we got on to who to bench…! There were votes, there were re-votes, there was election rigging, there was bribery, there was question loading, there were lies, there were more re-votes… The main debate centred around whether to bench either Siggy or Erik. Siggy has a home game and everything to play for, as well as basically doing everything for his team. Erik is away from home and is more just a cog in a well oiled machine that just happens to be the best team in the league right now and is scoring for fun. So yeah, it was always going to be a close call. We think that Erik won. That’s what we are going with anyway. For the record, Mito voted to bench……. Negredo!!!

The Team in full this week…

Our captain is: Alvaro Negredo
Never in the history of the site team has one player caused so much division! He caused arguments entering the team, never mind captaining the damn thing. He’s the teflon kid this week though as not only did he somehow kick Siggy to the bench he made it all the way to the main stage. It was close though, as Kane got 2 votes to his 3. Let’s hope his luck rides on through the DGW. We know that playing for a team who has scored the least goals out of all 92 league clubs may not be the best recommendation for a captain choice! But he has showed flickers of life recently, has the best set of DGW fixtures and has a lot to play for. So yeah, we are laying out the FPL prayer mats as we speak.

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The Fixture Tracker in full…

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    Horse says:

    Well done to Init and others for captaining Benteke.
    I ended up going DDG just for the craic really.
    Got 35 points so far so not so bad

  4. 52
    saloba11 says:

    guys would love ur thoughts on what team u think is better approaching the final few games of the season

    heres team A

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