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Shock stat continues to hint at keeping Kane waiting

Shock stat continues to hint at keeping Kane waiting With the summer transfer window in full swing and the countdown very much on the start of another Premier League season in 2022-23, managers of the Fantasy Football variety can start to mull over who they would like to include in any given starting XI. Plenty of familiar faces remain in the English top flight, with a few exciting new ones being added to the pot for good measure. It promises to be another enthralling campaign, with some of the finest talent on the planet strutting their stuff on fields from Old Trafford to Anfield and beyond. Those looking for football betting tips will continue to be pointed in the direction of potentially winning formulas, as their star turns to be found at every turn within favoured ranks there. In a v...[Read More] – The Ultimate Guide to Start gamble online – The Ultimate Guide to Start gamble online When you think of the world’s leading online gambling companies, three names immediately come to mind. MGM, Caesars, and are the top places to play any game of chance in the world. While it’s true that each has its unique offerings, combined they have one thing in common: billions of dollars worth of annual revenue. These three companies dominate their respective marketplaces; MGM brings us Fortunes Casino players a monopoly on quality and value. Caesars makes a killing with online slots while is home to some of the most popular online blackjack games anywhere. But what if you could hop across the water and join them? Welcome to The Ultimate Guide To Start gamble Online What is online gambling?...[Read More]

Are you looking for a casino bonus code?

Are you looking for a casino bonus code? If you love gambling and spend a lot of time having fun with slots, it would be a shame not to benefit from the amazing casino bonus codes! No matter whether you’re just at the beginning of your gambling journey or whether you have some experience and consider yourself to be a veteran, there are countless offers and promotions for any type of player. If you are looking for the best casino bonus codes, first you have to know what to expect! Some offers are not as profitable as others, and you don’t have to settle for less. On the other hand, if you have unrealistic expectations, you can miss some great opportunities. Thus said, we will present you with all the categories of bonus codes, we will let you know the average values and we will give you the...[Read More]

What you Should Know Before Using Cryptocurrency at an Online Casino

What you Should Know Before Using Cryptocurrency at an Online Casino Cryptocurrency is slowly becoming the new money and it’s important to have the necessary information to navigate the online casino world. So whether you’re watching a live race at wwtr odds you’re able to stay on track with your online casino cryptocurrency. How Can Cryptocurrency Be Used at a Casino? Cryptocurrency is a digital means of exchange and can be used to either make deposits or withdrawals at online casinos. The trouble with cryptocurrency is that it comes in different forms. This means that not all online casinos will have the cryptocurrency you want to use as a form of deposit and withdrawal. The truth is that when we think of cryptocurrency we need to think of it in the same light we would normal money. Ther...[Read More]

Different Categories of Casino Games You Can Play Online

Different Categories of Casino Games You Can Play Online When you pick the best online casino to join, you’ll enjoy a wide range of exciting playing experiences and access to the best kinds of casino games. As a result, you won’t have any issues enjoying your time on the online gambling scene. The good thing is that it is easy for players to find out where to start playing. However, it is hard to pinpoint the best. One of the major ways to do that is to know how to identify a casino with the best casino games in the business. You need to know the ones with enough games available and those that will give you only quality titles. Therefore, knowing the categories of casino games that you can play online is paramount. In that case, we’ve highlighted the different online casino games to give y...[Read More]

Best Online Casino Games

Best Online Casino Games Online casinos are opening up all over the internet and gaining popularity as you can have the experience of being at the casino from the comfort of your couch. There are some games that I generally enjoy more than others and today we are going to discuss three of them that really make the experience a lot more enjoyable. If you want to branch away from casino games, look at sports and get some value with point spread betting to add to your account. But while you look into that, let’s talk about a few of my personal favorite online casino games! Blackjack Blackjack is one of the more simplistic games to play as it is you against the dealer trying to get as close to 21 as possible without going over. The strategy involved in this classic game makes it so much more e...[Read More]

FPL Live Match Chat Gameweek 37

FPL Live Match Chat Gameweek 37 Welcome to FPL Live Match Chat Gameweek 37 It’s yet another DGW, although this time will definitely be the last one this season, we all bloody well hope! It’s not quite as rangy as the one in 36 but it still has 12 games with 5 teams featuring twice and Man United not even bothering to turn up (*insert your own jokes here!). It’s an odd one as we begin on Sunday to rightly allow the Saturday limelight to fall on the FA Cup Final between Chelsea and Liverpool. It means for a packed Sabbath with Spurs and Burnley kicking us off at 12.30pm. The newly popular 2pm slot then gets a proper hammering with no less than five games, before Everton and Brentford see us out at 4.30pm. It’s then just the one on Monday as Newcastle welcome Arsenal a...[Read More]

Cryptocurrency for online casinos

Cryptocurrency for online casinos Cryptocurrency and online casinos are seemingly merging with more and more online casinos taking on cryptocurrency as a means of deposit and withdrawal. These days you can find more online casinos offering cryptocurrency than any predictions today. Come with us as we explore cryptocurrency and online casinos. Cryptocurrency at online casinos Casinos that offer cryptocurrency are known as Bitcoin casinos as most cryptocurrency online casinos offer Bitcoin as a means of deposit and withdrawal. Many casinos that accept Bitcoin will most likely accept Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, and Litecoin. It is also common to find land-based casinos that accept cryptocurrency as a means of deposit and withdrawal. How to make a deposit and withdrawal using cryptocurrency at an ...[Read More]

Reading can rebuild after narrowly avoiding the drop

Reading can rebuild after narrowly avoiding the drop It’s been a strange year for Reading fans in the Championship. Next season will mark a decade since they were last relegated from the Premier League and in all honesty, they’ve never really convinced anyone that they could genuinely orchestrate a plot back to the top flight, condemned to Championship mediocrity after another underwhelming season. In a way, Reading fans would have craved their usual nine months treading water in mid-table after this year almost saw them relegated to League One. The Royals had flattered to deceive at the start of the campaign, failing to replace Michael Olise, who joined Crystal Palace in what look to be a steal now, but while the Berkshire outfit were far from promotion favourites in the football odds tod...[Read More]

FF247 Site Team Double Gameweek 37

FF247 Site Team Double Gameweek 37 Welcome to FF247 Site Team Double Gameweek 37 And now the end is (almost) near… well by the time you come to read this, it is only one calendar week from being done for another season. We have two gameweeks left and if you remember, our third from home was our much anticipated Bench Boost week. We scored 117 points overall which was a cool 38 points above the average and has consequently lifted us to 135,319 overall. Seeing as it was a Bench Boost week, your eyes are automatically drawn to the bench (silly really as you can put ANYONE on there for this particular chip and it makes not a blind bit of difference – your score for the 15 is your score regardless where they sit, but alas our bench scored 26 points thanks to Ivan Toney (5), Mason Holgate ...[Read More]

Fencing as an Olympic sport

Fencing as an Olympic sport The history of the origin of fencing About three thousand years ago, in Egypt, on the occasion of the victory over the Libyans, Pharaoh Ramses III organized a kind of fencing tournament. In the Middle Ages, only the aristocracy could engage in this discipline. Simple inhabitants and peasants could only be fencing on sticks, sometimes upholstered in iron or on halberds. Spain revived fencing as the art of swordsmanship and rapier in the 15th century. It was in Spain that the rapier appeared with the now classic look of the hilt, with a characteristic bowl-shaped guard. Fights on rapiers, sabers and swords among men in individual and team tournaments have become an integral part of the Olympic Games in 1896. World championships in swords among men appeared in 1921...[Read More]

Fantasy Football Captain Picks Gameweek 37

Fantasy Football Captain Picks Gameweek 37 So…. how did your DGW36 Captain do?! If it was Salah, the answer is ‘not very well’ (*insert own expletives). If it was, perhaps, Kane or Nketiah who were given the armband, then the answer is probably ‘alright’. If it was a Son the answer is probably ‘yep, I’ll take that’. If it was a KDB, well, then the answer is probably ‘bloody awesome!’. Whatever your answer or outcome, you can forget that one now as we have another to negotiate with immediacy. Albeit with slightly less appealing DGW participants to play with. Let’s go so see what this week’s choice panel make of this week’s… choices. Maddison vs Watford (A) & Chelsea (A), by Swirly While Kevin de Bruyne r...[Read More]

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