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Fantasy Football Community Team

The FF247 Community Team – We go again

The FF247 Community Team – We go again

Fantasy Football The FF247 Community Team – We go again

It was around this time twelve months ago that another team joined the 3 million-strong throng of Fantasy Football Teams vying for the crown of overall world champion. Except in this case it would be “champions” as this team was a little different. You were in it. And you. You, too. I was as well. The FF247 Community Team (founded 2015) was born, and indeed borne out of a curiosity of a few regulars who wondered if we could have a fantasy team representing all you good good people. Let’s embrace what we did last year, with an overall respectable final rank of 100,193 and see if we can improve on that the second time around.

For those new to this concept, your management team of myself, elleffcee and NZ Alex will guide you via comments on our dedicated article which sits on the tab at the top of the FF247 homepage. These comments will advise you when we are looking for your interaction, namely to let us know how you think we should manage the Community Team. Once our original squad has been selected (more of that soon), we need you to advise us how many transfers we should make, who should be transferred out, in and how we should line up for the forthcoming gameweek and also who will wear our captain’s armband for double points.

All our voting is based on a first past the post system – most votes wins. Simple.

The initial squad selection last season was a little laborious so we have decided to streamline this for this season. We will soon open voting where we will ask you to vote for your desired players by each position (hopefully getting a nice mixture of top-end and budget players . . . . or not?) and then the management team will construct the squad based upon your most popular two or three players per position and then by budget as we work our way through the positions.

The management team have our own individual teams so we are not one bit interested in manipulating the Community Team to turn it in to some second team of ours. You will get what you vote for.

We received some positive feedback on this venture last year so we feel we owe it to you all to have another go and we just hope you support us once more.

To the 2016/17 season then. Shall we?

The Gallant Pioneer

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  1. 97



    Good morning and welcome to our Team Vote for this week.

    It’s now open and we invite to to select our team and captain.

    Please follow this link and select four substitutes and then click NEXT, select our captain and then DONE to ensure your vote is registered in full.

    Our squad is attached.

    Thank you.


  2. 98


    Here is our team lads.

    Thanks for all your votes and support.

    GP/ NZ/ ELLE

  3. 99


    Sergio Aguero. What a man. Our new signing, as captain, scored 26 points of our poor overall total of 41.

    Moving swiftly on we now invite your opinions for Game-week 7.

    We have one free transfer and £1.2m.

    What to do?

    Please advise how you think we should proceed here:

    Our squad is attached.

    GP/ NZ/ ELLE

  4. 101
    Mitro says:


    Serious question; is anyone looking at bringing in Walcott? I keep looking at his stats and I think he’s on the verge of being back to his best and at 7.5 is very good value.

    • 101.1
      inittowinit says:

      Just feels like he’s permanently on the verge of either being dropped or getting some serious but somewhat ridiculous injury. Shouldn’t be dropped now of course but it just always feels like it. I think Sanchez is the main aspiration for an Arsenal mid though surely. And doubling up seems like too much or is it? I think as and when I play my WC I’ll double up but it’ll be on Liverpool.

      • RedVT says:

        Hey init, along those lines. Who would you pick to go with Firmino for a double Liverpool midfield? Mane is probably too expensive for me but I could do Lallana with my FT or Coutinho if Baines needs replacing and I pull some money out of him.

        • inittowinit says:

          Gun to head I’d probably go Mane and Coutinho now but in all honesty who knows with that lot. I have Firmino and that’s based on him actually being the central one. That’s dependent on Sturridge of course but I also think he does better when he’s not the central guy, I’d like to see the stats on that though. Lallana is showing great form now too, he looks like he’s finally settled and comfortable. So yeah, any of them!

        • RedVT says:

          Haha, thanks init. It’s such a lottery, any one of them can pop up with a 15 pointer!

    • 101.2
      RedVT says:

      Hey Mitro, he’s on my shortlist for a possible Antonio replacement. After Antonio got moved back in the 2nd half last weekend (and after West Ham looked utter shit) I’ve been thinking about ditching him. Any idea what happens to Walcott if Giroud gets the nod up front? Like Init said above, I’m worried about his minutes. However Wenger said some really glowing things about him recently which makes me think he may be fairly nailed.

      • Mitro says:

        Init/Red – I think he is nailed onto start now, I was worrying about the return of Rambo I.e. Would he stick Ramsey on the flank again but I was chatting to one of the lads the other day and he’s adamant that Wenger will play Ramsey with either cazorla/xhaka once he’s fully fit!

        I would prefer to have Sanchez in my team but at the moment I’m trying to consider all my options before I do a mini WC after the international break!

        • RedVT says:

          Thanks Mitro, that’s encouraging. If the IB wasn’t coming up I’d really be considering him for Antonio. But I’d rather bank the FT since West Ham have a good fixture this weekend, and I also have two defenders (Baines and Smith) that may need addressing first.

  5. 102
    Mitro says:

    We all going with Kun as cappo?

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