Fantasy Football Captain Picks

The Captain’s Picks article, which will be released every Wednesday, will endeavor to sort out one of the most challenging problems FPL managers face – namely pick the member of your side who will accrue the most points and earn huge double point tallies for your fantasy team. We will concentrate on the most obvious looking selections each particular game-week and have a look at some comparable stats to see who, on paper, the best options are.

FPL Captain Picks Gameweek 26

FPL Captain Picks Gameweek 26 Welcome to FPL Captain Picks Gameweek 26 Last week we had a bit of a DGW taster, the hors d’oeuvres to this week’s full on banquet, if you will. A dress rehersal. A practice run. You get the picture. Only it was also for real, just that the choices were much more limited, and perhaps less extravagant in their offering. As it went, three quarters of our panel went for a doubler, one without. Could it prove to be a lesson, or at least a pointer to the importance of filling up on DGW players this week? Let’s go see how they fared… = 1. Swirly – Bruno, 24 points. Our only SGW captainer claimed joint top spot with 24 points, we have put him top of the pile as he did it in one whole game less. The reality is that he was overall more pro...[Read More]

FPL Captain Picks Gameweek 25

FPL Captain Picks Gameweek 25 Welcome to FPL Captain Picks Gameweek 25 The finest of margins – that’s what FPL is in so many ways. At the time of writing, the likes of Sterling, Fernandes and Salah have five, nine and seven points respectively – then there’s Gundogan who has almost the total of the three players’ gains combined, with 19 points. Those who not only had him in their team, but also followed our man Init’s tip of captaining him, congratulations! As for the fortunate few who even triple captained him, even better! Regardless of whether he plays his second fixture, that is a tally to be pleased with. Indeed, being pleased when your points tally is great is key to this game. In these times where we look for escapism from the general naffness of ...[Read More]

FPL Captain Picks Gameweek 24

FPL Captain Picks Gameweek 24 Welcome to FPL Captain Picks Gameweek 24 When a hero comes along… …with the strength to carry on. Etc. Said strength will have been tested to the limit as of late, in FPL. And elsewhere, of course. Especially for those who considered Soucek’s powers too much to resist. And subsequently played him ahead of the likes of DCL or even Gundogan. As we go into a bit of a mini DGW the main question is whether this week’s hero will come from our double selection or from a more conventional single game-week source. Let’s go see what our merrily unmasked men think… Init – Gundogan v Spurs (H) & Everton (A) Yeah ok, so he absolutely can do it on a wet Tuesday night away at West Brom but can he do it against the Champions on prime-ti...[Read More]

FPL Captain Picks Gameweek 22

FPL Captain Picks Gameweek 22 The (sh*t) show must go on… Having spirited in the essence of Guy Sanchez last week I’ll turn to Freddie for inspiration this week. Having viewed the team sheets this past weekend, and the subsequent comments on site about the absolute carnage which followed I’d forgive a good many for simply throwing the towel in. It is the oddest of odd seasons, and that says a lot after the last one! Cramming in this many games was always going to test squads out, both fantasy and real ones. The main problem here is that the more ‘aspirational’ players tend to be with clubs with larger squads, and are therefore more susceptible to rotation. And so it is proving. But we shall carry on. On a personal note Mrs Init still lies prone in bed, this il...[Read More]

FPL Captain Picks Gameweek 21

FPL Captain Picks Gameweek 21 The spirit of Guy Sanchez For those unaccustomed to said spirit it usually entails a meandering of the recent hand Guy has been dealt by life (as he knows it). Oft it’s not a good one, but often it’s a funny one. We’ve gone with him from Dayquil days to 12 hour work days, from Covid scares to Everton woes. But why did I immediately think of Guy when I came to write this intro? Mainly because I don’t arrive with good news, but also because the lack of that allows me time to actually write this, albeit perhaps not in the best of moods. But then again who is these days. Actually I was, until about 8.02am on Wednesday morning… I’ll unashamedly summon the spirit of Cookie’s Diary here too… I was awoken at 6.20am with ...[Read More]

FPL Captain Picks Gameweek 20

FPL Captain Picks Gameweek 20 Welcome to FPL Captain Picks Gameweek 20. The Confessional. On Steroids. Given the tight gap between the recent GWs we were starting to feel like we had involuntarily furloughed our entire writing team. We haven’t. Not that they would notice much difference in their pay packets either way! But we miss them, we hope you all do too. And as such we thought it would be nice to hear from them all, be it from their living rooms, bedrooms, sheds or gardens. Or wherever their fed up other half has banished them to in lockdown! Having met Rosco’s Mrs his may be from six feet under. But that’s no excuse. In short, the team wanted to say ‘Hi’ and so we have suggested that they put that to good use with naming a GW20 Captain too. And then the...[Read More]

FPL Captain Picks Gameweek 18

FPL Captain Picks Gameweek 18 Welcome to FPL Captain Picks Gameweek 18 Technically Speaking… We usually begin with a round-up of how our writers fared last time out, with a bit of head-to-head ‘banter’ in mind, but given that ‘last time out’ was actually GW12, because of Christmas etc, that would probably just be silly and chirlish. So, here’s how they got on then… 3rd. Jamesimmo – Salah vs Fulham (A). A goal and a bonus was enough to give James and Salah 16 Captain points. Technically this was 2nd, but we oft ignore such details, so last it was. 2nd. Horse – Vardy vs Brighton (H). A bumper haul of a goal, 2 assists and a bonus saw them home on 26. Technically Horse won, but we oft ignore such minor details… 1st!!! Mito – K(...[Read More]

FPL Captain Picks Gameweek 12

FPL Captain Picks Gameweek 12 Welcome to FPL Captain Picks Gameweek 12. Whisper it quietly but some semblance of reality may be emerging. Both in normal life and also in FPL. If we had told you last week that KDB would be our best pick, Vardy wouldn’t be far behind, Bruno would put in a MOTM performance and JWP would get an assist, then you’d probably have said that sounds about right, in normal times. That it came to pass possibly tells us that things are settling down a tad. As is now usual, let’s see how our panel in GW11 fared, pretty much as above in fairness: Rosco — KDB, 28 (captain powered) points. No surprise here as he got a goal and his obligatory assist to aid 3 BPs for a bit of a haul. Init — Vardy, 16 points. A late, late goal and with it 3 BPs salvaged him,...[Read More]

FPL Captain Picks Gameweek 11

FPL Captain Picks Gameweek 11 Welcome to FPL Captain Picks Gameweek 11 Assist Kings? To be fair, four assists from your chosen Captain isn’t a bad return. Kane got something similar earlier in the season, although he did also add a goal as a cherry on that assist cake. However… notice the lack of a plural in our opening sentence there? Hmmmm, yep. This was four assists from all of our chosen Captain’s! And there were no cherries. To be fair to last week’s writers it was a bit of a sh*t show of a week all round. But in our time honoured tradition let’s review how they fared: Init – DCL, 4 (captain) points. Less DCL, more Dominic Cummings (buggered off when most needed). Swirly – Vardy, 10 points. Less party, more a party banger fizzling out. 1 assis...[Read More]

FPL Captain Picks Gameweek 10

FPL Captain Picks Gameweek 10 Welcome to FPL Captain Picks Gameweek 10 Chat Sh*t Get Banged And no we aren’t particularly referring to Mito using last week’s article simply as a platform to slate his fellow writers. Well ok, we are a bit, but the main point was that there will be an overwhelming favourite Captain this week. The clue is in the title. But before we get on to that let’s see how last week’s lot actually got on: Kop – DCL, 26 (captain points). The top score out of our picks. And we bet he was still unhappy with it! Smash – Bruno, 22 points. Looked like he had it in the bag until DCL came along. Mito – Ziyech, 6 points. We shall forgive him this one as it was a late pick and the obvious ones had already gone. Call it a punt. Or something...[Read More]

FPL Captain Picks Gameweek 9

FPL Captain Picks Gameweek 9 Welcome to FPL Captain Picks Gameweek 9 Absolute carnage! And no we aren’t talking about last weeks picks, well ok maybe one of them but more about that later. The way things are going this week half of our candidates will be either injured or Covid positive by the time we come to publish this. Cracking idea to play International football right now, and hey let’s not just play the normal amount, let’s cram in even more games to see just how many players we can break… Anyway, we digress from ranting. How did last weeks panel get on? Not bad actually, on the whole. We say whole… Smash – Kane, 18 (captains points). It may not quite have been all that everyone was expecting, but a goal and 3 bonus points were enough to see Smash,...[Read More]

FPL Captain Picks Gameweek 8

FPL Captain Picks Gameweek 8 Welcome to FPL Captain Picks Gameweek 8 Strange Times Let’s begin with our now usual round-up of how the team fared with their Captain Picks last time out. Four picks returned three goals, but suprisingly only one bonus point between the lot, which is odd. The only player who didn’t return was Son vs Brighton, which again felt odd. But we are living in strange times and is anything really a surprise these days? Kop: Ings. Got a goal for 12 Captain points. And then got himself injured. Ings that is, not Kop. Rosco: Kane. Also got a goal for the same tally. Kane that is, not Rosco. Init: Salah. Trumped Rosco and Kane in the stat-off. Some would call it a thrashing, 16-12. GP: Son. 4 points, enough said. Let’s go and see what Matt, Swirly, Smash ...[Read More]

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