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FPL launch 2016/17 – New Rules and Player Pricelist

FPL launch 2016/17 – New Rules and Player Pricelist

imageFinally it is live! FPL is back, life as we know it will not be the same for the next 10 months! At first glance there seems little change to last season – budget and squad size is naturally the same and the four chips remain in place, including the two wildcards – one to be used in the first half of the season, the other to be used in the second half of the season. The first may not be carried over – so use it or lose it. The only change seems to be in the calculation of bonus points – a breakdown of which can be found under the Rules tab.

With less than a month to go before the start of the season, managers will be busily playing with different formations and strategies, so to help you on your way, let’s take a very brief look at some of the highlights of the price list for the players.

Players Price List – initial reaction
The most expensive player (as per usual!) is Sergio Aguero who again costs 13mln, while the success last season of Jamie Vardy and Riyad Mahrez sees their prices rocket to eliminate their bargain status! Nolito and Anthony Martial being listed as midfielders may attract decent support. Zlatan Ibrahimovic comes in at 11.5mln to make him the second most expensive player while Diego Costa costs just 9.5mln, making him cheaper than Harry Kane, Daniel Sturridge and Jamie Vardy. Daley Blind are Chris Brunt are now listed as defenders, while Eric Dier is now listed as a midfielder.


New player prices – some of the new players to the Premiership

Zlatan Ibrahimovic 11.5mln
Henrikh Mkhitaryan 9.5mln
Michy Batshuayi 9.0mln
Nolito 9.0mln
Eric Bailly 5.5mln

And some selected old favourites:

Sergio Aguero 13.0mln
Harry Kane 11.0mln
Daniel Sturridge 10.0mln
Jamie Vardy 10.0mln
Diego Costa 9.5mln
Olivier Giroud 9.0mln
Wayne Rooney 9.0mln

Alexis Sanchez 11.0mln
Kevin de Bruyne 10.5mln
Eden Hazard 10.0mln
Dimitri Payet 9.5mln
Riyad Mahrez 9.5mln
Anthony Martial 9.5mln
Mesut Ozil 9.5mln
Firmino 8.5mln

You will all have your own views and may spot the glaring bargain that I have missed. So please share your thoughts below on both the new changes to the game (the chips) and also your thoughts on the prices and maybe you’ve even begun to draft your initial squad.


FPL launch 2016/17 – New Rules and Player Pricelist. This article was written by Cookie




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  1. Hi has anyone worked out where you can write notes on the FPL site?
    New design seems a bit clunky but no doubt we will get used to it in time.

    • Hey Horse. Cant see where that might be at all mate. I cant stand the new look site. Dreadful stuff.

      • Yep. It’s pretty vile.
        Have you notied the fixture difficulty rating?
        It’s going to be more competitive this season sharing that sort of stuff on the main site. ;)

        • Yeah, bit of a joke if you ask me. Basically tells people who has a good run without them even having to think about it. I genuinely dislike everything about it.

        • NIN is this weather bothering you?! :)

        • No, i just hate the new setup. I said weeks ago that i hoped they wouldn’t make a balls of it. They did. At least i think so anyway. Some seem to like it or not really care.

        • Looks OK to me. Pretty much just like any other. Navigates fine. Just greener. I asked for yellow but whatever!

        • You’ve quit the fags again haven’t you?! :D

        • NIN, you’re an even bigger grump than I am :)

        • Whoa… Steady Kop.

          Let’s not go crazy with our statements. ;)

        • I switched over to vaping mate. Kinda made a balls of that though so back on the fags for a day until i get some new parts. Woopsy :D

          Kop, i have my doubts about that, but i’ll consider it an achievement if true ;)

        • @Innit
          I reckon NIN thinks that he’s out of a job with the fixture difficulties on the main site LOL :)

        • Oi! Cheeky fecker! :D

        • Maybe :)

        • Sorry. Just wanted to complete that set :D I’ve not seen that yet actually Horse. Guessing it’s a tracker? With colour codedness? If so that’s fine but doesn’t really replace the analysis NIN and I add. Well, NIN now I guess. I’m just a part-time tips writer now!

        • Correct. There’s a difficulty rank, 1-5, beside each fixture.

        • I know. I am only messing.:) If you click on i for a player then click on fixtures it gives you a colour coded tracker. Nin and your write ups are excellent. Way better than a tracker.. Just couldn’t resist a joke :)

  2. How are we all this evening? Notice that nobody seems to be fancying the God of old Trafford to do the business lol? This is my first attempt at a team, any thoughts?

    • Hey AJ, welcome back. I do. He’ll be in mine regardless. Siggy will too, liking that pick. Probably go Miky over Martial though but let’s see what pre-season brings. Good to see Baines back down at a normal price too. Ironic really now that he’s got pens back.

  3. I can’t believe how cheap Walcott is! Could be a absolute bargain if he comes back firing…… And plays

  4. If Walcott ever plays for Arsenal again it would be too soon.

  5. Owww ffs, the new website is so slow with updating and loading. I can only imagine how things will be close to the deadline! Did it go through, or not? WTF happened? No last minute transfers, that’s for sure.

    On that note, I need faster hardware to work with. >.<


    In case anyone missed the announcement –

    “We have secured a substantial prize pool for the main FF247 league which will be announced in due course and many thanks to this seasons main sponsor Fanager. Details of that will be released soon.


    Last season we ran a ‘Regulars League’ which was basically an invite only league for those who post on here regularly. Hence the name. We are delighted to announce that this season we will be doing that again but with a prize attached as a ‘thank you’ to those involved. We are putting up a £300 cash prize pool for this league with FREE entry.

    1st – £125
    2nd – £75
    3rd – £50
    4th – £30
    5th – £20”

    So… to enter you need to –

    1. E-mail Elle who will provide you with the code.
    2. Satisfy a loose criteria of being a ‘regular’ ish poster. We aren’t being anal about it, it’s open to anyone who is registered on here and posts comments. Doesn’t matter if it’s every day, once a month, whatever. As long as you feel you use the site and contribute occasionally please feel free to join.

    The only thing we ask, and place trust in you for, is that you don’t go posting the code anywhere else or giving it to mates or whatever who don’t use the site just because there’s a prize attached. It’s here to reward those who are part of our great community and we hope that is respected and not abused. Good luck getting past Elle in any case :D

    • I’m only new here, but was wondering if i could join?.

    • You are not going to be anal about it? What in the blue hell did you do with Elle?! You know what, I don’t care…just keep him locked up and welcome new Elle. ;)

    • is it July already? so the fun part begins, tweaking my team 10,000 times before the first kick off.

    • Ooh nice, i’ll blast over an email right this second!

    • Finally, hopefully i will do better in this year’s regulars league :-)

    • I want to join this league …..

    • i did email Elle, but no reponse.
      Does it mean that im no regular this season? :P

    • Oi Elle, you being investigated again?

    • Afternoon one and all. I have just replied to the 2nd batch of e-mails i have received. Thanks to those who sent their team names over. All you lurkers hanging around ( those who are not members of the site ) that want to win some prize money, get signed up and get a mail sent over to me with your site user name and team name at :-
      Cheers. :D

    • I want to joinnnn :-)

    • Gentlemen, winning 300 pounds in South Africa is like winning the National Lottery here!

    • i have just joined here. am i eligible to play ur league.

    • hi guys,

      i have already sent elle 4 e-mails, but no response. does this mean i cannot enter this league as i am new here..

      looking forward to your reply..


  7. Nin, if you need any info on vaping just ask, been doing that for 3 years! Congrats on making the switch!

    Anyhoo, back to football, as a Luton fan i have a lot of faith in Gray! He has massive potential … but … do Burnley?

    Answers on a postcard!

    • Haha, cheers mate i’ll keep that in mind! A friend of mine has been vaping for a few years too so i’ve been hassling him to no end :D
      I jumped in at the deep end and went straight for a sub-ohm vaporizer. It’s proving to be rather tedious but i’ll get there eventually.

      No idea who this Gray chappy is but i’ll not start with a Burnley striker.

      • All the cloud chasers go down the Sub Ohm route mate … don’t follow! I’ve been there and spent a lot of money doing so! You can do it much better and much cheaper if you avoid the masses! Email me if you get tired of chugging through juice like it’s going out of fashion and pissing off the public with your ridiculous clouds ;)

        Gray is one to watch … i have been for many a year and he’s straight in my team … just hope he gets the service!

        • I love those chunky tasty clouds :) Well, i did up until i burnt out my wicks from taking long drags. Woops! New coil wire and wick arrive in the morning so the darn public had better watch out because there’s monstrous clouds coming their way! Thanks though, i do appreciate that and will take you up on it if i need advice :thumbup:

          Gonna have to do some research on this Gray dude so. Must admit, it’s been a long time since i payed any sort of attention to the Championship or lower leagues in general. From my brief glance earlier i’m liking the look of Valdes at 4.5m at Boro. No idea if they’re defensively sound or not but he is a good GK. Odd that United took him on there for a bit but he is good nonetheless.

  8. Well we cant have it all.
    I tried to build from the back with shrewd investements and a balanced team and all that but it ended either In negative budget or too many average players. Too many Snodgrasses (which could prove a shrewd investment btw) If you get the picture.
    So I slightly changed the approach. To this, subject to preseason form, injuries, new signings, etc: Ibra and Miki are in. Period. Aguero and KDB and Otamendi too. Period. Bellerin and Williams are in. Period. That’s 7 out of 11 pretty much nailed on for now. The rest are 4 half decent and 4 bench fodder! Any early either constructive or destructive comments? All are very welcome!

    • I do like a gw1 squad with a bench full of bellends :D

      • Yeah no point on spending too much with those guys for now. They can turn into the 4.0/4.5 gems when they show themsleves!

        • Considering the prices this year, it’s not a bad idea! Risky as we know, but maybe needs must.

    • I actually really like this approach and I’ll probably follow something similar

  9. After a long awaiting throughout the summer finally it’s back….yes you heard it right… FPL is finally back.
    Just checked the FPL site today and I cant see any changes to the rules…….. ping me if I am missing one.
    Hope to kick start the season with a bang.

    • Woah woah woah… forget FPL for a minute…. what’s this defiling of Never Mind The Bollocks in your grav? Who is responsible for such an atrocity!!??!!?? :rant:

  10. Could I get some thoughts on my team lads (and lasses)?

    • rglover

      A strong squad without Aguero. I like it. I think they all should start for their clubs but still a long way to go this pre-season. Keep an eye out for all the teams etc.

      I have Townsend due to Palace having a decent run to start and for that same reason I’m considering Lukaku if he remains at Everton.

      Nice squad mate.

      • Cheers, I really did want Aguero but it’s so difficult to squeeze him in and keep a balanced side!!

  11. Get in! Now weekends have a lot more meaning to them! Good to have fantasy back, I’m offshore at the moment, home at the weekend to study! Had my highest place finish last year here’s hoping for better!

  12. Morning all any one have any idea how City back 4 will line up ????

    • Cheers GP & Cookie

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