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The Tips article, which will be released on Thursdays, is where we take a look at which players should be considered for your team, both on a short-term and longer-term basis. While the more obvious football tips selections will, naturally, be included, we will also endeavour to find those hidden bargains and differentials that could set you apart from your rivals and help your performance in your mini-leagues.

FPL Tips Gameweek 18

FPL Tips Gameweek 18 Welcome to FPL Tips Gameweek 18. If memory serves me correct, the first case of Covid in the UK was identified towards the end of last February. Who amongst us thought that 10 months later we’d be sitting here tearing what’s left of our hair out as Covid makes FPL even more challenging than it was before. Oh for the days when all we had to worry about was rotation, now we must try to figure out which City players may have been close contacts of Benjamin Mendy and those big bum Latina’s!! The purpose of this article has always been to tip players but the most important tips I’ll give you this week are, don’t make rigid plans and for the love of god, DO NOT MAKE EARLY TRANSFERS… I don’t care if KdB is going up in price tonight and you won’t be able to afford him if...[Read More]

Newcastle Cannot Break Away From Negativity

Newcastle Cannot Break Away From Negativity With Steve Bruce being a former manager of Sunderland, it was never going to be easy for him to sit in the St James’ Park hotseat and although the current Newcastle boss has at least kept the club in the Premier League, there is always a feeling that he could do a little bit more. Because even though Newcastle’s fans are passionate, they are also pragmatic and although they are not demanding top four finishes each season, they are at least asking that the manager shows a little more ambition. Whether the lack of flair is an edict that comes from owner Mike Ashley can be argued, although there is a sense that the bare minimum will do on Tyneside and all that means is finishing 17th in the Premier League each season. A standing that means demotion ...[Read More]

FPL Tips Gameweek 15

FPL Tips Gameweek 15 Ebenezer Smash sat hunched in his battered armchair, the last dying embers of his frugally made fire slowly died out, he shivered and pulled his dressing gown tighter around his slumped shoulders. In the distance, carol singers could be heard merrily singing a rendition of some Christmas carol that Smash did not recognise. “Bah humbug”, he muttered under his breath. A pad of paper sat on his lap; a few hastily scribbled notes sat underneath the title ‘Christmas FPL Tips’. He snorted a laugh: “Why would Init ask me to write tips?!” he wondered, not for the first time on this cold December night. In a past life, he had been an FPL manager of some note. Not anymore. His performances in recent seasons were best described as average, and this season ...[Read More]

FPL Tips Gameweek 12

FPL Tips Gameweek 12 Welcome to FPL Tips Gameweek 12 Now we’re into the festive season – it’s official now, the Christmas tree and various other decorations have been put up, though the cat is doing his best to pull them down – the fixtures start to come thick and fast. So, I’m already dishing out advice as soon as the first paragraph: there will be rotation, bear that in mind with both your starting XI and a playing bench to pick up any pieces. As we have the added Grinch of Covid-19 still lingering on, there’s also the spectre of games like the Villa versus Newcastle game being called off as the players and staff test positive. Anyway, presuming we have all 10 of the merry fixtures of Gameweek 11, I’ll dispense my advice from my very own meandering experience – previous article reference...[Read More]


FANTASY FOOTBALL; GAME WEEK 12 There might not be fans in stands, at least in some of the stadiums (tier 2 and tier 3), but almost every premier league fans and fan of football has their fantasy game on lock, including the players. The next game week will begin on Friday, 11th December, and the great news off fantasy will be the return of fans to tier 1 region, while the other tiers continue to work hard to return to some semblance of normalcy. Gameweek 11 saw Aston Villa and Newcastle sit out their encounter after the match was postponed but every other game on the fixture list went on as planned and some stunning performances saw Harry Kane, Heung Min Son, and Mo Salah deliver maximum points for their teams and those who put their faith in them. As fans and teams continue to get the welc...[Read More]

FPL Tips Gameweek 11

FPL Tips Gameweek 11 Welcome to FPL Tips Gameweek 11. “So, you think you can Fantasy Football? I’m sure you do and I’m sure you can”* But this is a different kind of football we’re watching. Trends and statistics still apply but with no public in the stands cheering the home boys or booing the away team (and the ref) they are not as reliable. Strange and unpredictable events have happened as we’ve seen with Leicester beating City 2-5 or Villa beating Liverpool 7-2 and heck Tottenham are top of the league… We work with what we have nonetheless and GW 11 promises to be a high scoring one in terms of FPL points. Do bear in mind though before making any moves that the Aston Villa vs Newcastle game has been postponed and that there has been a midweek Champions League and...[Read More]

FPL Tips Gameweek 10

FPL Tips Gameweek 10 Welcome to FPL Tips Gameweek 10 In recent weeks we’ve had a ‘Stick/Twist/Bet-the-house’ system of Tips from Rosco (GW9), Kop revisiting the earlier youthful version of himself (GW8 but poking fun at him in GW1), superb Smash brilliantly debuting in GW7, James and a differential-angled list (GW6) and a Tiered System of Tips AND an FPL-themed pop song from Swirly in GW5. I’m sitting here thinking (sic Charlie Nicholas) what can I do and I gave up after a minute. I’ll tell you below who I’m tipping. Not that I am at all dismissive of my predecessor’s work – I loved them more than you – but you need to be big and clever to top those or even come close. And I might be big but I’m not that clever. I’ve been very self-aware in the past of how long my piece has been (steady on...[Read More]

What are the Best Tips for Success Over the Festive Fantasy Period?

What are the Best Tips for Success Over the Festive Fantasy Period? The chock-a-block festive period has been known to make or break fantasy seasons, and one bad decision or failure to update one’s team over the winter can have drastic consequences. This is the time at which many managers would say mini-leagues are won or lost, and astute decisions can pay significant dividends. With Christmas fast approaching, fantasy managers need to know exactly what they are doing in the gameweeks ahead. It’s all about having a clear strategy, being weary of rotation, and remembering to pick a solid captain. Fantasy Football is Strategy Mixed With Randomness Fantasy football has a seriously heavy focus on strategy, and the players that think deeply about their moves and decisions tend to do well. This ...[Read More]

FPL Tips Gameweek 9

FPL Tips Gameweek 9 Welcome to FPL Tips Gameweek 9. When making transfers what type of FPL manager are you? Are you the type to punt on last week’s highest scorer and hope lightning strikes twice? Or more of a ‘Steady Eddie’ who favours consistency over explosiveness? Perhaps you forgo that which has passed entirely and instead gaze longingly into your crystal ball in faint hope you’ll unearth a hidden gem, gaining an advantage over your mate who’s usually rubbish at FPL but is somehow kicking the sh@t out of your mini-league aspirations this season. Well, my friends, you are in luck. This week I have a little bit of something for everyone. Keepers The points chaser Just 7pts separate the highest scoring and fifth-placed keepers, further reinforcing the long-held belief that switching out ...[Read More]

10 promising young talents in the Premier League

10 promising young talents in the Premier League A competition of spectacle and talent, the Premier League is brimming with high-potential young players ready to explode on the world’s biggest stage. Here’s an overview of the nuggets that are likely to make a splash this season. 10. Grady Diangana (22 years old) – West Bromwich After a very good season on loan in the Championship, West Bromwich didn’t hesitate to take out the checkbook to keep Diangana. The young left winger had scored 8 goals and delivered 7 assists in the second division. Very good dribbler, the 22 year old striker will now try to conquer the Premier League. 9. Japhet Tanganga (21) – Tottenham Hotspur With six matches played last season, Tanganga made its appearance in José Mourinho’s ...[Read More]

Fantasy Football Legends

Fantasy Football Legends Who are the fantasy football legends of the game? Which player managed to get 300+ virtual football league points and who scored 100 points or more in nine different seasons? Whether you have a league with friends, colleagues or your local team, nobody who enters a virtual football league doesn’t want to be crowned the season’s champion. Football opinions are fierce and typically end in raised voices or shakes of the head. Making your own team that finishes on top of the pile is one way of finding out who really knows their stuff when it comes to football. Wagering a small amount on your hand picked fantasy team against your mates – although you can play fantasy football for free – has spilt over into other forms of virtual football entertainment. More football fan...[Read More]

How To Use Odds From Betting Sites To Decide Who Your FPL Captain Should Be

How To Use Odds From Betting Sites To Decide Who Your FPL Captain Should Be Your FPL captain is the most important pick every week. Select the right player and you could achieve an obscene amount of points. Choose the wrong player and your rivals could leave you for dust. Betting sites and online casinos are great tools for deciding who your FLP captain should be. This is because they give you odds for how likely a player is to score and/or keep a clean sheet. This is how you can use the odds from betting and casino sites to make an informed decision on who to make your captain. Look at the goal scoring odds of players on casino sites While many factors go into how an FPL player’s points are tallied, goals are the most valuable currency in the game. These are the scores your players ...[Read More]

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