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Fantasy Football 247 Site Team News Gameweek 39…

Fantasy Football 247 Site Team News Gameweek 39…

Fantasy Football 247 Site Team News Gameweek 39…

Another one bites the dust

Welcome to FF247 Site Team GW39…

Ahh, if only we had just one more week eh? Well, there may not be a GW39 in the real world but we promised a season wrap-up so here it is in the form of GW39.

The final game week of the 2023/24 Premier League season ended in largely undramatic fashion. City, as expected took the title, with Arsenal’s win against the Toffees irrelevant in the end. There were no last-minute heroics from Luton and their 2-4 defeat to Fulham condemned them back to the Championship along with Burnley and Sheffield, unique in that This is the first time since the 97/98 season that all three promoted teams have been relegated.

Our season ended with a green arrow. Captain Haaland did nothing but thankfully 7/11 did. Porro, Isak and Foden with 14pts, 14pts and 15pts respectively were the heroes, and whilst Gabriel (1pt), Jackson (2pts) and Petrovic (3pts) contributed little, Fernandes with a 0-pointer was the real villain. Thankfully the other Bruno was locked firmly to our bench alongside Branthwaite (1pt) and Burn (0pts) meaning we got our team selection spot-on.

78pts was our final score, 26pts about the average and a green arrow that took us from 6,018 up to 4,338. That final rank is now our best-ever in the 10 seasons we’ve been running the site team. It also marks back-to-back top 10k finishes. Nice.

We’re happy with our overall season. We’ve been fortunate to catch some lucky breaks, and those, coupled with our reluctance to take hits, rolling our transfer when we could, and keeping our heads when all those around us were losing theirs has helped us to not only exceed our expectations, but enjoy the ride along the way.

We hope the Site Team has been a help to your own teams when it comes to those last-minute dilemmas. We’ll be back next season to do it all over again, lets hope we don’t get blinded by the desire to net a hattrick of top 10k finishes!

Enjoy your summer, we’ll see you on the other side!

Our Gameweek 38 Result

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  1. 1
    Rosco says:

    *** Site Team NewsGW39***
    The season is over and so are we… well, it’s the Euros in a few weeks… but until then, here’s how the 23/24 FPL season ended for the site team! Thanks for reading and taking this journey with us once more!

  2. 2
    ODT says:

    Congrats on a super finish!

  3. 3

    Don’t forget to save your seson history before all gets erased in the summer reset. It also shows how you’ve done every GW.

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