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Promoted teams analysis: Sheffield United

Promoted teams analysis: Sheffield United Welcome to the second instalment of our Promoted Teams Analysis. In this one we look at Sheffield United. You might be wondering how I got this gig. It would be perfectly reasonable to presume that a Southerner devised the rota and decided that, as a Northerner, I know everything about the north of England. It is true, everyone in the North knows everyone. It would also be perfectly reasonable to presume that I was stupid enough to tell everyone that I had selected Sheffield United as my ‘favourite team’ on the FPL website. Unfortunately, this one is true. A rush of blood; a shift of allegiance from West Yorkshire to South Yorkshire. Goodbye Huddersfield, hello Sheffield United. Undeterred by my lack of knowledge about my new team (when has that ev...[Read More]

Fantasy Premier League Set Piece Takers 2019-20

Fantasy Premier League Set Piece Takers 2019-20 Welcome to Fantasy Premier League Set Piece Takers 2019-20. Please find below the FF247 Set Piece Takers List for 2019-20. This list is a guide that we hope will help you select players that have the potential to bring in goals and crucial assist points. The table is based on information gathered from last season’s games, Opta stats, pre-season friendlies and FF247 community input. The article itself is archived under the tab at the top of the page entitled ‘SET-PIECE TAKERS’ so you can refer back to it at any time, as are many of our other articles and helpful tools such as Fixture Tracker and Weekly Tips. Please be aware that this list is subject to change due to player injuries, drop in form, suspensions, manager whims, etc. Th...[Read More]

Promoted Teams Analysis: Norwich

Promoted Teams Analysis: Norwich Looking at Norwich as Fantasy Prospects for the New Season Norwich City’s promotion to the Premier League almost felt destined to happen as the later weeks of the Championship season came by. The Canaries only lost six fixtures last season and won the most games with 27 victories in the second-tier. They will be a welcome addition to the Premier League next season, and there will be anticipation to see some of their star performers and how they can transition to life in the top flight. Many will be aware of the qualities that the Canaries have but will also be well aware that they will naturally also be among the favourites to be relegated. However, there is no doubting that they are a proven Championship team, and it will be fascinating to see how they adj...[Read More]

Pre-season Hub 2019/20 FPL season

Pre-season Hub 2019/20 FPL season Hello and welcome to the Pre-Season Hub 2019/20 season. A new season of FPL action is ahead and as some of you may now have become accustomed to FF247 will run an article detailing all relevant pre-season news focusing specifically on the team line-ups, goal scorers and assisters. This is the article and here’s how it works; This article is a living document which we update daily during pre-season. The intention is to offer a one-stop-shop for all fantasy relevant pieces of information as we begin to assemble our new squads over the coming weeks and months. I intend to personally update this as we go but as always, I’m not precious about it and your help is appreciated in copy/pasting all relevant and salient pieces of information against each team’s comme...[Read More]

Fantasy Premier League £500 Regulars League 2019/20

Fantasy Premier League £500 Regulars League 2019/20 Hello everyone and welcome back to the FF247 Regulars League(s). The purpose of this article is so that our Regulars League has a permanent home for reference points throughout the season such as cup draws and the like. It is permanently linked on our Hot Topics just above the latest comments. As usual we will have a Regulars Classic League and we also have H2H leagues with promotion and relegation as well as a Regulars Cup starting in January. We do have a main FF247 league and that is open to every man/woman and their dog. There is no autolink facility available from FPL yet but if you wish to join that one, for which there will also be a prize, the code is; FF247 Main Site League – ikkny1 Which is almost kinky… The Regulars...[Read More]

Fantasy Football Fixture Tracker FPL 2019/20

Fantasy Football Fixture Tracker FPL 2019/20 Welcome to our FPL Fixture Tracker for the 2019/20 FPL season. And so it begins… It’s baby steps at this stage as we don’t know any player prices or indeed have a game to play yet but the Premier League released their fixture schedule earlier today and so we have started the ball rolling by creating our first Fixture Tracker of the season. What is it?! Regular users will be familiar with the simple and easy to use layout of our FPL Fixture Tracker. For anyone new to it, it simply does what it says on the tin; it’s a straight forward and easy to follow guide as to what fixtures lay ahead for each and every team. There are vastly more complicated versions of this available in other spheres (mainly on twitter!), some of whic...[Read More]

Fantasy Football Interview; A league winner on a mission…

Fantasy Football Interview; A league winner on a mission… When one focuses on the country of Norway, they immediately may think of the beautiful fjords, or maybe the Midnight Sun, Christmas trees, trolls or Ole Gunnar Solskjaer. The more aged of us may recall ‘Maggie Thatcher, your boys have taken a hell of a beating’ while millenials may be more familiar with trade deals with the EU. But if I said ‘Fantasy Football’ your immediate thought would probably not be Norway. However, it was one Norwegian who lit up our Regulars League this season, winning the coveted title by 34 points. In fact one look at his season stats and the list of accomplishments are almost as impressive as a Messi or Ronaldo résumé. I am of course talking about Fabian von Harling, but you will know him as ThePeleO...[Read More]

EPL Transfer News: ‘This is the last one’ David Silva confirms Manchester City exit

David Silva is among the top footballers in the world. The 33 year old Spaniard has played for Manchester City for 10 years. He left Valencia for the English club in 2010. However, he recently revealed that he will leave the current EPL champions once the 2019/2020 Premier League season ends. Amateur punters who placed stakes in Betway on whether David will score in certain matches won huge payouts. In this post, we discuss David Silva's Manchester City exit. David Silva's Career at Manchester City David made over 395 appearances for Manchester City since 2010. He has won several titles with the club including two FA Cups, four EFL Cup trophies and four EPL titles. Nevertheless, he has missed a considerable number of games due to injuries. He played a critical role as a midfielder ...[Read More]

EPL Top 4 Champions League Race

EPL Top 4 Champions League Race Soccer is a popular sport globally. Different tournaments such as the UEFA Champions League attract thousands of spectators. Usually, the top European clubs compete in the annual Champions League tournament. The 2018/2019 English Premier League (EPL) season had stiff competition. Many soccer fans placed stakes on Betway for their favorite teams. Arsenal, Chelsea, Manchester United, and Tottenham were all determined to secure a spot in this year’s Champions League. In this post, we discuss the EPL top four Champions League race. Tottenham Tottenham had garnered a total of 70 points by the end of last February. However, they lost to Chelsea and Burnley. The EPL team drew with Chelsea a few days later thus losing an edge over their closest rivals. Tottenh...[Read More]

FF247 Fantasy Football Site Team; The Season Wrap Up

FF247 Fantasy Football Site Team; The Season Wrap Up Welcome to FF247 Fantasy Football Site Team; The Season Wrap Up. GW39…. What’s the opposite of teambuilding? We’ve all been there; be it at school, at Cub Scouts, at work or as part of a sports team. Some bright spark decides it’s raft building day in the naive hope that this somehow will strengthen bonds and ties and bring you all together into some sort of seamless unbeatable unit. Cue 11am on the edge of a freezing river and there are two distinct schools of thought already at play. The alpha males are out in force with their lofty ideas, staring one another down whilst some others stand back shrugging their cold shoulders with indifference and some others are cowering under the trees hoping nobody notices that...[Read More]

Harry and Lloyd’s 2018/19 Season Wrap Up and European Final Predictions

Harry and Lloyd’s 2018/19 Season Wrap Up and European Final Predictions Welcome to Harry and Lloyd’s 2018/19 Season Wrap Up and European Final Predictions. Well this past weekend finally saw the culmination to what has been a truly amazing title race as Liverpool’s 2-0 win was not enough to overtake City as they thumped four past Brighton in a 4-1 win which then saw Chris Houghton sacked for reasons beyond the sane person. I’m sure we will all join in congrats to City’s three fans While all eyes were on the two best teams in the North of England, the neighbours had a mixed bag with Everton getting a decent draw against Spurs and United losing 2-0 to Cardiff… 2-0… to a relegated team… have the wheels fallen off yet? There was a very tasty look...[Read More]

Fantasy Football Diary – GW’s 35 – 38

Fantasy Football Diary – GW’s 35 – 38. Welcome to Cookie’s Fantasy Football Diary. We made it! Congrats to you all for your FPL season and thank you for taking this trip with me. We of course began this journey in Monaco last August and have experienced so much since. The final four weeks of an FPL season should never be dull and so it proved. The final diary episode features birthday party flirting, Duffygate, a DGW, batting, batting for the opposition, an inspiring captain choice, back seat drunken fumbling, a final week Bench Boost, captain failure and a goodbye appearance from Fritzl and Lady Gin. Game-week 35 The plan was to Bench Boost this week but Deeney’s suspension means I would have to either play both Dunk & Duffy away to Wolves & Spurs or take a hit t...[Read More]

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