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Latest Articles

The Boot Room – Rate My Team – Game-week 38

The Boot Room – Rate My Team GW 38 – FPL Fantasy Football Premier League Game-week 37 is still in progress, if ‘progress’ is a word that can be applied to it! At this point it’s less than a ‘damp squib’. Big names have either failed to produce, got themselves injured or in some cases failed to even appear. There are four games left to rectify the situation but either way we should still start looking ahead to GW38. Who is on your radar for the final week? Who do you feel has the best chance to shine this week? Man City and Liverpool look like they may be the...Read More

Fantasy Football Live Chat Game-week 37 (Hit Special)

Live Match Chat Game-week 37 – FPL Fantasy Premier League The last double game-week of the season is now upon us, your transfer concerns are over and your agonies over who to captain are no more. Time to sit back and see how your chosen players fare for you this week. Hopefully your players will perform, did you give the armband to the right player this week?…… Keep track of all the action, the goals, the talking points, right here at FF247 Live Match Chat, an interactive chat which encourages you to keep involved and share your thoughts and emotions as the matches take place...Read More

Team Talk Game-week 37

Team Talk Game-week 37- FPL Fantasy Football Premier League Welcome to DGW37 and the one last chance to make a big gamble in your mini league with six teams playing twice and our game-week is not completed until Wednesday evening, leaving just a quick turnaround to GW38. With so much still to play for at the top and the bottom of the division, it promises to be a week of excitement, thrills, highs and lows and hopefully a massive haul of points for us all. Our game-week kicks off Saturday lunchtime down the east end mate, as the ‘Ammers entertain Spurs – always lively as they hate each other b...Read More

Tips Game-week 37 The Last Chance Saloon

Tips Game-week 37 The Last Chance Saloon – FPL Fantasy Football Premier League So here we are… our penultimate game-week and just to make things that little more interesting it’s a double. As we have learnt over the course of the season double game-weeks have the ability to bring so much joy to us fantasy managers, but they can quite easily drive us to drink! For many of us it really is the last chance saloon as we try to make up ground, so don’t be afraid to go all in on the double. We’re pretty sure that the majority of your transfers this week will be primarily focused on the double g...Read More

Pottys Predictions Competition Game-week 37

Pottys Predictions Competition Game-week 37 – FPL Fantasy Football Premier League Hello my Potty Punters how are we all? Well what a massive Game-week we have in store with 6 teams playing twice, its a quandry for us all in who to select let alone Captain but Pottys team is set to roll, I have decided to tinker no more as i believe in going with one’s instinct so Cleverly as skipper it is! Last weekend in Pottys Bookies saw a nice struggle take place as 6 Punters battled it out in the end on Monday night for the weekly prize, but a Giroud goal sent the goodies north and on the othe...Read More

Grab, Avoid or Bore-off!

Grab, Avoid or Bore-off! – FPL Fantasy Football Premier League To help you decide or just confuse you a bit more, we have asked 3 of our writers to pass judgment on what players are needed for this double game-week and what players are better left out of the fray. We hope this is a simple straight forward formula that can assist you in your decision making as we near the dead line. Grab – You need this player on your squad. On the Def/Keeper categories if they select Grab, they will give us a name or two from said team. Eg. Grab-De Gea Avoid – It’s a trap don’t get suckered i...Read More

Captain’s Picks Double Game-week 37

Captain’s Picks Double Game-week 37 – FPL Fantasy Football Premier League So here I sit thinking of what to write. The Mrs is pumping some girly music in the background and has Titanic on the tube. This I promise you though, none of that feminine crap will affect this article as I start Rolling in the Deep and look at the options for Capo. With it so near the end of the season, getting this captaincy right could prove to be better than running naked in a rainstorm, not that I ever have. It seems Rooney is the top candidate for this game-week, but if you are like me then you change your m...Read More

FF247 League Manager of the Month April

FF247 League Manager of the Month April – FPL Fantasy Football Premier League Welcome to the FF247 round up for the month of April. Well we all had a Good Friday but who had a good fantasy football month? I’m pleased to announce, given all his hard work for FF247, Bench has come out on top with his team ‘Park Bench Exports’, with a total of 306 pts. Fantastic work Bench, well done! In 2nd place and just 1pt behind on 305 came Robbie Reilly with his team ‘DivingWorthyOfAnOscar’. A remarkable turmaround for Robbie and we are sure he will be on site to talk us ...Read More

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