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The Tips article, which will be released on Thursdays, is where we take a look at which players should be considered for your team, both on a short-term and longer-term basis. While the more obvious selections will, naturally, be included, we will also endeavour to find those hidden bargains and differentials that could set you apart from your rivals and help your performance in your mini-leagues.

Fantasy Football Tips Gameweek 38

Fantasy Football Tips Gameweek 38 Welcome to Fantasy Football Tips Gameweek 38. On the face of it, writing Tips for the final gameweek of the season should be quite straight-forward. I just look at who has done well recently, who is fit at the time of writing and who has an easy fixture. Right? I don’t have to worry about who’s ‘ahead’ for the players in terms of fixtures. This coming week presents the last hurdle (for some) and final nail in the coffin (for others). After this, this is it. Finito. The End. The Last Act. Do Svidaniya, Auf Wiedersehen. Arrivederci, Bonjour – as Del Boy would say. Then why did I sit down to begin this on Friday and I am writing this very first paragraph at half time of Monday Night Football as a form of panic and therapy combination washes over me? The...[Read More]

Fantasy Football Tips Gameweek 37

Fantasy Football Tips Gameweek 37 Welcome to Fantasy Football Tips Gameweek 37. “Oh what a night, late April back in twenty-nineteen”. Sure it doesn’t quite go to the Four Seasons’ song, but that’s how I’ll fondly remember Liverpool’s performance against Huddersfield. No, it’s not because I’m a supporter of the Reds, but because, like many other managers, it happened to be when I selected a certain chip on a certain Egyptian, helping me on to a gameweek score of 131 and rank of 45k that I still can’t get my head round. But I’m not here to gloat. The reason I am mentioning this is to remind you that your fortunes can change so easily within FPL. Back in Gameweek 10 at the end of October, I was at a rank of 1.8 million, having had my worst start to a fantasy season in the 10 years I’d been d...[Read More]

Fantasy Success Strategy: Choosing The Right Penalty Taker

Fantasy Success Strategy: Choosing The Right Penalty Taker At the end of every season, its goals that inevitably win fantasy football prizes. Teams with the most goals usually have the best chance of finishing highly. When you have a player who is an automatic penalty taker, it makes them a sought-after commodity, a potential source of regular points, and a secondary source after your strikers. How many times do we see a match heading for 0-0 only for one team to come away with all three points after a late penalty decision? It’s happened on numerous occasions this season and will surely happen many times again next season too. So, let’s take a look at how including the right penalty taker can boost your team too. Teams With Most Penalties Awarded Here’s a rundown of the most success...[Read More]

Fantasy Football Tips Gameweek 36

Fantasy Football Tips Gameweek 36 Welcome to Fantasy Football Tips Gameweek 36. As the last of this season’s Double Game-weeks exits stage left, I am tasked with helping you survey which players you should prioritise in the final three game-weeks of the season. Much like the title race, a lot of your mini-leagues will be going down to the wire so it’s important that you use your transfers wisely as they may ultimately define the relative success or failure of your season. No pressure then. No doubt you all have a few players who just a few short weeks ago seemed to make perfect sense, but now have you questioning your own sanity (the jury is still out on treble Brighton), hey, don’t sweat it, I got your back. Some of my suggestions are fairly obvious (treble Liverpool anyone?) ...[Read More]

Fantasy Football Tips Gameweek 35

Fantasy Football Tips Gameweek 35 Welcome to Fantasy Football Tips Gameweek 35. This is my first Tips gig. Not prepared to be booed off stage, I re-read GP’s fantastic effort for Gameweek 34. GP’s article focused on using the Wildcard in Gameweek 34 with the Bench Boost chip in mind for Gameweek 35. It dealt with everything you could have wanted from Tips for Gameweek 34; perfect. It also dealt with everything you could want from Tips for Gameweek 35; not so perfect (for me!). I thought about a similar format to GP’s – where I discuss my Wildcard selections from last week – but that felt like a comedian coming onto the stage at Live at the Apollo and repeating a joke the previous comedian had just told. That has first gig failure written all over it. Being realistic though, I cannot offer ...[Read More]

Fantasy Football Tips Gameweek 34

Fantasy Football Tips Gameweek 34 Welcome to Fantasy Football Tips Gameweek 34. Hello everyone and again it is upon yours truly to try to get you the best possible tips for the next few weeks of FPL. Alas as well, I have activated my own wildcard this week (immediately as the ‘new’ Game-week opened in fact) and I now have a platform to talk about it which is both a pleasure and cathartic. So rather than waffle on about everyone who has potential to be in an article – and also for the fact that I can’t be bothered coming up and researching statistics on copious amounts of players which is too much like hard work – I thought I would fully disclose my wildcard selections in the form of this week’s article. After all, each time when writing a Tips article, I’m really looking at it through the ...[Read More]

Fantasy Football Tips Gameweek 33

Fantasy Football Tips Gameweek 33 Welcome to Fantasy Football Tips Gameweek 33. GW33 provides us with the 3rd blank game-week of the season and muggins here is on Tips duty for the 2nd time in a blank game-week. Maybe someone is trying to tell me something? Now you’d think that with fewer teams playing that it is easier to tip players as there is a smaller pool to pick from but unfortunately it’s not that straightforward. Let’s take BGW31 as an example. As you might remember, Liverpool were going to batter Fulham, Wilson & Fraser were going to lead Newcastle on a merry dance, Arnie was going to terminate Huddersfield, Jamie Vardy was going to have yet another party while Hazard was going to rediscover some form. In the end none of this happened. Just four players reached double figures...[Read More]

Fantasy Football Tips Gameweek 32

Fantasy Football Tips Gameweek 32 Welcome to Fantasy Football Tips Gameweek 32. We’ve waited all season for the madness of double game-week fever to kick off. Well, folks its finally arrived. For many its time to unleash those chips you’ve kept safely tucked in your back pocket for this very occasion, for others its time to pop down to Sofa World and buy the biggest three-piece money can buy. Stats on Twitter suggest that the following chips have thus far been played this game-week: 103,947 Triple Captain 38,354 – Wildcard 79,081 – Free Hit 49,218 – Bench Boost So as you can see, even if you discount that Egyptian bloke who makes 150 new teams each week in the hope of winning a sweat-band, there are going to many people who simply are not playing a chip; game on! Whether you’re on your FH,...[Read More]

Grab, Avoid or Bore Off! The Glass Is Half Empty…

Grab, Avoid or Bore Off! – Fantasy Premier League 2018-19 Having heard from the positive bunch, we now move onto the ones who are not so much, which should be fun… To be fair, we’ve been massively judgemental and quick to conclude based on a one line response. We shall let you judge for yourselves whether we were right or not… #wewere Welcome to all, from the Glass is half empty club….

Three Budget Striking Options That Could Finish The Season Strongly

Three Budget Striking Options That Could Finish The Season Strongly The remarkable form of Raul Jimenez and the resurgence of Marcus Rashford has given fantasy football managers a wealth of striking options, with the low cost of those forwards granting flexibility when choosing a potent front three. Both Jimenez and Rashford have strong run-ins with double gameweeks aplenty, so managers might be reluctant to discard. It could be the premium strikers that are cast aside for cheaper alternatives, to allow for greater investment in midfield options with which to the end the season. Here are three budget striking options worth considering, whether as replacements or supplements for the likes of Jimenez and Rashford. Glenn Murray, £6.3 Source: Brighton & Hove Albion FC via Facebook. Murray...[Read More]

Grab, Avoid or Bore Off! GW32; A Glass Half Full…

Grab, Avoid or Bore Off! – Fantasy Premier League 2018-19 Usually when we ask our writing team to come forth for an International Break GABO we see tumbleweeds in abundance, and little sign of actual writers. This time however, for whatever reason, they were literally scrambling over each other to get involved. So much so that we have no less than two episodes of GABO to bring you in the break this time. We’ve decided to split them based upon perceived personality traits; Glass Half Full & Glass Half Empty. We say perceived personality traits… it was actually based solely on their original answers on WhatsApp to our request for entrants. Funnily enough, it was unerringly accurate. First up then we have AT, Swirly and Rosco. AT and Swirly’s answers were very simi...[Read More]

Fantasy Football Tips Gameweek 31

Fantasy Football Tips Gameweek 31 Welcome to Fantasy Football Tips Gameweek 31. Into the business end of the season we go and this round is very much the famine before the feast, with what is widely thought to be two double gameweeks on the horizon – 32 and, most likely, 35 – with the shortened Gameweek 33 stuck in the middle, presenting great opportunities for the chips you have left. Various predictions are currently flying around for rescheduled fixtures, however we won’t know for certain until after next weekend, once the FA Cup quarter final ties have been played. It does, however, look like similar teams will miss out on playing both this week and then again two weeks later, so this article will focus on the players that are good for both, as things currently stand. Many FPL managers...[Read More]

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