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Fantasy Premier League Captain Picks Gameweek 21

Fantasy Premier League Captain Picks Gameweek 21

Fantasy Premier League Captain Picks Gameweek 21

Welcome to Fantasy Premier League Captain Picks Gameweek 21. Let me begin with wishing all our loyal and active site members and readers a Happy New Year. Hope you were all surrounded by your dear and near ones as we all ushered the beginning of 2017. But that shouldn’t deter us from what we have been religiously doing since the beginning of August, with half of the season behind US and the games coming thick and fast with a few international breaks here and there, it becomes of utmost importance how you and me target the second half of the season. For some it might be to top their own private leagues or for some it might be to do a personal best in overall rankings. With our 2nd wildcard now play now, it would be much more important to get your captain right each and every week (we all know that doesn’t happen) and use that Wildcard effectively to get you where you want to be. Enough said, let’s move on to the Captaincy Picks for this week:

Alexis Sanchez (away vs Swansea)

Ending 3 matches without scoring a goal, Sanchez was able to deliver some much needed FPL points to his owners in GW20 in the comeback at Bournemmouth. Somehow (and like always) Arsenal have started to struggle to keep cleansheets with them somehow scraping wins and draws, with the gorgeous Frenchman Giroud saving them recently. With an away trip to Swansea (who lost to Hull in the Cup last weekend!), expect Arsenal to be among the goals with Alexis clearly the standout candidate. As mentioned earlier another Arsenal prospect can be Oliver Giroud for his recent knack of chipping in goals at the fag end of matches of late, the only problem with him is his game time being handed to him by Wenger which should be definitely more than what he currently gets considering his form of late. The potential return of Theo Walcott could potentially see Giroud starting on the bench again. The last time these two teams met in October at the Emirates stadium it ended with a 3-2 win to the Gunners with goals chipped in by Walcott and Mesut Ozil.

Deli Ali (home vs West Brom)

One of the most exciting prospects in England, Deli Ali has somehow managed to again prove this season why he is definitely one of the finest talents out there and why he should command attention. With six goals in his last three games and with 10 goals for the season so far, he seems to have stolen team-mate Harry Kane’s thunder! With a home fixture to West Brom, it makes it even more compelling to give him the arm band. It is interesting to note the last time these two had met in October, it was a draw with this man himself saving Spurs from the brink of defeat. West Brom’s habit of keeping a clean sheet is worse than many people realise – they have only kept three all season with just one since GW3. Therefore it’s reasonable to expect goals and who to better to captain than the hottest property in FPL right now?

Sergio Aguero (away vs Everton)

Kun’s return from suspension has seen him hardly turn up vs Liverpool, come off the bench at half time vs Burnley to score a goal which could easily have been given as an own goal and then get on the scoresheet in the Cup romp vs West Ham courtesy of Yaya smashing the ball into him. So why the justification of handing Kun the captaincy? Despite his erratic form before and after suspension, Kun remains Kun, one of the few FPL players with the potential to make a game-week on his own. We’ve all witnessed the damage he can do by not owning him, let alone not captaining him. With City dropping to fourth and Pep suddenly finding himself under pressure, maybe it’s time to return to the tried and tested method of starting one’s best player. City are unbeaten in their last seven meetings with the Toffees and having been dumped out of the Cup at home by Leicester, confidence in the Everton camp is at best, fragile – not what you need when the game’s most lethal predator is in town.

Jermaine Defoe (home vs Stoke)

Now we accpet it’s not normal to recommend or indeed to consider skippering a Sunderland player. The Black Cats are of course, perennial relegation battlers, who normally find just enough to scrape themselves out of the drop zone just in time, following seven months of dire performances. We have of late seen some sort of early recovery from Moyesie’s Monsters and this week they play host to enigmatic Stoke. Mark Hughes selected a strong team for last week’s home Cup tie vs Wolves….which they went on to lose 2-0. So with Sunderland battling and Stoke flailing, will Defoe be your honoured armband wearer this weekend? The striker has scored 11 goals and assisted 3 this season, that’s 14 in total (for those who struggle with basic arithmetic) – bear in mind Sunderland has scored 19 all season, it’s a fair assumption that Defoe will be involved…it’s also a safe bet that Stoke won’t keep a clean sheet – they have only kept two on the road this season.

Thank you for reading my Captain Picks. Four good candidates above, will you choose one of them or someone else?

Good luck, and Happy New Year!

Thanks for reading Fantasy Premier League Captain Picks Gameweek 21. This article was written by Jeet

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  1. 2
    Matt says:

    Cheers Jeet. Great read mate. It’ll be Sanchez for me anyway!! Plus he’s the only one you’ve mentioned I actually have haha :D

  2. 3
    Waxys says:

    Why No mention of Giroud? Sanchez no longer plays as a striker and that was what had him see amazing returns in the past. As a winger he will still score but usually strikers score more than mids. Not saying Sanchez shouldn’t be mentioned as he’s the obvious pick but everyone knows that. Bit disappointed with the article in all honesty all I see are routine picks I could have told people to Croatian these players. I think people come to this site for more reasons not just for news and advice from professionals but also for some ideas outaide the box as well.

    On another note Aguero’s playtime may be comeomised so everyone watch out for that.

    Click on image to enlarge:

    • 3.1
      DMC says:

      Giroud I can understand but, but, no Rooney??

      • Waxys says:

        Rooney needs to prove himself again. My praise for him was when he was in form and scoring before he got injured. Although he seems to be in form recently he must prove to be a starter and a consistent goal scorer.

    • 3.2
      Andy says:

      Simply put it’s Sanchez -> Giroud, all day every day.

      • Andy says:

        Hang on a second, I only read the first part of that crap before posting but as for the rest of it, what **** are you shoveling. What players were you potentially expecting to see?

      • Waxys says:

        Last 4 weeks show Giroud having better returns and is over £3 cheaper but no
        Sanchez > Giroud

    • 3.3
      Tekno-kun says:

      Waxys, everyone who writes articles for this site has personal lives outside of here and makes an effort to contribute to this great community, and as such it is in very bad taste to come on here and directly state that you are disappointed with the article. If you believe that you could have done equivalent/better yourself then why not start your own site and show us?

      • Waxys says:

        I disagree. It’s not about me doing a better job. If I wrote for a site I would welcome criticism so I can improve I never said it took effort or the article wasn’t written well but more differentiators would be nice so we’re not all doing the same thing.

  3. 4
    DMC says:

    Lovely article Jeet! Oddly I feel Alli can’t keep it up at that pace. Or can he? If I had him I’d be tempted though.
    Sanchez for me this week too, but would also ponder Kun, for the exact reasons you mention, if I had him.
    Cheers mate.

    • 4.1
      Jeet says:

      Thanks for the read mate. It’s just one of those weeks where you feel Ali might not score and he proves us all wrong like how Capoue did in the first half of the season. Despite scoring, he was still benched by a majority of people week after week! All the best for the coming week! Cheers

  4. 5
    Tekno-kun says:

    Many thanks Jeet, great article. Was looking at Giroud or Zlatan myself but I’ll cap Sanchez now out of pure solidarity given the bad taste someone’s “constructive criticism” gave me! :poof:

  5. 6
  6. 7

    @Waxys, I hope you are right I just bought Giroud. ;)

    Although I do wonder if Giroud is your new BFF? I noticed you dropped Shrek for Olivier recently. You even went after my article for not hyping up Giroud even though the article was not on who were the best forwards in the coming weeks, but just the big priced 4 and the pros and cons of said forwards.

    Personally I don’t care if you express discontent or offer critique for my or any article , but some others might not find your tone heartwarming.

    • 7.1
      Waxys says:

      I just feel Giroud hasn’t been mentioned at all as a viable pick and I think he’s the next big thing. The reason mic campaigning for him to get coverage is I want to push out community ahead of everyone else and you guys are how people will be convinced to influence them to make choices that will push them ahead. Any critique from me isn’t personal and I’m suprised people had a problem with it as I did say the article was well written and Defoe being mentioned a good call.

      • cole1124 says:

        hows about you stick with Giroud, who in my opinion could be at rotation risk if wally plays, and I will stick with Sanchez who I feel is due a big one. The thing is Waxys if we all had to push for a specific player, who we feel should be mentioned then, there wouldn’t be any point reading these articles as it would probably comprise of 20 different players.

      • Jeet says:

        As much as I take criticism up front, would want you to look at the article again where Sanchez is mentioned as Cookie said and read there is a special mention for him. Just because he doesn’t have a poster image in the article doesn’t mean he wasn’t mentioned. Would suggest you to keep doing what you do but before that “read completely” the article. Post that welcome to share your feedback. Good luck for the week. Cheers

  7. 8
    captain-kingpin says:

    I often try to guess the captain picks you put up here and I certainly would have gone with Sanchez, Defoe and Alli so I think your article hits the spot. Sanchez is the FPL leading scorer, Defoe is the highest points per million striker and Alli is top of the form charts. Sometimes cold, hard stats speak.

  8. 9
    wazzalam says:

    I don’t know how to do with my team.
    1. De Bruyne & Antonio to Sanchez & Stanislas
    2. De Bruyne to Hazard
    3. Your suggestion
    4. No transfer
    Thanks! :)

    Click on image to enlarge:

  9. 10
    micbarca10 says:

    Sanchez is the logical pick for me this week! But a silly idea came to me… Stanislas against Hull? Haha

    • 10.1
      LaByRiNtH says:

      haha..i have gone against the odd when i put deeney as capt vs Hull.
      Result, 2 pts.

      i think i have no gut to do that again based on my experiece. lol..
      the only worry for me on Sanchez as captain are giroud is on top.

      but again, sanchez is the logical choice

  10. 11
    RobiNHooD says:

    Dear all,
    need some help …
    my team as now
    Heaton / Grant
    Brunt / Walker / Alonso / Stones / Amat
    Sanchez / Allen / Firmino / Siggy / Matic
    Costa / Kane / Negredo
    1FT & 0.0IB
    what to do?
    pls advise

  11. 12

    Morning all, want to do Carroll to Giroud but 1.8mill short. Any thoughts on how to find the funds with a 2nd transfer for a -4pts ?

    Click on image to enlarge:

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