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Fantasy Premier League £500 Regulars League 2019/20

Fantasy Premier League £500 Regulars League 2019/20

Fantasy Premier League £500 Regulars League 2019/20

Hello everyone and welcome back to the FF247 Regulars League(s).

The purpose of this article is so that our Regulars League has a permanent home for reference points throughout the season such as cup draws and the like. It is permanently linked on our Hot Topics just above the latest comments.

As usual we will have a Regulars Classic League and we also have H2H leagues with promotion and relegation as well as a Regulars Cup starting in January.

We do have a main FF247 league and that is open to every man/woman and their dog. There is no autolink facility available from FPL yet but if you wish to join that one, for which there will also be a prize, the code is;

FF247 Main Site League – ikkny1 Which is almost kinky…

The Regulars League is a bit more selective. You have to be a member of FF247 and you have to post comments in the community here on a regular enough basis to be easily recognisable, and posting is monitored by the way.

Its not hard to join, e-mail me (Elle) at the address below and leave these details for me.
1- Your site user name.
2- Your real name.
3- Your team name from last season and new team name if it has changed. New members, just your team name.

These leagues are free to join but you do need to mail me. Deadline is midnight on the 6th August for the H2H leagues as I’ll need time to promote people if we have drop-outs. The Classic Regulars League can remain open for longer. Get mailing folks :-

All we ask is that if you enter the league please keep the league code to yourself and don’t share it with friends and family who don’t frequent the site. It’s a community only league and we would like to keep it that way.

Thanks for reading Fantasy Premier League £500 Regulars League 2019/20. This article was written by Ellefcee


For those who want their own tracker to play with, just make a copy using the link below (GW’s 1-19)


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  1. 79
    The Padster says:

    With VAR a lot of penalties will not be given also! Izzydeen would be interesting if you linked your FPL id with your name! 😉

  2. 80
    ohyesali says:

    A massive welcome back to everyone and all the fantastic FF247 crew. Really looking forward to the upcoming season and the great articles on FF247. Despite coming 2nd in my ML last season I was extremely disappointed with an OR of 409681. This season my main focus will be on my cash MLs, but I really want to break 100K OR. At the end of last season I said I was going to leave my team until a week prior to 1st match, but it’s just too tempting and I’m raring to go so much I’ve decided to get a team together at this early stage. In doing so I’ve come across a number of thoughts and questions and thought who better to share them with than here n FF247. Also, I’d like to link my team to my profile, but i seem to have forgotten how . . .

    Sorry in advance if it gets lengthy smile

    1.It’s the same old Keeper issue every year. Set and forget or rotate? I usually go for set and forget and think this year will not change. I was looking at the Ryan + Button idea for 8.5, but the fact that Brigh kept only 6 CSs all season scared me. I’ve gone for Pickford ‘cos despite the abuse he gets, he’s a pretty good keeper and Eve’s early fixtures are too good to pass up some def coverage. Digne is an option I thought about here but Pickford seems to be the obvious 5.5 keeper based on fixtures alone and dont want double Eve def.

    2.TAA vs Robertson? While i like the idea of getting both, I’m an advocate of not having 2 playing defenders from the same team. Plus I feel this limits Liverpool’s attacking options. I’m currently leaning towards TAA simply for his FK and corner duties on some occasions.

    3.A ManC defender is a must, but which one? I’ve not got a clue here. I’m sitting on Mendy now, but and I guess we’ll know more through pre-season. Any thoughts on Kyle Walker? I understand not as many attacking returns, but could he be a more nailed starter?

    4.To Salah or not to Salah? Again I think this is a Q that is asked every year. Is the most expensive player in the game worth the huge outlay? With Egypt getting knocked out of AFCON early I’m expecting Salah to be ready and raring for the new season (well hoping 😉 YNWA), fixtures are just too good to miss and if he explodes and you dont have him you’re behind from GW1. Therefore, he’s 1st name on my team sheet and will be the go to captain choice.

    5.Kane’s price is great. I feel that, as with last year at this stage, there is very little that jumps out up top and even less value for money, but Kane got over his Aug issues last year and I see Spurs as being the only “real” threat to City and Pool this year so he’ll need to be scoring. Plus he’s had a good break and should be raring for season start.

    6.Other options up front? I really am quite stuck here. I am actually thinking of Origi . . . I know, I know . . . im just thinking out loud here. He could be a great punt for the early fixtures. Thoughts? Also, King or Wilson? I tipped King early last season and he didnt really come through. I like Wilson, but both Giroud and Benteke are cheaper. I guessing Giroud is going to be a starter so have gone for him (Anyone know any info?)

    7.City attacking options . . . Is it just me or has everyone forgotten KDB? I feel KDB is one of the best players in the league and feel 9.5 for him is an absolute steal considering the prices of other options in his bracket. Don’t get me wrong, i’d love Sterling, but am priced out. While Bilva or Sane are obvious other options, I feel KDB will outscore and it’s an easy side swap to either player if they hit form or KDB is injured again. Kun is fantastic, but I’ve got a feeling he’ll see even fewer minutes this season as Pep brings Jesus in full time and 12m just seems too much.

    8.What about Kante? Lampard has said that Kante is going to be the linchpin behind his squad. I understand that he’s not gonna get too many assists/goals but 5m for a guaranteed starter in a top 6 team that’s going to get CSs and MoTMs screams bring me in.

    So going on the above I’ve put together the core component of what I think my team will look like. Although I’m sure it’ll change massively over the next few days, let alone the next 4 weeks smile

    Would love to hear any thoughts or comments.

    Click on image to enlarge:

    • 80.1
      ohyesali says:

      ohh, leaves me 32.5 itb

    • 80.2
      lamderek says:

      City have just bought a new LB, so not sure if mendy is as nailed on (even when fit). will definitely have to watch pre season for that. Origi could be a great punt, think klopp has already said firmino will be getting a few weeks off after the copa america tourn, and will need Origi for the first few weeks. He did score some great goals at the end of the season.

    • 80.3
      Zed Leppelin says:

      1) Don’t think Pickford is worth it, it’s either Ederson or a 4.5m for me, Ederson is only 0.5m more expensive than Pickford yet he will get loads more point throughout the season, but I think if you can find the correct 4.5 goalie then that’s the best way, question is do you wanna gamble with it…

      2) A flip of a coin

      3) Mendy if you think he’ll be a starter (if preseason gives us any clues on that), otherwise Laporte for me

      4) Think Salah was worth it last season at 13m, now he’s 0.5m cheaper, he’s nailed in my team!

      5) Yeah Kane is a good pick, as are Aguero, Auba, and Sterling, Salah too, pick your favorite 10m+ player and move along!

      6) I think there’s some value in the cheap strikers this season, King/Jota/Deulofeu are the ones I’m looking at at the moment, Ings could be interesting too as could Pukki but you gotta play the fixtures here! Origi would be a great punt for the start if Firmino is confirmed out. Giroud would be interesting too but by no means is he a nailed starter as of now, we just don’t know yet, wait and see!

      7) Sterling is my man, but I fed KDB could really be gold this season. Having said that I have started the two previous seasons with KDB and it really hasn’t worked out! Bilva should be quite interesting as well at 8.0m! When it comes to Kun vs Sterling it’s easy Sterling for me, Kun is getting older while Sterling is coming to his best years!!!

      8) No way, Kante is deadwood, would be a good 4.5m for the bench but at 5m he’s just useless, you don’t wanna play him as you don’t get enough points, rather have a 6.5m mid instead, and you don’t wanna have a 5m player to bench in your squad! If you have Kante in your team, revise your team structure!! smile

      • ohyesali says:

        Hey Zed, hows the team coming?

        Im trying to find a way to get KDB + Bilva into the squad atm. Sterling + 5.5m mid vs KDB + Bilva.

        Pukki is on my to watch list. 29 goals last season. But 6.5 seems a little dear, with King and Benteke same price or lower. Im seriously considering Little Pea (Chicarito). With Arne gone to CSL he’s gotta be starting right? and they have fairly Ok fixtures GW2-GW5 and he’s only 6m.

        • Zed Leppelin says:

          Yeah the pea could be a punt, I have no idea about hammers though, or whether he’d be the main striker now

        • Kralin says:

          West Ham and Everton are currently good cheap routes into strikers. I daresay this will not stay the same (I’d had a notion Costa was linked with Everton, not Wolves, but what do I know).

    • 80.4
      Kralin says:

      1) I’m on the B&HA duo myself (moved away from Button for some stupid internal reason but then saw sense). Also thinking Burnley maybe or Ederson, with Pickford a vague possibility.
      2) Why not both? Go for it, you won’t regret it.
      3) See Ederson above. I’ve started to fret about the certainty of starts for the likes of Mendy et al so am thinking Laporte, maybe.
      4) To Salah
      5) Like others on here I’m starting to drift towards Sterling instead of Kane (and KdB). But haven’t made my mind up.
      6) King v Wilson is a debate I’m having. I also fancy a Bournemouth midfielder.
      7) KdB has had loads of love, so it’s not just you (honestly).
      8 I’m avoiding Chelsea to start with but as you know, defensive mids don’t add much to your side. I think I’d prefer Dendoncker if I were to go down that route (I was talked round to the merits of Dendoncker the other day)

      It’s a piece of piss to link your side.

      • ohyesali says:

        Hey Kralin,

        can you explain the Dendoncker choice to me? I have to play ignorance here and say i know nothing about him. With 1500 mins play, 48 points and 2 goals I just dont see where the merits are.

        • Zed Leppelin says:

          The merit is he’s 4.5m I suppose smile

        • Kralin says:

          Arguably comes top in the tough bench-fodder battle of 4.5m mids. Has attacking chops. I’m not considering him as a starter. Wolves’ fixtures are rotten for a start.

          Traditionally I’ve gone for Stephens in that understated yet critical role (and traditionally I may still go back to Stephens/Romeu or someone like Hayden). Who are you thinking about? Sadly Camarasa is no longer treading the beat.

          Make sure to give us regular updates as you battle to square the circle.

  3. 81
    The Padster says:

    Youri Tielemans back in the game at a reasonable 6.5 ,i might have a bit of that 😉

    • 81.1
      Kralin says:

      I’ve been thinking about Vardy as a Kane replacement, but haven’t been able to persuade myself. (Not that I have been trying overly hard to persuade or dissuade myself about anything fantasy related – the side suddenly just gathers itself, doesn’t it, as the deadline approaches.)

      Anyway, I think for now – this evening, maybe this resolution will last until August – I’m going to park Leicester players – see how they get on, how they play, etc. Their fixtures aren’t great. Certainly a side to watch, however (I’m grouping them with Man U, Chelsea and Arsenal – Spurs too, maybe).

      I quite like the look of Bournemouth’s opening couple of games, Everton’s fixtures more long-range and Liverpool and Man City to provide the muscle. And, ahem, Ryan. But of course at this stage it’s all a movable feast.

    • 81.2
      Zed Leppelin says:

      I am interested in Lei too, they are starting to have a great squad, however isn’t Perez at the same price a better option?

  4. 82
    Elleffcee says:

    At the moment there are 8 H2H leagues and they are all full. Any new members from now on are welcome to join the Classic league but will have to be added to a list of reserves, ( in order of mailing me) for the H2H leagues. There will be drop outs from last season and people will be moved up to said empty places and new members from the list added to the bottom league.

  5. 83

    If you apply for a code for the Regulars League please don’t go passing it around or indeed entering multiple teams with it. Let’s stick to the integrity of what it is please. Point of the league is that we play against people we ‘know’ and keep it in-house.

    Unrecognisable / errant teams won’t be eligible for any prizes as all are vetted. We’ve kicked one out today already. Anyone found to be doing any of the above will also have their team booted out.

  6. 84

    I see you two are still doing your bad cop bad cop thing. smile

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