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Latest Articles

Team Talk – Intro

The Weekend Team News article will be released on Friday, just in time to provoke plenty of chat on the site as you decide on your weekend formations and last-minute transfers. The article will be in a “game-to-game” format, starting with a short match preview and then report on any team news that the manager’s have released in their pre-match press conferences that day.

Emoticons / Emojis

To use the emoticons below copy the code in the grey boxes and place between : : for example :code: Newly Added: ok clap horns party poof smirk snorty straight smiling winktongue hear speak no-mouth see-no sad-face shock say-what kissheart lurker cry-lol … popcorn worthy ufo whacky spam sfan red-flag moggy green-flag fish-bowl hippo manic chill tick-tock dance bouncy-balls bounce blue-flag black-flag big-lol biggun ball 1up alert ban beer borg coffee cuckoo cuss finger goombah stupid megaman pity noshake oogle poop rant satansmoking shake shiftyeyes shroom sick smirk spammer stfu thumbdo...Read More

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We are running the main public FF247 League which anyone is welcome to join by using the following code 1147-701 (auto-link below).

This one has a prize pool of £250 which is sponsored by @FootballFanager and will be paid into your account on their website. The top 5 places are paid out.

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League Code: 1147-701
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