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FPL Captain Picks Gameweek 20

FPL Captain Picks Gameweek 20 Welcome to FPL Captain Picks Gameweek 20. The Confessional. On Steroids. Given the tight gap between the recent GWs we were starting to feel like we had involuntarily furloughed our entire writing team. We haven’t. Not that they would notice much difference in their pay packets either way! But we miss them, we hope you all do too. And as such we thought it would be nice to hear from them all, be it from their living rooms, bedrooms, sheds or gardens. Or wherever their fed up other half has banished them to in lockdown! Having met Rosco’s Mrs his may be...[Read More]

Harry and Lloyd’s Fantasy Predictions GW’s 20-23

Harry and Lloyd’s Fantasy Predictions GW’s 20-23 GW19 is not quite finished but as far as this competition goes it’s as over as Liverpool’s title hopes (I jest of course). The reduced GW18 saw predictably low-scoring with just 2pts being the pickup for most of our competitors. However LittleRedLacazette mirrored his impressive FPL form to take top-spot with 6pts with 2nd place shared among the masses – AllanBrallan, Padster, Elderzadi, Sweetbluetoffee, Eplnoob, Coys, Qwkliduzzit and Perun. Nobody got FGS correct (Billy Sharp in the 73rd minute). In contrast, GW19 boaste...[Read More]

Fantasy Football Live Match Chat Gameweek 19

Fantasy Football Live Match Chat Gameweek 19 Welcome to Fantasy Football Live Match Chat Gameweek 19 Some games may occur, don’t ask us which… We’ve written and re-written this about four times now this week. Which, quite frankly, is about three times more than we wanted to. We think that the following is about to happen. But in all honesty if it doesn’t, or if it changes again, please feel free to make up your own narrative and pretend that’s what we bothered to write instead because there will be no 5th! We won’t list the lot (a picture is worth a 1000 words etc...[Read More]

FF247 FPL Team GW19

FF247 FPL Team GW19 Welcome to FF247 FPL Team GW19 A word to the wise KdB was duty bound to haul in a City descrution of Brighton. Kane and Son likewise against an unprepared Fulham. A clean-sheet for the former’s team was also a given. A Newcastle cleanie plus some Wilson goals against a hapless Sheffield United was a forgone conclusion. Bruno and United would make light of Burnley and it was only a matter of time until we saw his weekly penalty shuffle. And then we all skip happily along to DGW19 with a raft of teams to choose from, we’re all in fine fettle though because we̵...[Read More]

Fantasy Football Live Match Chat Gameweek 18

Fantasy Football Live Match Chat Gameweek 18 Welcome to Fantasy Football Live Match Chat Gameweek 18. Remember back when a midweek fixture was an exciting rarity? It is hardly an uncommon occurrence these days and one to which we shall be treated to quite a few more times before the season is up. There are in fact three of these in the next five GW’s and even one of those (DGW19) straddles a midweek. As for this one it begins on Tuesday at 6pm as Sheffield and Newcaste unite to see who can score the least goals. Then at 8.15pm Burnley host half the games captain in the shape of Bruno. At the s...[Read More]

Harry and Lloyd’s Fantasy Predictions GW’s 18 & 19

Harry and Lloyd’s Fantasy Predictions GW’s 18 & 19 Welcome to Harry and Lloyd’s Fantasy Predictions GW18 and GW19. The hectic Christmas period is behind us and we have 5 weeks’ worth of results to catch-up on. However, as Init showcased in this week’s Fixtures article, upcoming game-weeks are not exactly coming up at a leisurely pace. With that in mind, we will once more be posting a double fixtures list that covers both game-weeks 18 and 19. As always, either post your predictions for both game-weeks in a single post or if you chose to do them separately, pl...[Read More]

FF247 FPL Team GW18

FF247 FPL Team GW18 Free Hit The Bollocks Out Of It! Last week saw some highs and lows within the FF247 community. For every grumble at a 40 odd score there seemed to be a success story of an 80 odd. We fell somewhere in the middle as we ended up with 62. A smidgen above the average of 56 and a very modest green arrow of about 15k all pointed to us just about ‘getting away with it’. As for the team itself Captain Kane lead from the front with a 24. Bruno (10), Grealish (7) and JWP (6) kept us afloat elsewhere whilst the most unexpected points came from our sub keeper as Forster cla...[Read More]

FPL Tips Gameweek 18

FPL Tips Gameweek 18 Welcome to FPL Tips Gameweek 18. If memory serves me correct, the first case of Covid in the UK was identified towards the end of last February. Who amongst us thought that 10 months later we’d be sitting here tearing what’s left of our hair out as Covid makes FPL even more challenging than it was before. Oh for the days when all we had to worry about was rotation, now we must try to figure out which City players may have been close contacts of Benjamin Mendy and those big bum Latina’s!! The purpose of this article has always been to tip players but the most important tips...[Read More]

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