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The Tips article, which will be released on Thursdays, is where we take a look at which players should be considered for your team, both on a short-term and longer-term basis. While the more obvious football tips selections will, naturally, be included, we will also endeavour to find those hidden bargains and differentials that could set you apart from your rivals and help your performance in your mini-leagues.

FPL Tips Gameweek 30

FPL Tips Gameweek 30 Welcome to FPL Tips Gameweek 30 Tips can be very subjective and indeed not always relevant to each and every person reading an article. Some managers love a conservative, safe choice while others may a tad more daring or indeed reckless and indulge in high risk/reward punts. With that in mind we have changed things slightly this week. While we have kept the structure of the article the same we have asked four of our number, namely Swirly, Gallant Pioneer, Kop and Cookie to tip a play for each category. As the regular readers will know by now, Kop is very much a conservative FPL manager, risk free. Cookie is the opposite – reckless, mad, loves a punt and doesn’t mind hitting for it. Or them. While Swirly and GP lie somewhere in the middle. Therefore hopefully there is s...[Read More]

Mason Mount a lock for Euro 2021

Mason Mount a lock for Euro 2021 Not only has Mason Mount been a lock for most fantasy teams of late after making a berth in the Chelsea midfield his own, it appears that he is a certainty to start at the heart of the England team for Euro 2021. Gareth Southgate has long been an admirer of Mount from his days in charge of the England under-21 team, and the evidence of the latest international window suggests the team will be built around the Chelsea star for years to come. Mount featured in all three wins to kick off 2022 FIFA World Cup qualifying in the best fashion with nine points from nine available – and he really caught the eye too. Mount created eight chances in his 45 minute first-half performance in a 5-0 win over San Marino last week. He then scored the second in a 2-0 win ...[Read More]

What is Mostbet, and how can you install it?

What is Mostbet, and how can you install it? In this article, we are going to tell you how to download Mostbet APK 2021 and install and use it. Also, we will talk about what Mostbet is and what its advantage is and how to use it properly. What is Mostbet? Mostbet is a company that was founded back in the year 2009 and was new. It was a young and new company, but it gained fame and also recognition very early and fast. This company is related to the betting market, and so it is most famous and used widely. Here you can get a huge amount of bonus and also you can get offers and bonuses by just playing. Mostbet first started by only taking bets on IPL and cricket matches. But slowly, after looking at the craze of football in most people, they also started football betting. They have a wide va...[Read More]

Popular Football Players That Love Gambling

Popular Football Players That Love Gambling The rise and development of internet games and online gambling have had enormous influence and benefits on various people throughout numerous spheres in life – including football. Everybody nowadays enjoys watching fun and thrilling game, and when there’s opportunity to get some extra bucks on the side makes the game even more alluring. So, it’s perfectly normal that even celebrities and famous football players will engage in enticing and challenge gambling activities. Just because FIFA prohibits its players from gambling on all kinds of football activities, doesn’t mean that they cannot engage in some other intriguing gambling game like any other normal human being. Cristiano Ronaldo This renowned and top-notch football player has a ...[Read More]

Fantasy Football Devil’s Advocate Gameweek 29

Fantasy Football Devil’s Advocate Gameweek 29 Been a while since Smash and I have had one of these, but seeing that he gave away that he was on a free hit this week, I thought, Init thought this be a good time for one. Thanks as always to Smash for letting me question him on his fpl decisions it takes a brave manager to let someone just have at it. A quick recap of his fpl season sees poor Smash off to a horrid start, but being the fighter he is he has slowly been grinding his way back to a better ranking. Currently he sits in 250k, but since sitting 1.4 millionth in GW13 he has seen 11 green arrows in the last 15 gameweeks. Hopefully this free hit will let him climb some more in the overall over us losers who will be hitting this week just to field a decent team and by decent I mean...[Read More]

FPL Tips Gameweek 28

FPL Tips Gameweek 28 Welcome to FPL Tips Gameweek 28 It’s been another crazy GW, as Bruno Fernandes showed us on a weekend where he was sold by 300,000 managers, by scoring… again. I’m still a bit baffled why so many people decided to sell the best player in the game but hey some high profile FPL managers did just that! Harry Kane getting a massive 19 points, if only he did that last GW when a lot of us FPL managers triple captained him! Salah and Liverpool blanked again and will they even make the Champions League for next season now? Mane… remember what a great asset he used to be, only has one goal in his last 11 Liverpool games. Is it really time to give up on Liverpool and go without any of their players? Surely they will come good again soon as the players have too much a...[Read More]

Football Matches and Asian Handicap Bets

Football Matches and Asian Handicap Bets Also known as ‘line betting’ or ‘point betting’, handicap betting is used to even out a playing field between two teams that do not evenly match. In this type of betting, the bookmaker offers a virtual advantage for the weaker team while giving a virtual disadvantage to the stronger one. Let’s say you bet on a weaker team to win, the team would have an edge over the strong team. With this, the chances of winning would be even. Ordinarily, if the bookmaker has not placed a handicap advantage, the stronger team would likely have won the game against the weak team. With this, the game would have been highly predictable and very monotonous. To know if you can place handicap bets, check out the Asian handicap bet calculator to know your potential. How Do...[Read More]

Info and Predictions for Man United vs Tottenham

Info and Predictions for Man United vs Tottenham Man United and Tottenham will be going head-to-head on Sunday 11th April in a game that is believed to be the highlight of the week in the Premier League. With the past performances of both teams in recent times, fans and the sports world, in general, are rooting for them. So, what is the Tottenham vs. Manchester United game going to look like? What are the predictions for this game? Well, to have a good insight on how the game will play out, it is important to take a sneak peek into the past games of these teams in recent times. A Peek at the Manchester United Games in Recent Times Following their miserable performance and loss at the Opening Day at the Crystal Palace, Man United seems to be pulling clear of the gloom and disappointment tha...[Read More]

Champions League and Betting without Using Your Own Money

Champions League and Betting without Using Your Own Money The Champions League is a club competition between European champions of top-flight leagues and various runner-ups from specific countries. Without a doubt, the Champions League is the biggest prize European football event that draws fans from all over the world. Billions of pounds go into the game and millions of fans are always interested in taking a slice of the pie. Bookmakers understand the huge funds that are pooled from betting fans from all around the world and they are always looking for ways to attract players to bet on their sites. One of the major attractions that bookies use is free bets. Bookmakers regularly offer free bets on some of the most exciting clashes among football clubs. For instance, you can get BetBright f...[Read More]

How Fantasy Football Can Help in Sports Betting

How Fantasy Football Can Help in Sports Betting Many people see sports betting as part of their leisure time. It’s no surprise that some come from the fantasy football world. explains how the game can help with betting. From fantasy football to betting Previously, the large portals FanDuel and DraftKings offered their users to participate in fantasy football tournaments for money, and now they have become classic bookmakers since betting was legalized. At the same time, part of the audience of the sites remained their clients and retrained as bettors. The point is that fantasy football and sports betting have a lot in common. To do both, you need a love of sports, the ability to analyze data and make predictions. Also, there is a competitive element in these areas (in betti...[Read More]

Premier League: Manchester United and Crystal Palace, a Disappointing Match

Premier League: Manchester United and Crystal Palace, a Disappointing Match In Matchday 29 of the Premier League, Manchester United faced Crystal Palace on Wednesday night, United conceded a second consecutive scoreless draw at Crystal Palace (0-0), three days after the one against Chelsea (0-0). A game of great sadness, all the same punctuated by a few loud voices and insults between teammates! The Red Devils Did Not Widen the Gap On Leicester The Red Devils, second in the standings, did not widen the gap on Leicester, third. Rarely this season has Manchester United been so disappointing. This Wednesday night, the Red Devils failed to win at Crystal Palace, and as often, when Bruno Fernandes is tired, it’s all MU who seems without idea. Manchester United could hardly find a dangerou...[Read More]

Five Players That Could Win You Your Fantasy Football League

Five Players That Could Win You Your Fantasy Football League The Premier League season is reaching its climax and while the title race is seemingly over, there are still thousands of FPL contests that are set to go down to the wire in both the standard and the draft format. By now, we all know the star players that are likely to continue to lead the way, but a £4.5m addition or a waiver wire pickup could be the difference between having all the bragging rights over your fellow managers or having to settle for an agonising second-place finish in your private league. Curtis Jones – £4.4m / TSB 0.8% There have been very few positives for Liverpool to take from this campaign, but they can be encouraged by the emergence of Curtis Jones who has cemented himself as a regular in the Reds’ mi...[Read More]

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