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Live Match Chat Gameweek 20 FPL News

Live Match Chat Gameweek 20 FPL News

Live Match Chat Gameweek 20 FPL News

Welcome to Live Match Chat Gameweek 20 FPL News: We hope you enjoyed your 17 hours free from FPL and football in general! Yes, you read it right, GW19 ended last night and GW20 starts this morning. Now if that doesn’t smack of rotation then we don’t know what does. Obviously the teams are spread out in some sort of equal ‘ish’ fashion but there is also the issue of having so little time that some injuries will not be reported on. It’s a bit hit and hope in that respect at this time of year and so the team sheets will be eagerly anticipated and we begin at 12.30pm with ‘Boro hosting Leicester, followed by four 3pm games and today ends with Man united visiting West Ham. Tuesday evening see three games, before our week and Christmas period itself finally ends on Wednesday with Spurs hosting Chelsea amid echoes of a certain New Years Day fixture two years ago ending up 5-3 to the hosts, albeit a few days earlier than the anniversary.

Monday 2nd January
Middlesbrough vs Leicester

Everton vs Southampton
Man City vs Burnley
Sunderland vs Liverpool
West Brom vs Hull

West Ham vs Man United

Tuesday 3rd January
Bournemouth vs Arsenal
Crystal Palace vs Swansea
Stoke vs Watford

Wednesday 4th January
Spurs vs Chelsea

Keep track of all the action, the goals, the talking points, right here at FF247 Live Match Chat, an interactive chat which encourages you to keep involved and share your thoughts and emotions as the matches take place.

Good luck to absolutely everyone for GW20 from all at FF247!

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  1. So what are we all after from tonight’s game then, a Costa blank will win me my cash league’s manager of the week pot but strangely enough I’ve only got Haz playing for my fantasy side, I’m pretty sure that just by the game kicking off I’ll tumble down the overall standings :)

    I guess a Spuds win would be good for the league as it’ll mean Chelski won’t be disappearing into the sunset, nonetheless I’ll go for a 0-0 just because.

    • 2 Haz goals, 2 Eriksen goals, 2 Alonso assists. 2-2 draw. Too much to ask for? ;)

      • Not at all but you’d get more points from Alonso goals and Haz assists ;)

        • Now that’s just greedy! :)

  2. So it looks like Nyom won’t be eaten after all!!

    • It would have been a hell of a story though! :popcorn:

      • Maybe they didn’t include him because they decided to eat him… Didn’t want to be left with only 22 players :/

        • That’s a very good point. And scary how your mind works too! Has anyone actually seen him?!

        • #leftovers

  3. Hazard to Alli seems like a no brainer……

    • Brooky, I you have Costa and no Kane then yes. For me it’s either Costa and Alli/Eriksen or Kane and Haz. I’m currently on Kane and Haz, so I’ll be sticking for now.

      • I dont think you have to have Haz if you dont have Costa.His returns arent justifying his price.If he was 8.5 m never mind 10.4m he still wouldnt be worth it.Sometimes we can be too loyal to players waiting for returns and we end up getting left behind.I was kinda hanging on to Haz with one eye on the Hull fixture in 2 weeks.Alli is bang on form,much cheaper and has decent fixtures himself.
        He’s got 45 mins to make me eat my words !!

    • Brooky – let’s see what Chelsea do in the next 45 minutes! Still think hazard is the better option but Alli is in form

      • Nah.Seeing too many red arrows of late.Need some Spurs coverage too.

        • Go for it then mate ;)

        • Deffo am now !!!

        • lol I took the fucker out for Phillips!!

        • Seduced by Kun…..!!

  4. So what big PL transfers have I missed in the past 4 days? I haven’t been paying much attention yet. What’s looking like it’s gonna get done this month that could have significant FPL effects?

    • Bugger all basically. Unless you count Rudy Gestede to ‘Boro, so yeah still bugger all, can’t figure that one out. Witsel has gone off to retire wealthily in China. Draxler is a biggie, for CL anyway, he’s gone to PSG.

      Not sure who else will do what. Mito thinks James is nailed on to come here. Can’t remember where to. Man U maybe.

  5. Evening!

    Finally got rid of that c*nt stones!

    Fingers crossed nothing goes wrong or I will be taking another hit (done 4 hits in 4 weeks)

    Team is looking like this!

    • Where’s Alli gone?! I thought of you (us) when he scored!

      • Init – I had sold him for Phillips! I needed the money to finance Kun…..

        Currently working on a way to get him back in… lol

        P.S kudos to Everton for freezing and capping ticket prices

        • Really really really working on a way to get him back in

        • Get rid of Kun !! :)

        • Let’s see what happens over the next 2 GWs! I was really impressed when Kun came on

        • Could have been worse then I suppose! He’s my main differential in my ML this week.

          I wasn’t aware of the ticket thing mate but they could hardly put them up any more, had a huge hike last season. It’s sickeningly expensive now to go to a game. Disgracefully so actually when you consider what the clubs earn from the TV deals.

  6. Your defense is terrified, Alli’s on fire!

  7. Hmmm need Ali in my team! Thinking Haz – Ali … and while I’m on thinking either:

    -4 to get Defoe in for Origi or
    -8 to get Lukaku

    Have I lost my mind?

    • -4

      • I knew you would embrace a hit Mitro my man! Think it could work out well!

        • I like it mate!

      • -4 is the better option!

    • I’m taking a calculated hit this week which involves Defoe in so that -4 gets my vote. Him Costa and Ibra make up the top 3 strikers so far in terms of points which says consistency now at this stage. That’s good enough cover for Kun for now I feel.

      • I would agree with you.
        Also thinking how Defoe can get in my team. He’s the kind of player you’re going to keep all year!

      • Hey Init, was just writing a “Not fearing a Swansea hiding Init” message and thought, hold up, is that them? City’s next 3 fixtures are not gimmes

        • I don’t think they are and in all honesty had they been more likeable I’d have probably taken a hit and got him but they swayed me to sit still. Swansea one looms though I guess. Be interesting to see what shape both are in prior to that as much can change and will.

    • Thanks for the feedback guys! I’m not ruling out Kun but for now I’m thinking very similar to Init!

  8. Evening guys,

    seriously considering using my wildcard i kno2 most people are opposed to it and advise to use it for double game weeks. Anyone think i should pull the trigger for thos team.

    • Whats your other team ? Wouldnt have those keepers or Firminho in a wc team.Rest looks decent though.

      • few fair points. what about this team?

    • What’s the team as it is now please mate?

      • +1

      • here it is mate. Ive taken a minus 4 hit as i had to take zaha out for davies which allowed me to upgrade carroll to defoe.

        • i left enough to allow me to upgrade lallana to coutinho once hes back.

        • In all honesty your team is in good shape. Personally I’d save the wildcard but if you feel you need to change then go for it.

        • Regardless of the merits of playing it now or not I kind of like this more than the WC one! In fact there’s barely anything wrong with it.

        • yeah i feel i built my team.nicely but feel the wildcard team is alot better but along way to go so probably best holding on to it.

        • Thanks init i think it probably looks better as il have 15 players to chose from rather than 13 with pickford out and amat not playing. ill hold on to it. Thanks for the input guys.

        • Deffo not worth a wildcard.Decent team that !!

  9. hi guys

    This is my brothers team. He is in 30th in our ML – any advice? He is thinking something drastic , maybe even wc or a -12 (Grant/Baines/Philips/Giroud in for Foster/Cahill/Firmino/Anichebe)

    Any ideas?



    • You got enough for Firminho to Phillips and Anichebe to Defoe ?

    • I’d pull the trigger on a WC and take hits at DGW time (effectively only a -2 if they start both games) rather than taking a minus 12, with him being so far behind in the ML I’d probably just go for it.

  10. Siggy to Dele no brainer before the price changes? Are there cup matches before the next gw?

    • Both clubs will have FA cup fixtures this weekend against decent opposition in Hull and Villa so I’m not quite sure if there’ll be that much rotation in the sides.

    • It’s a no brainer for sure Sir. Whether you wait or not is up to you and depends on whether you can afford to really.

    • I’m considering Siggy to Alli as well highaction. Do you guys think that’s a good move with my FT, or would you hold back some funds to improve my defense? The original plan was Siggy out for Phillips or Stanislas this gw and then Baines or someone similar in for Holebas next gw. I can just barely afford Siggy to Alli with current prices.

      Heaton Pickford
      Brunt Holebas Ake Chambers Amat
      Hazard Sanchez Lallana Eriksen Siggy
      Costa Ibra Anichebe

      • screw the defence – ATTACK

      • I wouldn’t double up on the Spurs mids with Ericksen in there already.

        • the recent stats say otherwise Andy

        • Thanks guys. Dreamers, I like your style! lol.

          Andy, that’s probably prudent advice but looking at their schedule Spurs have a pretty nice run from here on out. I doubled up with Coutinho and Firmino earlier in the season and it paid off pretty well. Do you think there’s more points potential with someone like Phillips or Stanislas in for Siggy instead and a wad of cash to upgrade my defense?

        • PS- Andy, we named our 16 month old son Calvin and after he was born I bought my wife every single Calvin and Hobbes book that Bill Watterson ever made. Love seeing your grav on the boards. :D

        • Good to hear that Red, I think I’ll be getting the collection out again when the niece’s get a little older to see if I can get them on board with the Watterson world of C & H :)

    • Thanks for the responses folks… i made the transfer and promptly shut down the computer.. not thinking about FPL for at least a week. :)

  11. alonso, pedro, deeny out for ake, alli and defoe worth -4?
    or do something else? 2ft 0.9mitb

  12. Hey guys

    To WC or not?
    That’s the hot topic at the mo.

    Would mate a great article…hint hint.

    • It should not really be a question unless your team is a dump or you have nothing left to play for. ;)

      Smart people wait for a DGW. I’d rather take a few hits than use my WC now. Which I actually did, too 5 hits in the last 3 gameweeks. ;)

      • I think it depends on your team. If you need to change 6 or 7 yeah probably. However a few hits could quite easily work. Spurs are suddenly flavour of the week. Considering I have no Spurs coverage this ain’t great. League is so inconsistent it’s hard to tell who will be the big winners in the next couple of weeks

        • every year we wait for the DGW……we wait….. when ?

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