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World Cup 2014 Fantasy Football!

World Cup 2014 Fantasy Football! As we sadly near the end of our beloved FPL season we thought it would be time to tell you that all hope is not lost and that you will not have to spend a long and lonely summer with friends and family at the beach ‘enjoying’ yourself whilst secrectly counting down the days to start of the next FPL season! Alas, the World Cup is upon us and will hopefully feed your fantasy addiction! We will be open for business as usual over the Summer with fantasy interest aplenty as we will be partaking in the usual FIFA World Cup game with an FF247 league and ar...Read More

Fantasy Football Live Chat Game-week 36

Fantasy football Live Match Chat Game-week 36 – FPL Fantasy Premier League GW36 is here folks and it could be a decisive one for many as there are some great fixtures from a fantasy point of view and there are certainly a lot of captaincy candidates this week which always makes for an interesting week. Whether you went with the tried and trusted in Suarez, the returning hero in Ramsay or the rejuvinated Rooney or indeed elsewhere then now is the time to sit back, relax and see how your chosen players fare for you this week. Keep track of all the action, the goals, the talking points, rig...Read More

Fantasy Football Team Talk Game-week 36

Fantasy Football Team Talk Game-week 36 – FPL Premier League Welcome to GW36 and what a week it’s been. Liverpool march closer to the title, The Special One loses his first ever league game at the Bridge as Sunderland’s late late escape act gathers pace, Newcastle’s holiday goes into its fifth week, West Ham are booed off again, Ramsey’s Return looks like Arsenal will nick 4th, David Silva gets injured again and of course, dear old Moysie has gone. We’ll cover all the above in the article, but let’s have a sneak preview of what is in store for us this week.

Fantasy Football Tips Game-week 36

Fantasy Football Tips Game-week 36 – FPL Premier League It only seems like yesterday when we were all frantically struggling to decide on the make-up of our team for the opening game-week of the season, fast forward 35 game-weeks and here we are struggling to decide on our teams for the final 3 game-weeks of the season! You’d think that it would be rather easy at this stage of the season but injuries to key players have spiced things up a bit and to be honest this has made things a little more interesting. By now everyone is well aware of who the key players are for the remaining game-we...Read More

Pottys Predictions Game-week 36

Well lads and lasses these game-weeks are flying by as this season comes to a close and here at Pottys Bookies we too are feeling the pinch as our weekly entrant numbers dwindle. But apart from dragging you in by the curlies its the Punters choice as to where their loyalties belong and I do believe many have decided to concentrate on the big push with one’s Fantasy Football Team which is understandable indeed. Onto the Matchweek 35 Winners who were…. Pottys Predictions = NZ ALEX…..NZ ALEX Champions League Competition = PEAKY DAVE…..PEAKY DAVE Both the above FF247 user&#...Read More

Captains Picks Game-week 36

Captains Picks Game-week 36 – FPL Fantasy Football Premier League A short time ago in an FPL galaxy very close by… there was a 3 day period of great doubt. Different captaincy options started to appear, threatening to break the stranglehold that the Dark side had over our minds. Could it be possible that a brave bunch of rebel managers would dare take on the Galactic Empire? Perhaps seeing an opportunity to break free from the chains that bound them a la Leia to Jabba, many would now seek to challenge authority sensing vulnerability. While the lord of the Siths, Darth Suarez has to deal ...Read More

Fixtures Game-week 36 and a look ahead to 37…

Fixtures Game-week 36 and a look ahead to 37… – FPL Fantasy Football Premier League Welcome to Game-week 36. Well sort of, as we guess most of you will have a firm eye on Game-week 37 by now as that one represents a double for six teams. Many, if indeed not most of your transfers this week will probably be done to bolster your ranks in preparation for DGW37. As such we are going to make sure you know who the lucky six for next week are and how their fixtures look for this week and for GW38 also so as to hopefully give you the best possible guide to ensuring you maximise your return...Read More

Fantasy Football Live Chat Game-week 35

Live Match Chat Game-week 35 – FPL Fantasy Premier League The deadline bell has rung, your transfer concerns are over and your agonies over who to captain are no more. Time to sit back and see how your chosen players fare for you this week. Hopefully your players will perform, did you give the armband to the right player this week?…… Keep track of all the action, the goals, the talking points, right here at FF247 Live Match Chat, an interactive chat which encourages you to keep involved and share your thoughts and emotions as the matches take place. Good luck for GW35 from al...Read More

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