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Latest Articles

Latest Articles

Fantasy Football Question Time

Fantasy Football Question Time Welcome to Fantasy Football Question Time, the second of our post-season interview articles. I have the great pleasure in being joined by six regular FF247 members who you will be very familiar with. But our guests have not being selected just because you know them, but because each one has had a very special season in FPL, with all six recording their best ever season in terms of overall rank. Let me introduce them to you – first on the couch is our Liverpool supporting enfant from Vermont, RedVT. Next up, also from the other side of the Atlantic and Harry...Read More

MLS GW13 Tips Fantasy Major League Soccer

MLS GW13 Tips Fantasy Major League Soccer Welcome to MLS GW13 Tips Fantasy Major League Soccer. The 16/17 FPL season is now officially over. Countries all over the world are preparing themselves for international tournaments and qualifiers. In short, it’s starting to look like a typical summer season – unless you’re the MLS. The MLS will keep plugging along – and I’ll keep writing about it. If you’ve been on the fence about playing FMLS, build a squad for the summer. Why not? Every week is a wildcard and you’ll learn a little bit about a league that doesn’t follow any of the conven...Read More

Inittowinit – he’s one of our own

Inittowinit – he’s one of our own Now the season has finished and we’re all twiddling our thumbs as to what to do for the next several weeks, we thought it prudent to reflect on a strange, fun season by interviewing someone most of you are familiar with. Some of you know him as Inittowinit, or Init, or Inuit, or Cock, or maybe you have another more private term for him! For those not familiar with Init, he was one of the original founders of FF247 and to used to write the Fixtures article as well as contributions on all other articles. He is a busy chap with a young family ye...Read More

Live Match Chat Gameweek 38 FPL News

Live Match Chat Gameweek 38 FPL News Welcome to Live Match Chat Gameweek 38 FPL News: And there it was gone! 37 weeks have flashed before your eyes once more. And 38 will do the same as well because all 10 games happen on the same day at the same time. It always seems a bit cruel to have all your FPL hopes and expectations finally decided for you in such a swift fashion. Especially since we’ve all agonised over relatively minor points in game-weeks which have sometimes dragged on for as much as 7 days, as GW37 did. But that’s the way it is. Strap yourself in for a smidgen over 90 m...Read More

Fantasy Football 247 Site Team Gameweek 38

Fantasy Football 247 Site Team Gameweek 38 Welcome to Fantasy Football 247 Site Team Gameweek 38. We had it off big time. We ******* had it off. We planned (ish), we hoped (a lot), we got lucky (extremely). But we’ll take it – it’s been a long season, there have been ups and downs, but it sure feels good to report a DGW score of 193. We played our Bench Boost of course, but given that Gabbiadini and Holgate scored just a single point between them, it makes the contributions from elsewhere even more special. Of course many of you will have returned similarly impressive scores,...Read More

Around the Grounds FPL Team News Gameweek 38

Around the Grounds FPL Team News Gameweek 38 Welcome to Around the Grounds FPL Team News Gameweek 38. Here we are, the end of the road. It’s been a long and eventful journey from those pre-season days in August all the way through to the madness of the last 3 game-weeks. Regarding the actual football itself, much of course has already been decided and there is little to play for on the last day – just the battle between Liverpool, Man City and Arsenal for the final two Champions League places. As you should be aware, all the matches take place at the same time, namely Sunday at 3pm...Read More

Fantasy Premier League Captain Picks Gameweek 38

Fantasy Premier League Captain Picks Gameweek 38 Welcome to Fantasy Premier League Captain Picks Gameweek 38. I’ll start with a health warning here – you are about to get GW38 Captain tips from someone who once benched a player in GW38 who scored a hat-trick! You can be forgiven for tuning out now, but let me try and explain… A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away… I benched Lukaku. At that time he played for West Brom and was a bit part player and was playing against Man United in Sir Alex’s farewell game. It was a shoe-in victory for United for sure. Ten goal...Read More

FPL Fixtures Analysis Gameweek 38

FPL Tips and Fixtures Analysis Gameweek 38 Welcome to FPL Tips and Fixtures Analysis Gameweek 38. Ladies and gentleman, we’ve arrived at the end of this year’s journey. Some would say that the end has come too soon, whilst others are looking at their pitiful DGW scores for this current round…and they’re thinking the end can’t get here soon enough. I fall somewhere in the middle of those two sentiments; one part of me would love to see football every weekend, and the other part of me is just ready for some cold beer and baseball on a lazy Saturday. What else is a man supposed to do on Sat...Read More

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