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Live Match Chat Gameweek 29 FPL News

Live Match Chat Gameweek 29 FPL News

Live Match Chat Gameweek 29 FPL News

Welcome to Live Match Chat Gameweek 29 FPL News: After an odd GW with just the four games we are back to normal this week with a full compliment of ten to go at again this time. West Brom and Arsenal kick us off at lunchtime on Saturday and then we have no less than five 3pm games with the Palace boring Watford, Everton battering Hull, Stoke pathing the title pathway for Chelsea, Sunderland giving Burnley their best chance yet of an actual away win and then West Ham being Leicester’s latest victims since they woke up again and remembered that they are the champions. Saturday doesn’t end there though as Bournemouth host Swansea in a key game at the wrong end of the table. Sunday brings us the remaining three fixtures as ‘Boro host Man United in the early one, Spurs take on Southampton in the middle one and then Man City and Liverpool book end the lot in what could be the game of the week.

Saturday 18th March

West Brom vs Arsenal

Crystal Palace vs Watford
Everton vs Hull
Stoke vs Chelsea
Sunderland vs Burnley
West Ham vs Leicester

Bournemouth vs Swansea

Sunday 19th March
Middlesbrough vs Man United

Spurs vs Southampton

Man City vs Liverpool

Keep track of all the action, the goals, the talking points, right here at FF247 Live Match Chat, an interactive chat which encourages you to keep involved and share your thoughts and emotions as the matches take place.

Good luck to absolutely everyone for GW29 from all at FF247!

Thanks for reading Live Match Chat Gameweek 29 FPL News. This article was written by FF247

Fixture Tracker

The Tracker in full…

FT Diff

Teams with DGW’s ahead… (with thanks to Rosco)

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  1. 73
    Pancho says:

    86 points from my WC team! I’m nervous not having Aguero vs Arsenal as their defense let in 3 against WBA. Holding off til after Chelsea though. Hoping Sanchez is ok so I can save my ft this week. Maybe it’ll keep him from suiting up for Chile?! #WishfulThinking…

    Click on image to enlarge:

  2. 74
    banjomaker says:

    What’s people’s thoughts on Josh King? He’s obviously on fire, but has some tough fixtures coming up. Best to leave him alone? Or worth bringing in as someone who’ll play every week? Anyone else worth considering for less than 7.0?

  3. 75
    ChrisOllie25 says:

    Had a decent week. Scored 70 points moved up by 100K to 800K, still a poor ranking

  4. 76
    Raziel says:

    Hmm, scored 71 points. Sort of happy I kept faith in Firminho. New rank 52.555. Need to end up in top 50k but hoping for the top 10k.

    • 76.1
      inittowinit says:

      What’s your worst rank Raz? I always try and make sure I’m inside that. Set that particular bench lower last season though with 84k. Sat at 99 now so should be well within it.

      • Smash10 says:

        Raz always seems to have a good rank. I’m heading towards my worst ever rank. However still clinging to those doubles

        Click on image to enlarge:

      • Raziel says:

        I had a really bad rank a few seasons ago. Outside of the top 100k. That was my second season I think, and it was the first time I managed two teams. Also the last time. Lol!

        Anyway. I sort of focussed on the other team, not this one. I used my main account for experimenting with players. HAHA! So stupid. Anyway. Since then two top 10k rankings.

  5. 77
    SAFs_hairdryer says:

    Did anyone break the 100 point barrier this week? Seems like a lot of decent scores.

    Mid 80s for me and the 3 above me in my ML still beat me. Now 100 points adrift and looking at an Arsenal style March meltdown

    • 77.1
      Andy says:

      100 points is still well within reason with 2 double GW’s and one or two chips left in hand, the trick is not to panic and try for the extreme differentials too early (It sounds like your rivals have similarish teams to yours).

      I’ve not hit the ton yet this season but I’e always got them fingers crossed for the next GW.

  6. 78
    constantine says:

    Having best of the season since I’ve started playing FPL. Continuos 7th green arrow has made me reach 32k from 220k. keeping faith in players who are in good form even when they have one bad week, has paid off well. Hope I continue this form till the end. Thank you very much for all your support guys. Keep up the top stuff. Much appreciated.

  7. 79
    Jonathan says:

    Hello Guys.

    What’s wrong with Mori?

    I lost 2 CS in 2 matches with him.

    • 79.1
      Milburn says:

      Jonathan, he’s lost his starting place in the team so whilst he has come off the bench, he hasn’t played the 60mins or more which are required for the clean sheet points.

  8. 80
    SAFs_hairdryer says:

    With the upcoming DGWs in mind who’s the best defender at 4.6 or under? I have Coleman, Alonso, Robertson & Chamvers as the others

    • 80.1
      • SAFs_hairdryer says:

        I’d thought of him but wasn’t sure as their rearranged games are all pretty awful. Wondered wether squeezing an extra 0.1 elsewhere would be worth it to get Jones, Stones or Davies?

        • Andy says:

          The flip side to that coin is that the majority of the other games all look pretty decent, Saints defence is probably a little underrated at the minute but to use Bertrand as an example his points per game tally is slightly higher than Azpilicueta’s which is pretty good going as he’s managed the 19 games so far this season, I reckon Brooky’s right and you can’t go wrong with Yoshida for the budget pick up.

  9. 81
    hochoki says:

    Good afternoon all. I have 1.4 ITB & 1 FT left. I am definitely going to do baines to valencia which will leave me 1.1 ITB. with this money which move is the most sensible??

    1. mane to hazard
    2. coutinho to pedro/tadic
    3. Hit is injurious to health

    Any suggestion regarding the team would be very much appreciated.

    Click on image to enlarge:

  10. 82
    MyFarwell says:

    Well since I’m not banned and looks like it’s just been a technical error I guess I’ll be hanging around :)

    How’s this team look? I’m looking to capitalise on double gameweeks.

    Click on image to enlarge:

  11. 83
    charlcupido says:

    Had a decent week, scored 74 and overall rank of 28k. Still have bench boost and wild card left for double game weeks.
    Any advice on my team?
    Urgent needs to get in are Sanchez, Ali and a proper third striker.

    Click on image to enlarge:

    • 83.1
      Milburn says:

      Wait till we hear news on Sanchez’s injury.
      1 of your Liverpool mids can easily change to Alli and Llorente to Gabbi was probably going to be the most common transfer this week but he went off injured yesterday.
      Have you got any money in the bank? Vardy could be a great differential.

    • 83.2


      Great rank mate – apologies I missed you out yesterday when I namechecked our members with brilliant Overall Rank so far this season. Brilliant performance so far.

      I think you have a proper third just now in Llorente, I wouldn’t worry too much about his latest blank just yet. He has some fair fixtures ahead which he could benefit from with ‘Boro, Stoke, West Ham and Watford to come.

      You would need surgery elsewhere to get Sanchez in – possibly losing one of your big defenders there.

      Firmino to Alli looks the straight swap to me. Can you afford that?

      • charlcupido says:

        Hi Guys, thank u so much. I have 2.5 itb so enough cash to play around with. Vardy sounds appealing to me. I was always planning on getting Sanchez and Kun in after thrie tough fixtures. Sometimes in hind sight the blank GW”s forces Sanchez and Ali was my sacrifice as well out of my team.
        Also extra big defender was due to GW 28, Alonso and Valencia and Mcauly have been my main stays this season.
        Liverpool are playing B/Mouth at Anfield so my thoughts were freeze transfer if no injuries on international duty

      • charlcupido says:

        Eish, see bournmouth is only the following week. I will sleep on it whether i pause for next Gw or bring him in for Burnley away vs Firmonho at home to Everton, brazilians also always come back late from int break

  12. 84

    * Rearranged games! *


    I haven’t yet seen where they sit in relation to the current schedule.

    Click on image to enlarge:

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