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Grab, Avoid or Bore Off! GW32; A Glass Half Full…

Grab, Avoid or Bore Off! – Fantasy Premier League 2018-19 Usually when we ask our writing team to come forth for an International Break GABO we see tumbleweeds in abundance, and little sign of actual writers. This time however, for whatever reason, they were literally scrambling over each other to get involved. So much so that we have no less than two episodes of GABO to bring you in the break this time. We’ve decided to split them based upon perceived personality traits; Glass Half Full & Glass Half Empty. We say perceived personality traits… it was actually based solely on their original answers on WhatsApp to our request for entrants. Funnily enough, it was unerringly accurate. First up then we have AT, Swirly and Rosco. AT and Swirly’s answers were very simi...[Read More]

Fantasy Footballl Diary – GW’s 27 – 31

Fantasy Football Diary – GW’s 27 – 31. Welcome to Fantasy Football Diary. It’s been a fun, frantic and frustrating (at times) few weeks since we last met. It’s all gone on – a new job, new house, new issues for the mrs to moan about and of course we’re reaching the business end of our FPL season. Let’s get to it…. Game-week 27 I have no idea what to do with my team. Kun, Digne & Hazard will all sit out GW27 while Wan-Bissaka has done his hammy. I should be better prepared in my head for the last crucial weeks of the season, but my head is not focused at all on FPL. We have got the keys to the new house and I was so excited, relieved, elated as I drove back to the in-laws. At last we are to be free of Lady Gin & Lord ****. And then the Mrs (again) compl...[Read More]

Fantasy Football Live Match Chat Gameweek 31

Fantasy Football Live Match Chat Gameweek 31 Welcome to Fantasy Football Live Match Chat Gameweek 31. Or what there is of it anyway. We can but bring you 5 fixtures this week, and three of them are at 3pm on Saturday. Please try to contain your joy, excitement and enthusiasm when we tell you what they actually are… Bournemouth will be hoping that Stan & Ollie can continue their recently renewed double act against Newcastle. Burnley will be desperate for a win against Brendan’s new lot to stave off any relegation fears, Vardy may have something to say about that though. And Pellegrini will be looking to recall a few from the beach. We say a few…. Sunday is slightly less inconsequential with Liverpool looking to go top of the league and to put the pressure back on Pep ...[Read More]

Fantasy Football Team News and Predicted Line-ups GW31

FPL Team News and Predicted Line-ups Gameweek 31 Welcome to Fantasy Football Team News and Predicted Line-ups… Make sure to check all the Team News before the deadline and all twenty predicted line-ups. Best of luck this week and may your ranking reflect the effort you put in. Arsenal Lacazette IwobiRamseyMkhitaryan XhakaGuendouzi KolasinacKoscielnySokratisMustafi Leno HOME – Newcastle Monday 1st April 20:00 Last Updated: Tuesday 12th March 2019 Blank Gameweek. Current form: LWWWDW Bournemouth WilsonKing FraserSurmanLermaBrooks DanielsAkeMephamClyne Boruc HOME – Newcastle Saturday 16th March 15:00 Last Updated: Friday 15th March 2019 Eddie Howe was surprisingly open about his team’s injuries today, having said that, he could have just been lying, it’s what he does. ...[Read More]

FF247 Fantasy Football Site Team GW31

FF247 Fantasy Football Site Team GW31 The bare necessities… A relatively successful week, but one that somehow felt it should have been so much more… Our decision to captain Salah over Vardy cost us 11 valuable points, but we are at least grateful that we brought the latter in at all after his 16 point haul. Our score of 56 was alright – it was better than the average of 48 and saw us achieve the smallest of green arrows, for the second week in a row, to rest at 29, 423rd. However, its a win and we’ll always take a win. When it is stripped down, 48 of the 56 points came from just five of the players, with new recruit Vardy leading the party, while Hazard & Jimenez topped up our score late on with a goal apiece. Our 5-a-side team was made up of assisters Digne and Cap...[Read More]

Fantasy Football Tips Gameweek 31

Fantasy Football Tips Gameweek 31 Welcome to Fantasy Football Tips Gameweek 31. Into the business end of the season we go and this round is very much the famine before the feast, with what is widely thought to be two double gameweeks on the horizon – 32 and, most likely, 35 – with the shortened Gameweek 33 stuck in the middle, presenting great opportunities for the chips you have left. Various predictions are currently flying around for rescheduled fixtures, however we won’t know for certain until after next weekend, once the FA Cup quarter final ties have been played. It does, however, look like similar teams will miss out on playing both this week and then again two weeks later, so this article will focus on the players that are good for both, as things currently stand. Many FPL managers...[Read More]

Fantasy Football Captain Picks Gameweek 31

Fantasy Football Captain Picks Gameweek 31 Welcome to Captain Picks Gameweek 31. Also known as BGW31 (that’s Blank Game-Week 31 to those not au fait with FPL acronyms). In last season’s equivalent to BGW31, weeks of planning and chip strategy became largely moot thanks to four goals from the dominant captain pick Mo Salah. Salah netted his owners 29 points – 58 if you captained him (and every man and his dog did). I distinctly remember one guy on Twitter who went into the game-week with just 4 players, the triple captain on Salah; yeah he did pretty well. Whilst Liverpool play away this season (last year it was Watford at home) the opposition (Fulham) are without doubt a whole lot worse than Watford, and that’s being kind. So, will it be a case of history repeating itself? Shou...[Read More]

Fantasy Football Fixture Analysis Gameweek 31

Fantasy Football Fixture Analysis Gameweek 31 Welcome to Fantasy Football Fixture Analysis Gameweek 31. Agreeing to write an article for Gameweek 31 is making me feel a little bit like the Birmingham City ‘fan’ who punched Jack Grealish on Sunday afternoon; a mug. As I set about planning for this article, two issues became clear early on: (1) we won’t even know the full set Gameweek 32 fixtures until after Gameweek 31 deadline, and (2) we won’t even know the full set of Gameweek 33 fixtures until after the Gameweek 31 deadline. Given that we usually look at the upcoming three gameweeks, those two issues make this article – for want of a better word – bullsh*t. Undeterred, I have tried to come up with a way of making this article useful despite its speculative foundation. As such, I have sp...[Read More]

Harry and Lloyd’s Predictions GW31

Harry and Lloyd’s Predictions GW31 Welcome to Harry and Lloyd’s Predictions GW31. Looking over some of the scorelines from GW30 it’s a surprise anyone scored any points. It started off in a strange fashion with an unlikely 1-2 victory for Brighton over Palace and it just got stranger from there on in. Newcastle came back from 0-2 down to claim an unexpected 3-2 victory, whilst down on the South Coast, Southampton claimed a surprise win over a Spurs side who look in serious danger of relinquishing their top-four status to rivals Arsenal. Sunday was much the same; whilst a Liverpool win was widely predicted few if any would have gone for 4-2. Wolves were just minutes away from a memorable victory at Stamford Bridge before Eden Hazard had his say, and in the final match of t...[Read More]

The MLS Fantasy Football Chat Room

The MLS Fantasy Football Chat Room Welcome to The MLS Fantasy Football Chat Room. This purpose of this page is to simply allow a space for any of our avid MLS players to natter away solely about MLS, uninterrupted by the usual FPL chatter. We shall not update this page weekly with any fresh information, it is down to the users to do so in the chat below if they so wish. This page will be linked to in our Hot Topics section which you can find above the Latest Comments on any page, so that you can always find it easily. If you require any further advice or want to check out some weekly articles we strongly recommend that you give our friends at MLS Fantasy Boss a visit by clicking here Thanks for reading The MLS Fantasy Football Chat Room. Follow @FantasyFooty247

Fantasy Football Live Match Chat Gameweek 30

Fantasy Football Live Match Chat Gameweek 30 Welcome to Fantasy Football Live Match Chat Gameweek 30. We are back with a full and normal game-week, at least in terms of one that begins on a Saturday and has no more or less than all 10 teams featuring in it, don’t get used to it though; it’s one of the few remaining ones that will. Palace and Brighton kick us off at Saturday lunchtime this week, with both pretending that one more win will see them safe. There are then five 3pm games; West Ham go to Cardiff with goals on their mind, as most teams do when visiting The Bluebirds these days, Bournemouth will do likewise at Huddersfield, Leicester will do likewise at home to Fulham and Spurs will do likewise away at Southampton. The outlier will probably be Newcastle and Everton. Sti...[Read More]

FF247 Fantasy Football Site Team GW30

FF247 Fantasy Football Site Team GW30 Paying the penalty… The upside to selecting penalty takers is obvious, the downside is a -2 if they ever miss one. To have one do so is bad luck, to have two doing so leaves you looking around for dead black cats in your rear view mirror. Twice. Pogba and Aubameyang combined for a -2 for us, not quite what you expect for a near combined £19m outlay and 20% of your FPL budget! The fact that we had 14 points sat on the bench doesn’t help matters but the rest pulled together to somehow get us 51 and a green arrow. Albeit a small one, we moved up about 6k to land in 30,118th position. Feels a bit like we are treading water but with all the chips to come we are still hopeful that we are well poised for a strong finish. Jimenez and Hazard were ou...[Read More]

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