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Live Match Chat Gameweek 33 FPL News

Live Match Chat Gameweek 33 FPL News

Live Match Chat Gameweek 33 FPL News

Welcome to Live Match Chat Gameweek 33 FPL News: Just the six gameweeks left and so time is running out to close down those mini-leagues, make a late run for glory or consolidate what you have, all in the pursuit of office bragging rights. It may just be six gameweeks but not all gameweeks are created equal, as we are about to find out. At least three of them will be DGW’s. This is the part of the season when planning and preparation come to the fore and the casuals are left in a daze wondering how their seemingly unassailable 100 point lead suddenly turned into a deficit. Chips will be brandished like confetti. And those that can’t will learn lessons about patience.

GW33 is perhaps one of the last of the ‘normal’ gameweeks when all 10 teams will play, and just once at that. Spurs kick us off with a home fixture on Saturday lunchtime, much as they did last week when they mauled Watford. This time their victims are Bournemouth. And this time they will probably have Kane and not Janssen…

Saturday continues with five 3pm kick offs as Palace welcome a rampant Leicester, Everton batter Burnley, Stoke bore Hull, Sunderland pretend to care against West Ham before we finish with Watford teasing Swansea.

Saturday closes out with Man City visiting an in form and stubborn Southampton at tea-time.

Sunday begins with West ‘out of the office until August 2017’ Brom hosting Liverpool before we get to Jose trying to derail Chelsea’s title bid at 4pm.

The gameweek ends on Monday as we count the banners again. And planes. And planes with banners. Seriously, how much determination and / or money do these people have?! Anyway, if anyone notices or cares for the game itself it is Middlesbrough facing Arsenal.

Please join us as ever to discuss the games as they happen and share your feelings, successes and woes as the action unfolds and hopefully the FPL points flood in for you.

Saturday 15th April
Spurs vs Bournemouth

Crystal Palace vs Leicester
Everton vs Burnley
Stoke vs Hull
Sunderland vs West Ham
Watford vs Swansea

Southampton vs Man City

Sunday 16th April
West Brom vs Liverpool

Man United vs Chelsea

Monday 17th April
Middlesbrough vs Arsenal

Keep track of all the action, the goals, the talking points, right here at FF247 Live Match Chat, an interactive chat which encourages you to keep involved and share your thoughts and emotions as the matches take place.

Good luck to absolutely everyone for GW33 from all at FF247!

Thanks for reading Live Match Chat Gameweek 33 FPL News. This article was written by FF247

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  1. Hello lads, interesting result between United and Chelsea today! Like many here, I’ve decided to pass on Zlatan after seeing him benched. I’d have to sell either Alli or Lukaku to get him in, and I don’t think it’s worth it. So I’ve looked at some other options instead.

    A: Origi, Alonso to Benteke, Gibson (Smith plays (Mid H), 3-4-3, -4 hit)
    B: Clayton, Alonso to Townsend, Gibson (AOA: 2-5-3, -4 hit)

    So in option A I sell Origi and play Smith while in option B I keep Origi, play 2-5-3, and have Smith as first sub.
    Do you guys have any preference between these options? Or do you have alternative suggestions? Rashford may be someone to look at, but I’m not sure about his gametime…

    • Tough one to call that Tekkers. You can always tell it is when nobody responds! What have you got left in terms of chips there and is there any ML consideration at play?

      • Hi Init, I have WC, BB, and AOA left.
        Got a rival whom have had a lead on me the entire season, was 150 pts or so 6/7 GWs ago and I’ve reduced it to 68 pts before this GW. I have 20 more pts than him this GW but he has Sanchez (c) left to play. He only has WC left and doesn’t pay too much attention to FPL so I’m betting on surpassing him over the DGWs. I strongly doubt he knows of the DGWs to be honest, especially this one.
        Other than that, I’m only concerned with overall rank.

        • He doesn’t pay attention yet he’s kicking your ass?! ;)

        • Sorry mate! I was only joking. I can be a right tw@t at times :) Even Mito says so which is a real badge of honour in that respect :D

          37 and BB is your chance and possibly only one here with that big a gap. Maybe this one too if he truly doesn’t follow the trends but I doubt it if he’s managed to outscore you thus far.

        • Haha, that’s cool Init, he has actually been ranked between 15-30k for most of the season, so he’s not a bad player. I wonder how well he’d do if he took it more seriously! He’s very intuitively skilled and knows football, so he makes good player selections and is capable of spotting trends on his own, meaning that he does not need to pay attention or make too much of an effort to get results. He’s kind of a “professional bullshitter,” in that he takes unreasonable approaches that shouldn’t work yet still attains results. Very annoying! Last season he had a lead on me the entire season up until the DGWs, then I took him over at the end. I’m betting on that happening this season too!

    • That’s tough I like both options. Option B shades it for me. Origi is still playing which is a good thing

      • Smash, I’m leaning towards option B too, as it is essentially Origi vs Smith. Striker vs defender usually goes in favor of the striker! Unless there’s a reason to prefer Benteke over Townsend, but I haven’t looked at their underlying stats yet.

  2. Fixture Tracker should be correct and updated now, apologies for any small anomalies in the previous one…

    Please do shout out if there are still any mistakes but there shouldn’t be.

    • Many Thanks

    • Very much appreciated, thanks

    • Thanks both, it’s interesting to see how much, and also how many, rely on it. You only realise that when it goes awry a bit. I usually take charge of the tracker and Sod’s law that they announce the DGW’s on the one week when I’m on holiday!

    • only mistake was the comma splice in your comment ;)
      Many thanks as always innit!

    • Not sure if citeh hosting man utd should still be in dark green after Jose’s tactical masterclass yesterday :D

  3. morning guys, only 13 points seperate 1 to 3 in my mini leg with me in 3rd but still have sanchez to go. I noticed my two rival have made 3 transfers for gw34 so ive matched them. Im goin to use my bench boost for gw34 as i feel its really suitef for it and will have 7 dgw players. My rivals have used their all chips bar bench boost so id be looking to use triple captain on someone like sa chez in gw37. Between gw 34 and gw37 i want to focus on getting the strongest 11 possible who have dgw i see this as a better tactic than using bench boost to try and get 15 dgw players as i feel dping that would have weakend my team i.e money spent on getting a dgw player to get 15 players resulting in not having as many bog hitters. Big risk i know but hopefully works out in the end. Here my team for gw34

    • Saloba. Interesting strategy. I think the Bench Boost chip is far stronger than the Triple Captain chip, and if I were in your position I’d build towards GW37 with the intention of using the BB then. You already have 8 DGWers for GW37, so even if you just changed your Palace players for (e.g.) Southampton ones, I think you’d be in a much stronger situation to use the Bench Boost then. Just my opinion though, no guarantees in this game, as we all know.

      • Bry i was considering bringing in zlatan for gw34 and triple captainint him there but its now very unlikely he will play both games. sanchez if he picks up some form could be an idea TC for gw 37 as he will be playing again stoke and sunderland. Although i agree that having 15 dgw player for bench boost is the ideal situation i only think this is plausible for those who still have their WC. I really think gw34 could be the ideal time to use bench boost which will then allow me to focus on getting the strongest 11 players possible for gw37 without trying to accomodate ttansfer soley to try and get as many dgw players which could end up hindering getting 11 essentials.

    • Hi Saloba,

      You have to go with your own instinct of course. Before you do though, it is worth reflecting on the quality of opponents for the double teams in GW34.
      United and Palace do not exactly have “easy” fixtures.
      Palace might get something out of Liverpool but one goal vs Spurs will be a bonus.
      There will probably not be rotation for Palace but who knows with Valencia.
      Bottom line – I would not do it.

      • Hi Leprechaun, thanks for your thoughts. As it stands id only have 8 players with dgw for gw37. The reality is i would sell valdes or holgate to bring in a dgw as i dont particularly see the point in that as it would be using funds which could go towards upgrading players. This means id only have 13 dgw players instead of 11. The reality is the additional 2 players would be bottom of the barrel such as someone like stephens and redmond. i also instead on selling pva for someonr like ake and king for tom davies. Obviosuly i dont plan on playing those 2 but it would generate 2.4 which could go towards brining a premium which otherwise would not have neen able to do. Hope this all makes sense, kinda does in my head haha

  4. Morning all. Hope your GW33s have been good. I’m on 51 with Sanchez to play tonight. Suggestions, please, on which of my front 8 I should bench for GW34:

    Eriksen, Alli, Sanchez, Hazard, King (Bournemouth), Lukaku, Rashford, Benteke


    • Kind of has to be King there really

      • +1

        • Thanks, Leprechaun. The tips article reckoned that Bournemouth’s next two fixtures (Middlesbrough and Sunderland) are pretty tasty – and they are. Just that my set-up presents a problem. AOA would have been handy!

        • Q,

          What does the rest of your team look like?

      • Cheers, Smash. Had thought of a cheeky sliding-off of Lukaku to the bench but you’re right. Form dictates that he starts. It’s Sanchez who’s been woeful of late. But need big balls to drop him…

        • Hi Leprechaun
          My defence is Jakupovic, Valdes, Valencia, Davies, Gibson, Stephens and Williams

  5. Hey Fellas (and Girls),
    What do you think I should do next?

    Baines, Valencia, Davies
    Alli, Coutinho, Sanchez, Son
    Aguero, Benteke, Lukaku
    Subs Pickford, Amat (yes, I know!) Carroll, Smith
    £0.6 1FT

    A few possibilities
    1 Aguero to Ibra
    2 Carroll & Son to Zaha & Townsend for -4 but who to bench of the front players?
    3 Baines to Bailly
    4 Other – ?

    I am not keen to lose money on selling Sanchez as he will have to come back for the DGWs soon.

    Any thoughts would be much appreciated?

    • Hey, Leprechaun. I wouldn’t alter your front 8. It looks mighty strong. Maybe for the long haul (what’s left of the season), how about Baines to Bailly? More fixtures and Bailly looks favoured in Mourinho’s starting line-ups. Double Utd defence shouldn’t overly be a concern.

      • Thanks Q.
        I am leaning to No. 3

  6. After a misrable April its a half decent GW with 56 and Sanchez left to play.
    Thoughts on transfers for DGW”s?
    Im chasing 50 points in my mini league and my opponent has a Trip skipper left over me. In my other league i am leading by 30.
    My thoughts are get Tekkers and Zaha in and perhaps Valdes, that would be for a -8.
    Not co fident on ibra starting both and to be honest i doubt Valencia would either. Palace not safe might be the best bet.
    April screwed me as i dropped Ali and Few others for Blanks and i was sitting pretty at 21k, now dropped to 80k in 3 weeks

    • If you haven’t got a WC left I wouldn’t bring in double Palace attacking coverage for a hit as you’ll be wanting at least one of them out again by GW 36 with their run in not looking great and no more DGW’s after GW 34.

      I’m undecided just how hard to chase this DGW as having just the three going might be more than enough right now so I’d go with a Palace mid of Townsend/Zaha and then consider hits for the likes of Gabbiadinni and Kane after the double.

      • I have WC and bench boost left

        • I still don’t see a Palace double as being worth it as if it were normal GW’s against Pool and Spurs we probably wouldn’t think of bringing them in at all, one should be enough (famous last words).

    • One Palace player and Valdez is the way I have gone – for what it’s worth

  7. Morning guys hope you’re all well!

    Can’t decide on what to do for DGW34

    Part of me thinks it’s going to be a damp squib but I think I’ll probably end up doing a -4/8 but who to get in!

    What do you think of the below, need to take at least a -4 for any moves as I only have 0.2 ITB but I’m ok with that.

    FYI I’ll be losing Vert and Nyom in defence, I need to lose a Spurs player to turn Kun – Kane in 35 before WC in 36!

    Oh and it’s my 40th today so hoping for a big cake later, a Newcastle win and a few Ales with the Mrs… and a hatrick from Sanchez tonight… too much to ask for!?

    • Draws are no good to Boro now so going with double defensive coverage might be overkill and I’d still lean to taking Ibra over Rashford at this stage (Reality is I’ve very little clues as to how Mourinho will manage the team’s run in) although I’d be losing Aguero rather than Lukaku to do it with Jesus supposedly being back in action before the end of the season.

    • Hey Rosco, many happy returns on the big 4 0! All the best mate.

      I will take a look at the actual question later if that’s ok?! Just wanted to say congrats for now as I’m tight on time.

    • Happy birthday rosco, hope you have a fantastic day!!

    • Rosco

      Happy 40th

      Wish I could give you some advice but my brains frazzled.
      Too many what ifs going into this DGWK,
      Alonso injured, Ibra game time, Kane a must, Lukaku on fire,
      I mean it’s hard to justify tearing up a good team for rotation risk Utd and a poor Middlesborough team..!
      As I said brain frazzled so not very constructive advice,
      Good luck.

    • Congratulations Rosco! All the best for you in this day. And in the others two! :)

    • Happy birthday Rosco..cheers mate

    • Happy Birthday Rosco! Hope you have a great one today and the year ahead.
      Imho a -8 is unnecessary and unlikely to pay off. This DGW is a real mixed bag. Can you do 1 Middlesbrough Def and Rashford? I think that is what I would do with your team.

  8. Anyone going to take the risk and go with Ibra as cappo?

    • Going to wait on the Cappos article before making a final decision but it’s a lot trickier decision this GW now with the doubles and the cup semi finals. I’d really like to just be able to (c) Ibra and forget about it though.

    • He’s not even getting into my team, never mind being captain :)

  9. Hey guys,

    With 1ft & 1.7m ITB
    Is crazy to -8 hit on
    Alonso > Stephens
    Eriksen > Sanchez
    Luka > Kane
    Trying to plan for Dgwks coming up,
    Plz help.

    • Not sure I would do any of those this week BigP….

      • Soton have a tough game – you will probably bench him,
        Eriksen and Alli is already strong Spurs attacking cover,
        And, Lukaku is playing very well

        • Thx for the reply Leprchaun.

  10. Guys thinking of doing the following but really not sure. Randolph hazard and origi out for valdes alli and benteke. What do u guys think, or should i do something else. I’ve .3 m and 2 fts. Cheers guys.

    • Pity to lose Hazard but those moves look quite decent.

      If you have a WC and not too much money at risk on Sanchez you could consider switching him out rather than Haz for this week. The latter is probably going to want to come back strongly once he extricates himself from Herrera’s pocket.

      • Cheers bud. Yeah i have a wc and bb left. I had considered losing sanchez but with a double double coming up for Arsenal i think I’ll keep him. I suppose it depends on how he plays tonight.

  11. The first new team to be promoted for the 2017/18 has been confirmed, it’s Brighton first through the door and not Newcastle with Houghton leading the South Coast team into the EPL for the first time.

    • Hi Andy,

      And Pompey are up too.
      Good day for the South Coast :):):)

      • League one bound then Horse, looks like Pompey have finally stopped the free fall after leaving the Premier league.

        • Yep the rot has stopped.
          We are on our way back.
          We have a new rich man looking to take over the club and get us back to the big time.
          Never a dull moment

        • Congrats Horse mate!

  12. Guzan starts and not Valdes. Lol. Bellerina also benched.

    • Wally also benched

    • Wally’s benched as well with Mustafi out of the squad completely, I think it’s time to get the darts out and chuck them at a bunch of pictures and maybe then we’ll be able to figure out who’ll play in the DGW’s.

      • Nice Ward-Prowse in for ibra and Yoshida in for Mutafi for me 1 point each haha

        • I hate to be the bearer of bad news but Ibra came on as a sub and picked up a YC so you’ll have to settle for Yoshida’s one point.

        • Ouch :p

      • Wally benched…
        Oh well…
        Another wasted transfer !

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