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Fanteam announces record-breaking €500,000 Fantasy Event – SCOFF 2020

Fanteam announces record-breaking €500,000 Fantasy Event – SCOFF 2020

Fanteam announces record-breaking €500,000 Fantasy Event – SCOFF 2020

Our valued partner Fanteam is doing the unbelievable! They are launching a Fantasy Football Event, which has a total guarantee of €500,000. This is by far the biggest Premier League contest in the history of Daily Fantasy Sports! The event is called SCOFF – Spring Championship of Fantasy Football and covers the last Premier League gameweeks.

Why we are telling you this now then? Because you can already start to register for it; for the entry fee of €1. Yes, this is right, you are given the chance to turn €1 into €150,000 by playing Fantasy Football. Take some years off from work, buy a Lamborghini, or just use it as a deposit for your house; all sorts of things are possible with this win!

It’s also possible to safe a seat via a direct buy-in for 1.100€. However, for those that are great fantasy-minds, registering via a satellite can save you some bucks. These satellites are already live in the FanTeam lobby and we will explain them more detailed further below.

The SCOFF final then will consist of the gameweeks 37 & 38 of Premier League in daily fantasy style where the points from round 2 are added to round 1 for the final score. The two final rounds are independent, so you will be able to create a brand-new team in round two without getting any penalties – this is the real DFS experience. The final starts on the 9th of May. However, places are limited, so we recommend you to start qualifying as soon as possible!

Pay-out table for SCOFF 2020

These are the pay-outs, based on a prize pool of €500,000. The pool can obviously never be smaller than this, but it can very much become bigger, in which case the extra money will be added to the prizes.

In the tournament lobby, you will find satellites for the SCOFF every day. They already started, so make sure to check them out right away! There will be different buy-in levels and different sports to qualify for the final! We have step 1, step 2 and direct qualifiers. You can qualify for SCOFF 2020 for as little as 1€!

Now get in there and don’t miss the chance of having a shot at winning a life changing prize playing Fantasy Football!

For unregistered users: Even if you are not familiar with Fanteam, or DFS in general, you should check out their website and give it a look. Thanks to our partnership with Fanteam, you get a 2€ free Ticket (for a €6.500 prizepool) to try the platform out for free. They also offer freerolls for beginners, so there is no need to deposit money before you can get to know the game. So sign up now and make use of our great deal.

We are giving away 5 free entries, worth €20 each, to FanTeam’s GW24 midweek game which has a prize pool of €50k. To enter all you need to do is post your FANTEAM username in the comments section below. There will be a draw made at 11pm on Monday night and the winners will be announced accordingly.

Thanks for reading Fanteam announces record-breaking €500,000 Fantasy Event – SCOFF 2020. This article was written by FanTeam

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