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Fantasy Football Community Team

The FF247 Community Team

Fantasy Football The FF247 Community Team

fantasy football team tips hintsWhat do Heart of Midlothian, AFC Wimbledon and Galatasaray have in common?
They are all football clubs owned and operated by their supporters.
So, I thought that seeing as this works brilliantly within (some) football clubs, then I wondered if this could be transferred to the fantasy world. A hugely talented fantasy player friend of mine first mooted this idea this close season and it got me to thinking, what if we did have our FF247 community represented as a single entity this coming season? I wondered if it could work. I wondered how it would work. I wondered if people would like the idea or how popular it could grow to be. I wondered if the FF247 Community Team could be the first supporter-owned team to win the World Title.
As far as I am aware, there is no other fantasy site with a community team. So are you with me?
Alright, first of all, the selection of everything to do with our team will be “one member, one vote”.
Basically if you go as far as to log in and leave a message to a supporter vote question, then you are a member.
So here is how it will work.

Initial selection
We will firstly vote to decide on our preferred playing formation.
The second vote will be to ask how you think the money in our team should be shared across all four playing positions.
Thirdly and most excitingly of all, the next vote will determine our first player.
I think it is fairest and most sensible to select players alternatively by position in turn beginning with strikers and working back through the team so we would vote thus:
Striker /Midfielder /Defender /Goalkeeper then returning to Striker to continue.
Ahead of each vote I would gauge the popularity of particular players through your discussions and early RMT enquiries and present to you a selection for you to vote for. The aim is to make the list as concise as possible but fear not there will be plenty of choice.


Weekly selection
I will ask you to vote for one goalkeeper and one outfield player you WOULD PLACE ON THE SUBSTITUTES BENCH. This vote will indicate who the least popular players are for the week and determine the most popular sub – i.e. he who most of you think WON’T have a good gameweek, goes to the last place on the bench, next most popular goes second and third takes first outfield spot on the bench. Goalkeeper with most ‘sub’ votes takes the sub GK spot.


Each week there will be two transfer votes.
The first will ask “Who do you think should be sold from the FF247 Community Team?”
The second will ask: “Who do you think the FF247 Community Team should buy valued at £ ‘X’ ?
Multiple transfers (Points Hits), Wildcards and Chips
This is where it can be a bit hairy for us but not insurmountable – the theory will be that if at least five members request using any of the above, it will be put to a vote.


We will use the existing captaincy poll on site and select the most popular player for that week who is in the FF247 Community Team. The second most popular within the team will be vice-captain.


We will no doubt encounter little problems as we move along but where possible, I will always seek the advice of you, our members as to how they would suggest the problem dealt with.
I will be happy to address any issues or answer any questions you might have – leave them on our Community Team page which will be with us soon. If I don’t answer right away, please check back, I will answer.
I hope you will become involved with each vote as it appears. There may seem like there are a lot of votes but it will literally take you five seconds to take part as most of your replies will be one word.
This is intended to create additional interest away from our own teams, to not take itself too seriously or be bogged down with ‘what-ifs’. We should be democratic but not boring.
It is meant as a way for our fantastic community to bond further and with a bit of luck, to draw new visitors and encourage them to take part with us.
We may even be lucky and form a bit of a local FF247 fantasy rivalry as we progress…..
This is for you guys and your support is appreciated.
‘Your Team, Your Community’


A word from FF247…

Team Management!
The Gallant Pioneer is your team manager for this one and he will be ably assisted by his two beautiful assistants in the form of NZAlex and Ellefcee. Please support them in this venture, it’s a brave new frontier but something that could work brilliantly given the community we have here.

Just one point though – the second you all start beating the site team it’ll be pulled quicker than a Jack Wilshire muscle ;)

Thanks for reading Fantasy Football The FF247 Community Team – Fantasy Premier League 2015/16. This article was written by The Gallant Pioneer


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  1. 601
    makeya says:

    De Bruyne or Pelle to captain this GW? Nearly even in the voting. I have scored my biggest GW (102) this season by giving KDB the arm band which makes me want to give it to him again. Would kick myself if Pelle scored a hat trick though.

  2. 602

    hello all, voting for GW12 is here:

    To vote for our substitutes, please follow:

    To vote for captain, please see:

    See bellow for the squad. Cheers guys.

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