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The FF247 Community Team

Fantasy Football The FF247 Community Team

What is it they say about a camel being a horse designed by committee? Well we wanted to see if we too could create a camel from well, a few donkeys actually, but let’s not be harsh and name names. You know who you are!

The inaugural season was always going to be one laced with teething problems but we are dealing with them as best we can and as diplomatically as we can. The Nobel Prize is in the bag we feel. We try to take an open view on all matters relating to our team and do what the people want or as close as we can get based on the voices we hear. Not in our heads, the other ones we mean.

The purpose of this article is to simply provide a refresh and a reminder as to our progress so far and encourage continued participation going forward. If you have participated in any of our voting thus far, then thank you. That’s what it’s all about.

The story so far
From selecting our budget distribution to a preferred formation to filling the positions player by player in GW1, it was something new, different and exciting. We enjoyed it and let’s be honest, it was something else to focus on after we had all torn up our one hundredth draft and rated our own two hundredth team! We were then set for Game-week 1 with this:

We were bang on the 34 average for that first week.

Just one man remains within our current squad. Guess who?! Riyad Mahrez has undoubtedly been our player of the season. There are a few names to cringe, squirm or wince at there, with hindsight of course.


The stats

We have 587 points in total.

Currently we reside in position 527,351 of 3,564,851 (within the top 15%)

Team Value: £99.9M. Money in the bank: £2.8M. Overall value: £102.7M

We have made 9 transfers so far and only twice have we voted to save a free transfer and have two to use the next week.

Our Wildcard was used in Game-week 5.

All other chips are still to be used.

Lowest overall rank was in Game-week 2 where we fell to 1,762,749.

Highest overall rank was in Game-week 10 of 214,372.

Game-week 8 was our highest individual point scoring week where we scored 95.

Game-week 1 was the lowest where we managed 34.


The biggest evolution so far is the streamlining of our voting system by using the independent ‘Strawpoll’ site and its ‘one-tick’ voting system which has proved very popular amongst voters and counters alike! This system has made the whole process of voting much more enjoyable and since its introduction, voting has increased immeasurably and as much as trebled some weeks. We pray this feature remains available to us otherwise Calvin Clyne is going to have to dedicate himself to setting up something similar for us having found Strawpoll for us originally.

Where we are now – GW13
This is how the squad looks ahead of GW13.

Clearly not in the prime of it’s health! But at the same time it may get by on crutches. Or a zimmer frame at least. Fear not though as said walking aids will be administered this week in the form of transfers and luckily we have two of those so it should be a fun week of voting on how best to get this sorry lot up and running again. Keep an eye and ear out for the polls in the comments below in the coming days and help nurse us back to health.

Remember, much like everything else for this team, when we use any of our chips is up to you. If you feel it is a good time to play one, let us know and if we think it merits a vote, we’ll do just that. They have to be used sometime!

We welcome any of your views. If you can see an improvement or a change, please bring it to us by commenting under the FF247 Community Team tab on site here or on twitter @ff247communityteam where all comments are replied to. Remember it is your team and your continued support which is keeping this thing going.

We’ll leave you to check yourselves how we compare to the FF247 site team so far…

Thanks, GP/NZ/ELLE


Before you disappear from the site or move on to the next article, we’d like to point out a brand new game for the Euro’s brought to us in conjunction with Fanager who will be bringing us all a Euro 2016 Fantasy Football game like no other, and we’d love it if you guys would join us.

To pre-register your interest, please click the Fanager banner above and enter your name and e-mail address to get involved – it take less than 30 seconds. Once registered, they’ll soon be in touch to advise you of when the game is ready to explore and play, so please get involved, register your email address and tell a friend.

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  1. 211
    inittowinit says:

    Many thanks GP, massive effort running this, especially with them 2 stooges helping you :D Thanks to Alex and Elle as well though in all seriousness.

    Did you beat the site team in the end by the way?

  2. 212
    Silvers says:

    Well I better jump on the band wagon & say thanks to all the writers & community for all the banter brilliant articles & shear entertainment this is truly a great site.
    There are far to many names to mention I thk your all worthy.
    My rank well 41k my worst season yet but I hung in there I was please with are FF doubles win & finishing 4k with my doubles partner MattX we need more doubles nk year so get yourself a partner.

    Brilliant guys keep up the good work see you all on the Euros ;)

  3. 213
    Silvers says:

    This is turning into an awful night for the Pool & all there fans lets hope they can do something soon

    • 213.1
      TheDreamers says:

      shocking Silvers

      some old problems surfaced.

      Moreno – just not ready and may never be.

      Actually , with the exception of Clyne the whole back line including keeper isnt good enough.

      Midfield is unbalanced.

      In an attacking sense, they arent bad. Goetze (sp) would improve that more

      Sad thing is – could have been out of sight at half time

      Lost 3:1, could have been 5:1 yet could have won :shakeshead:

      • Dreamers

        I think Clyne is improving and I’m pleased about that. Don’t fancy any of the other three really. Hoping another CB may come in as first choice to partner Matip for next season. Left back definitely required as I don’t even see what Moreno offers in attack. So wasteful and distribution is poor.

        • TheDreamers says:

          GP – Lovren actually looked good when with Sakho. Sakho is a leader if you get over the “lapse” and the sometimes erratic performances.

          Need a dramatic over haul though

      • Silvers says:

        Yes dreamers they need to sort the back out & maybe a centre mf player who can pass the ball I really thought they would win & maybe could have
        You joining us in the Euros ?

        • TheDreamers says:

          havent looked at yet Silvers but prob give it a shot. No very little about half of them but did the wc one and did quite well

          Lost one of my ml’s due to Smalling og (by 2 points) last night. Its raw :) So next week might look at properly

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