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FPL Captain Picks Gameweek 10

FPL Captain Picks Gameweek 10 Welcome to FPL Captain Picks Gameweek 10 Chat Sh*t Get Banged And no we aren’t particularly referring to Mito using last week’s article simply as a platform to slate his fellow writers. Well ok, we are a bit, but the main point was that there will be an overwhelming favourite Captain this week. The clue is in the title. But before we get on to that let’s see how last week’s lot actually got on: Kop – DCL, 26 (captain points). The top score out of our picks. And we bet he was still unhappy with it! Smash – Bruno, 22 points. Looked like he had it in the bag until DCL came along. Mito – Ziyech, 6 points. We shall forgive him this one as it was a late pick and the obvious ones had already gone. Call it a punt. Or something...[Read More]

FPL Tips Gameweek 10

FPL Tips Gameweek 10 Welcome to FPL Tips Gameweek 10 In recent weeks we’ve had a ‘Stick/Twist/Bet-the-house’ system of Tips from Rosco (GW9), Kop revisiting the earlier youthful version of himself (GW8 but poking fun at him in GW1), superb Smash brilliantly debuting in GW7, James and a differential-angled list (GW6) and a Tiered System of Tips AND an FPL-themed pop song from Swirly in GW5. I’m sitting here thinking (sic Charlie Nicholas) what can I do and I gave up after a minute. I’ll tell you below who I’m tipping. Not that I am at all dismissive of my predecessor’s work – I loved them more than you – but you need to be big and clever to top those or even come close. And I might be big but I’m not that clever. I’ve been very self-aware in the past of how long my piece has been (steady on...[Read More]

Harry and Lloyd’s Fantasy Predictions GW10

Harry and Lloyd’s Fantasy Predictions GW10 Welcome to Harry and Lloyd’s Fantasy Predictions GW10. As the weeks progress the scores seem to continually revert to the mean. This week was no different. No team scored more than 3 goals and those crazy scorelines that will forever be synonymous with lockdown will soon be a thing of the past, much like Zoom calls, hand sanitizer and working in your kecks. I digress. The winner is our very own Kop, topping the table with a not so unlucky 13pts. Pushing him close this week are Mosc, Basic and Pjlill who all finished up on 12pts in second place. Sadly no one got FGS which wasn’t all that surprising really (Fernandez OG). As you’ll see below, after many requests we have the return of the league table. We’ve had a few is...[Read More]

FPL Fixtures Gameweek 10

FPL Fixtures Gameweek 10 I’ll be honest I was finding it easier to pick out teams with unfavourable fixtures, rather than favourable ones for this week’s article. Not sure if teams are so bad the fixtures are looking terrible to me or if I’m just morphing into Kop! I seem to be getting more pessimistic by the second this season so yeah… I’ll just say Kop’s influence has worn me down. Coming back from an international break where Ireland played another three games and still didn’t score, Salah decided kissing and hugging loads of people at a wedding in the middle of a pandemic was a good idea, and another load of players got injured. Do you really need to question why I’m becoming a pessimist yet? FIFA really need to have a rethink about these international games and why they are even going...[Read More]

Champions League Fantasy Football 2020/21

UEFA Champions League Fantasy Football 2020/21 Matchday 4 Hello everyone and welcome to UEFA Champions League Fantasy Football 2020/21. Matchday 4 is now upon us to provide another midweek rush, and no doubt more injuries and Covid cases to add to our FPL woes! All you need to know this week are the following two points but we have left the waffle on below about the rules and regs, just for reference and we’ve added in an update on the Top 10 in our Regs League and Mito has kindly updated the Fixture Tracker: 1. You have TWO free transfers this week 2. The deadline is 5.55pm (Tuesday 24th November). Which means that you will / can see the line-ups for all of Krasnodar, Sevilla, Rennes and Chelsea. As if that helps. The Game Itself and the FF247 League Codes You can access the game here ...[Read More]

Fantasy Football Live Match Chat Gameweek 9

Fantasy Football Live Match Chat Gameweek 9 Welcome to Fantasy Football Live Match Chat Gameweek 9. We are back from another International break and the gameweek kicks off with Toon hosting Chelsea in a lunchtime affair. That is followed by three more fixtures, all spread out of course, as is the new norm. Villa tangle with Brighton and after that we see Spurs take on City. The day comes to an end with Manchester United welcoming in West Brom. Sunday brings us four more games. The day starts with Fulham taking on Everton. The Blades then play host to The Hammers, which is followed by Bielsa’s pupils facing off against Arteta’s boys. Those were all the appetizers though as the best fixture was left for last with Liverpool’s U12’s (or whatever they have left fit) facing off...[Read More]

FF247 FPL Team GW9

FF247 FPL Team GW9 Welcome to FF247 FPL Team GW9 Rite of passage Remember GW8? Barely? Well hear us now as we take you back and display our feathers proudly. 67 points – 12 above the average – whilst good, is not exactly earth- shattering, but taken in the context of our previous two weeks where we were below average and taking hits (well one), then we’re content and ready to grasp the nettle and tackle the week ahead vigorously… …and more on that later. What seems like TEN Fridays ago, Southampton beat Newcastle United 2-0 and Alex McCarthy made it four clean sheets in six for our team. We still have the two Newcastle boys who posted just two points each. Elsewhere on the Friday Charlie Taylor (8) was the toast of FF247 towers with his two bonus points supplementing his clean ...[Read More]

FPL Captain Picks Gameweek 9

FPL Captain Picks Gameweek 9 Welcome to FPL Captain Picks Gameweek 9 Absolute carnage! And no we aren’t talking about last weeks picks, well ok maybe one of them but more about that later. The way things are going this week half of our candidates will be either injured or Covid positive by the time we come to publish this. Cracking idea to play International football right now, and hey let’s not just play the normal amount, let’s cram in even more games to see just how many players we can break… Anyway, we digress from ranting. How did last weeks panel get on? Not bad actually, on the whole. We say whole… Smash – Kane, 18 (captains points). It may not quite have been all that everyone was expecting, but a goal and 3 bonus points were enough to see Smash,...[Read More]

FPL Tips Gameweek 9

FPL Tips Gameweek 9 Welcome to FPL Tips Gameweek 9. When making transfers what type of FPL manager are you? Are you the type to punt on last week’s highest scorer and hope lightning strikes twice? Or more of a ‘Steady Eddie’ who favours consistency over explosiveness? Perhaps you forgo that which has passed entirely and instead gaze longingly into your crystal ball in faint hope you’ll unearth a hidden gem, gaining an advantage over your mate who’s usually rubbish at FPL but is somehow kicking the sh@t out of your mini-league aspirations this season. Well, my friends, you are in luck. This week I have a little bit of something for everyone. Keepers The points chaser Just 7pts separate the highest scoring and fifth-placed keepers, further reinforcing the long-held belief that switching out ...[Read More]

Harry and Lloyd’s Fantasy Predictions GW9

Harry and Lloyd’s Fantasy Predictions GW9 Welcome to Harry and Lloyd’s Fantasy Predictions GW9. Villa winning 0-3 at the Emirates, and Palace scoring 4 were the only real shockers in terms of results in GW8. Meanwhile, it’s been a lonnnnnnng international break, punctuated with made-up injuries and so many positive Covid tests that even a drive to Barnard Castle will likely not be enough this time. If only there were a way to reduce these Covid infections that result from footballers travelling thousands of miles around the world during a global pandemic. I digress. This weeks winner is Tornado with 13pts, pipping JamieMc, Coys and Perun by just a solitary point. A special mention to the roughly 50% of you who picked up 9 points this week, although I didn’t so IR...[Read More]

FPL Fixtures Gameweek 9

FPL Fixtures Gameweek 9 Half-term report Ok, so we aren’t even a quarter of the way through yet but in England they call it ‘half-term’ in October (albeit it is now November but who is keeping count anymore), and they do it again in February, go figure. So with that sort of clever math we are calling it that too. Rather than waffle on about a few select teams we have decided to have a quick (ish) one-liner (or two) about how we feel each term is progressing so far. And in the process we have ordered them into some sort of fashion in relation to their next three fixtures. FPL FIXTURE TRACKER But first up that all important Fixture Tracker itself… FIXTURE TRACKER LINK FIXTURE TRACKER 2020/21 Good Fixtures Aston Villa – Brighton (H), West Ham (A), Newcastle (H) V...[Read More]

Grab, Avoid or Bore Off! – Fantasy Premier League 2020-21

Grab, Avoid or Bore Off! – Fantasy Premier League 2020-21 International break time always means a Bore Off. I have gathered three of my esteemed colleagues and have asked them to answer some questions for us as best they can. Please welcome Loud Atlas who is making his debut on Bore Off. Joining him in this edition is old fart favourite Kop and the Scottish fantasy legend Gallant Pioneer. Without further ado, let us see what they had to say. Thanks for reading Grab, Avoid or Bore Off!. This article was written by Mito21. Follow @TheLegendMito21 VOTE ON THIS WEEK’S CAPTAIN POLL GW9 Loading… FPL FIXTURE TRACKER FIXTURE TRACKER LINK For those who want their own tracker to play with, just make a copy using the link below; FIXTURE TRACKER 2020/21 All prizes must be claimed within 30 days ...[Read More]

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