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Grab, Avoid or Bore Off!

Grab, Avoid or Bore off!

Welcome to another installment of Grab, Avoid or Bore off for the 2015-16 season. No better time to put out a semi-helpful article, as we start getting into the tough weeks. You can no longer get away with flying by the seat of your pants (finger pointed firmly at you Mitro) with blanks and double game-weeks, and the chips starting to get used by those that still have them. For long, many have believed that a lot of the higher ranked players are there more by fluke than anything. So as we head down the stretch expect the managers with well thought out plans to start climbing up the overall, so if them managers were truly fluky they will be exposed. So with that in mind, we hope the 3 Amigos of mediocrity can help a little, even if it is by pure chance that they call one right this season.



GABO last

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  1. 43
    KI says:


    Many thanks for the alerts and updates. Understandably, but unfortunately, folks in my Spurs league tend to have 2 or 3 Spurs-the usual-and bagging the Palace game gives them a reasonable team. Still, many are going to come in with 8 or 9, looking at a surprising -x to cover the gaps. And fingers crossed for Arsenal-our rule-breaking leader has Ozil and Sanchez, plus a few other problems. There may be some justice coming up.

    • 43.1
      inittowinit says:

      Well if the rules no Arsenal I’d just kick him out for starters!

    • 43.2
      Pancho says:

      Ki, where are you in Canada? And I’m assuming you’re a Spurs fan?! Glad to know there are more of us on here! :)

      • KI says:


        Yes, longsuffering Spurs, hoping for a miracle. My time zone gives me away?

        • Pancho says:

          hahah I think we could do it but we’ll have to overtake Leicester, who have an incredibly easy run in for the rest of the season. We’ll also have to hold of the Gunners, which won’t be easy. Nice to have a solid defense for once! Way too many dumb mistakes at the back in the past that have cost us so many games.
          I didn’t see the time zone, I just clicked through to check out your team and saw the flag on your FPL page. I lived in Saskatchewan for 3 years and my older brother lives in BC and is married to a Canadian and I have 3 dual citizen nieces.

  2. 44
    constantine says:

    Spurs losing brings more bad news for me. was thinking of having an edge over my mini-league rivals as many of them had atleast 2 of them. Now,I’m on the receiving end. what do you guys suggest on my squad. Should I get rid of Firmino for Erikson as he has tough next two against city and CP after this blank and then another one in GW30. Can get either him or Cout back for the remaining season. what say?
    My current team:

    Butland Gomes
    Williams fuchs bellerin francis Ivanovic
    Firmino Alli Mahrez Sanchez Payet
    Kun Austin Vardy

  3. 45
    mardeal says:

    What to do here?

    Alder Belle Cresswell Souare*
    Mahrez (C) Alli Ozil Payet
    Kane Ighalo

    Henn, Simpsons* Aguero* Firmino*

    A) Souare -> Wollschied (or other stoke def) and save other FT
    B) Souare -> Targett (but will he play?) and Ighalo->Vardy
    C) Other?

  4. 46
    RobiNHooD says:

    Dear all,
    Cech / Butland
    Azpi / Alder / Daniels / Moreno / Souare

    any suggestion ????

  5. 47
    Silvers says:

    Ok my ? need a Def @ 4.5m have Spurs , Ars , WHU & Lei I know who I leaning towards but await your valued feed back.

  6. 48
    Silvers says:

    Cheers Brooky thats who I was thinking not a lot off choice.

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