Fantasy Football Ramblings

Fantasy Football Ramblings part 2

Fantasy Football Ramblings part 2 Welcome to Fantasy Football Ramblings part 2. Yeah, I am back, quantity over quality I say. While most FPL nuts really hate the off-season, I kinda like it. Hypothetically so many changes from day to day, even if nothing actually happens with the actual teams. I love to see the rumours fly and the fans get excited, just to feel like Wenger’s kids at Christmas when they get nothing. Unfortunately my happiness is occasionally muted by them teams who don’t just pretend to compete for top signings but go out and get them. Of course, there is always the third option, which was just invented in the last week. Compete for a top signing and then apologise. Eh???? Sometimes being the founder of the “You get nothing and you best apologise” me...Read More

Fantasy Football Ramblings part 1

Fantasy Football Ramblings part 1 Welcome to Fantasy Football Ramblings part 1. There is one thing that you can always count on from FF247, when there is a clown needed to pass the time, they send me out. They usually only let me out of the dungeon during International breaks for Bore Off articles, but seeing that this off-season is kinda depressing compared to the last couple of years, I have been called on early. Hopefully I can distract you a bit through the upcoming weeks while FPL kicks off or simply finish you off if boredom was about to kill you anyway, I am fine with either outcome. This transfer window is sure to be one of the most exciting ever, as even cash strapped (there are none) teams will look to purchase players. However if rumours of early transfer fees are any indication...Read More

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