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Bundesliga Fantasy Football 2021/22

Bundesliga Fantasy Football 2020/21 GW1 DEADLINE FRIDAY 13th August 19:30PM With the Bundesliga also nearing a start we figured we give it a home again that way you Bundesliga managers have a home to discuss bad transfers and terrible captaincy choices. We won’t be posting a weekly article, but we will keep this article up and though it will disappear from the front of the site, just use the “Hot Topics” link on the right to find your way back to this chat. **We will do our best to post relevant tweets and links to pages that are helpful in fantasy on the chat below so you all have the best possible help. Then there is always Mito to answer any questions you might have, just make sure to make them easy as hard ones will be ignored. Where to join > Fantasy Bundesliga Si...[Read More]


The Scotch Corner – Scottish Premiership Fantasy Football 2021/22 The Scotch Corner – Scottish Premiership Fantasy Football 2021/22 Welcome to your pre-season article for the forthcoming 2021/22 season – the second season of the fantasy game covering the Scottish Premiership – and one where the makers of the game have boldly gone where no FPL-maker has ever dared go before (but more on this later). The basics of the forthcoming season then. Again the league will comprise 12 teams who play each other home and away (and home) before the league splits into two leagues of six after 33 matches. These two mini-leagues of six then play each other once more giving the total of 38 matches. Top half teams will be playing for the Championship, Runners-Up and European qualification positio...[Read More]

Euro 2020/21 Fantasy Football

Euro 2020/21 Fantasy Football Welcome to the FF247 hub for the Euro’s. As per our Champions League article this shall be the main place for the duration of the comp and will act more as a destination to gather and discuss it all, rather than being anything of particular fantasy use. What you need to know How to play? You have a couple of options here; Click here to join via a desktop or webpage. Alternatively you can simply update your UEFA Games App (the one you may have used for the CL) and it will show up as a dual purpose one with the Euros game on there. The Rules This game is exactly as per the CL one with in-game matchday-by-matchday substitutions and Capo changes available between each day. We expect most of our league members will be au-fait with these rules but if you are u...[Read More]

FF247 FPL Launch 2021/22

FF247 FPL Launch 2021/22 Are we back then? Sort of… We hope you are all enjoying the Euro’s and will continue to do so for a while longer yet. We haven’t rushed to re-launch FPL on here because we are conscious that the past two (?) seasons have been somewhat strange and hectic and we wanted everybody (the FF247 team & our readers) to have a good long break from it all to recharge those batteries and hopefully build up some enthusiasm for it all again. We are also aware that most people don’t exactly need pointing in the direction of the FPL site by now. The rules all look the same too and due to the Euro’s the transfer market has been a bit slow so there isn’t exactly a great deal to tell you about! As the Euro’s draw to a close though we kno...[Read More]

Fantasy Premier League Set-Piece Takers 2021-22

Fantasy Premier League Set-Piece Takers 2021-22 Welcome to Fantasy Premier League Set-Piece Takers 2021-22. Please find below the FF247 Set Piece Takers List for 2021-22. This list is a guide that we hope will help you select players that have the potential to bring in goals and crucial assist points. The table is based on information gathered from last season’s games, Opta stats, pre-season friendlies and FF247 community input. The article itself is archived under the tab at the top of the page entitled ‘SET-PIECE TAKERS’ so you can refer back to it at any time, as are many of our other articles and helpful tools such as Fixture Tracker and Weekly Tips. Please be aware that this list is subject to change due to player injuries, drop in form, suspensions, manager whims, etc. Th...[Read More]

Champions League Fantasy Football 2020/21

UEFA Champions League Fantasy Football 2020/21 The Final 124 games later and we are nearly there, and yet it still all to play for. 124 games means 2,728 starting players to choose from and yet our Regulars League is still on a knife edge. 11 points separate the top 4. In fact it’s still less than 20 points going down to 6th. Although the latter may be a stretch unless someone goes balls out on differential picks and gets lucky with some left-field goalscorers / Capo pick. What you need to know this week is fairly simple; The Final – Rules DEADLINE IS SATURDAY @ 8PM UK TIME You now get an additional FIVE free transfers to use before then. You can now pick EIGHT players from any one team, (aka 8 Man City and 3 Chelsea!). To be sure you are on the right track in this week’s...[Read More]

A Guide To Online Gambling

A Guide To Online Gambling How to gamble online a beginners guide Online gambling was on the rise before the pandemic, however, lockdowns across the globe have shut down many casinos and betting shops. This shut down has pushed many physical gamblers online and these services are now more popular than it has ever been. Today we are going to share with you a beginner’s guide to gambling online. The two main forms of online gambling are online casinos and online betting. Both have their benefits and negatives – let’s take a closer look at them. Casinos or Betting If you are looking to start gambling online then there are two main areas you should look into – online casinos and online betting. For those of you who are looking for a thrill then you might be interested i...[Read More]

Who could be the unlikely heroes we’ll all be talking about after Euro 2020 is finished?

Who could be the unlikely heroes we’ll all be talking about after Euro 2020 is finished? Major tournaments provide the opportunity for stars to be born, and sometimes they come from the most unlikely quarters. When Euro 2020 is put to bed, it will be remembered as the tournament in which Ronaldo broke yet another record, and doubtless other footballing megastars will write their names into the history books. But in three weeks of football, there are many stories to be told. Here are some players who might not have been familiar before the tournament started but who will be forever associated with their Euro 2020 heroics and are well worth remembering for your fantasy teams over the coming years. Lukáš Hrádeckýevery Nobody was more surprised than the Finns when their national team qua...[Read More]

4 Tips To Succeed In Fantasy Football For The 2020-21 Euro Knockout Stages

4 Tips To Succeed In Fantasy Football For The 2020-21 Euro Knockout Stages The 2020/21 Euro tournament is well under way and with some teams already starting to leap out as clear favorites to go for it all, there are other Euro related tournaments around that deserve just as much attention. Sports betting fans around have taken to Euro 2021 Fantasy Football leagues to try and win just as big as their favorite teams on the pitch. Now nobody ever said that fantasy football is easy, it requires skill, studying and a lot of observation. One could even argue that when playing in a fantasy league, players who wish to succeed must show the same poise and determination as the players they chose show while playing the games. With the knockout stages of the Euro tournament awaiting, what are some ti...[Read More]

From Milan Baros to Antoine Greizmann: The Last Four Winners of the European Championship Golden Boot

From Milan Baros to Antoine Greizmann: The Last Four Winners of the European Championship Golden Boot After leagues across Europe ended after an unusual 2020/21 season, all eyes are now on Euro 2020. The tournament will happen in different locations across the continent from June 10th to July 11th. Sports fans have had to switch their betting strategies to focus on the European Championship, which will see soccer superstars locking horns. One of the things that the sports enthusiasts will be looking at is who are the favorites to win the tournament. Some commentators believe England has a perfect chance to lift the trophy for the first time. However, for that to happen, they will need their lead striker to be on top form. He will also be among the big names being touted to win the golden b...[Read More]

What is More Profitable, Fantasy Football or Sports Betting?

What is More Profitable, Fantasy Football or Sports Betting? Fantasy football seems to have surged in popularity in the last few decades. It started as a pastime for people to have fun with American Football and was called Fantasy Gridiron Football. It wasn’t long before people were getting involved and using it to enjoy the game of football more. For non-football fans and even football fans themselves, it’s always more interesting when yoù have a position set out towards a certain game or league. Sports betting has always fascinated punters and football enthusiasts alike. The chance to win a jackpot or even make a steady income from football betting can appeal to people who feel they have a vast knowledge of the game. Even though, as many people can attest to, knowledge can so...[Read More]

What To Consider When Picking The Best Football Betting Site?

What To Consider When Picking The Best Football Betting Site? Online sportsbooks have become extremely popular in the past couple of years. Millions of people are registering at these sites in the quest for the best betting experience. The reason why online sportsbooks have become so popular is that they are superior compared to their land-based partners. Numerous sports to bet on, greater security, 24/7 availability, and easy access are just a fraction of the great benefits each player enjoys. But, note every online sportsbook is credible and reliable and here are some factors that will influence your decision on whether to register at a certain platform or not. Site License and Security First of all, before you even decide to register at an online sportsbook, you need to make sure that t...[Read More]

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