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Fantasy Premier League £500 Regulars League 2019/20

Fantasy Premier League £500 Regulars League 2019/20

Fantasy Premier League £500 Regulars League 2019/20

Hello everyone and welcome back to the FF247 Regulars League(s).

The purpose of this article is so that our Regulars League has a permanent home for reference points throughout the season such as cup draws and the like. It is permanently linked on our Hot Topics just above the latest comments.

As usual we will have a Regulars Classic League and we also have H2H leagues with promotion and relegation as well as a Regulars Cup starting in January.

We do have a main FF247 league and that is open to every man/woman and their dog. There is no autolink facility available from FPL yet but if you wish to join that one, for which there will also be a prize, the code is;

FF247 Main Site League – ikkny1 Which is almost kinky…

The Regulars League is a bit more selective. You have to be a member of FF247 and you have to post comments in the community here on a regular enough basis to be easily recognisable, and posting is monitored by the way.

Its not hard to join, e-mail me (Elle) at the address below and leave these details for me.
1- Your site user name.
2- Your real name.
3- Your team name from last season and new team name if it has changed. New members, just your team name.

These leagues are free to join but you do need to mail me. Deadline is midnight on the 6th August for the H2H leagues as I’ll need time to promote people if we have drop-outs. The Classic Regulars League can remain open for longer. Get mailing folks :-

All we ask is that if you enter the league please keep the league code to yourself and don’t share it with friends and family who don’t frequent the site. It’s a community only league and we would like to keep it that way.

Thanks for reading Fantasy Premier League £500 Regulars League 2019/20. This article was written by Ellefcee


For those who want their own tracker to play with, just make a copy using the link below (GW’s 1-19)


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  1. 73

    This is my team, any suggestions?

    Click on image to enlarge:

  2. 74

    Three Watford players catches my eye immediately.

    Maybe swap one of those out. Pereyra to Redmond (Southampton) or Perez/Barnes (both Leicester)?

    You could get rid of McCarthy to a 4.0 GK as you will usually use Ederson all the time anyway.

  3. 75
    bees393 says:

    I like this team (for now lol)…but heaven help me if I want to get a premium forward.
    What do you think?

    Click on image to enlarge:

    • 75.1
      bees393 says:

      Bench… 0ib

      Click on image to enlarge:

      • Yeah that’s going to be difficult to get a big striker in if you need one. I’d start with one tbh.

        Love the midfield though.

        I’m steering clear if the City LB area to begin with. Too much uncertainty I think. Laporte I would go for if you’re sticking with double City defence.

        • Zed Leppelin says:

          And in what kind of a situation does one “need” a big striker? I’m just curious as it’s a pick between, say, Sterling and Aguero, think Sterling will be the better player to have this season, also prefer Sterling to all of the other big forwards as well, at least from the start with the knowledge we have now. Aguero is getting older, Sterling is getting to his best years. I don’t think one needs a big forward when the choice is to have another big mid…

        • Put simply, red-hot form Zed.

          Some times you just need a player especially if his price begins to rocket.

        • Zed Leppelin says:

          I see your point, but if you have 2 FTs it’s just a one week swap, no one’s price is gonna soar too high in a few weeks, especially the big hitters who are expensive, the cheap players rise fastest I think, nothing too difficult imo, not difficult enough to be the sole reason to start the season with a big forward imo…

        • Agree. There’s more than one way to play.

          That’s not the sole reason I’m lining up Aguero and Kane. I’m going with them because they are worth their price in my opinion.

        • Zed Leppelin says:

          Yeah, there are many ways of playing the game! Now that’s a good reason to start with them, if you think Aguero is better than Sterling then go with Kun, but it’s not very sensible imo to go with Kun just to have a big-hitter upfront if one thinks Sterling is better

      • bees393 says:

        Thanks guys. Really appreciate your comments. Exciting times ahead.

    • 75.2
      mkencon says:

      Zinchenko is a big risk, especially since you have no bench

  4. 76
    lamderek says:

    sanchez got subbed off early for chile today with hamstring injury! was hoping he could show some form during pre season!

  5. 77
    bees393 says:

    Congrats to US Women…they played a fantastic game to win the WC. Dutch hardly had time to breathe in first half.

  6. 78
    Izzydeen says:

    Tips for a better point accumulation for Epl fantasy league:

    1) focus on left back eg. Mendy, Digne,Holebas, El mohamady, Emerson.
    2) with the introduction of VAR a lot of penalties will be awarded, hence focus club penalties takers e.g Saleh, Aguero, Willian, king, vardy, kane,Jiménez,Milivojevic,Pogba etc.
    3) having Pickford in your squad is a must
    4) avoid Robertson and rather focus or Arnold
    5) avoid early squad selections as Pre-season injuries might happen to any.
    6) Everton have a kind first ten fixtures

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