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Harry and Lloyd’s Fantasy Predictions GW36+,GW37+,GW38+

Harry and Lloyd’s Fantasy Predictions GW36+,GW37+,GW38+ Welcome to Harry and Lloyd’s Fantasy Predictions GW36+,GW37+,GW38. The end is nigh. Not it an end of days kind of way, although given recent global events it’s probably best to be clear on that. No sooner has the league resumed it’s almost time to bring it to an end. The games have come thick and fast and it’s been great that so many of you have stayed engaged, so first of we’d like to thank you for that! This is our final predictions ‘article’ but we will, of course, bring a final results article out come the end of the season, but we’re not there yet. With no let-up in fixtures and quick turnarounds, we’ve once again combined the final 3 weeks into one. As before, you can e...[Read More]

Win Big with Football Betting Apps – Here’s How

Win Big with Football Betting Apps – Here’s How Read our guide to finding and using the best apps for betting on football How to Use Football Betting Apps to Win Big It’s official – football is the most popular sport on which to place bets, when we consider the global market. Sports betting is a multi-billion dollar industry, and a large chunk of that is from football alone. Just to be clear, we’re talking soccer here, which certainly has more universal appeal than the American version of football. Unlike many other forms of gambling, sports betting holds the potential for the punter to come out on top overall. A word of caution, though. Successful football betting, with consistent wins, requires patience, self-restraint and a thorough knowledge of the sport. These days, football betting a...[Read More]

Fantasy Football Tips FPL Game Week 32

To remain successful in the Fantasy Premier League, timing is crucial. This mantra is even more important now that the season winds down. With only six game-weeks left it's clear that it's time to reconsider other options in terms of teams to target, which players deserve top dollar and when to play your chips. In this article, we'll discuss a few scouting tips and some actionable advice to help you get past the challenges that FPL week 32 presents. Fantasy Football Scouting Guide For fantasy football managers in a quandary, you'll have answers to one or two questions that may be bugging you. For instance, Liverpool's win last week has been highly discussed in fantasy football, making managers wonder whether the Reds will play differently with the long-awaited EPL title...[Read More]

The Premier League Returns… and so does FF247!

The Premier League Returns… and so does FF247! Welcome to The Premier League Returns… and so does FF247! Guess who’s back, back again… with fresh hair cuts and strippers galore! Yep, we’re back, we hope we are anyway…. Unless any more players test positive between now and June 17th, because… you know, they just absolutely had to get their hair cut. Or party with some strippers. Like we are sure we all have in lockdown…. Anyway, we just wanted to give you an update on both the key points from an FPL perspective but also from ours in terms of what to expect from us over the next few weeks. FPL Changes The main one here is that those of you who have been diligently (let’s face it boredly) making transfers each week to get your teams in the...[Read More]

BUNDESLIGA Fantasy Football now available on Fanteam

BUNDESLIGA Fantasy Football now available on Fanteam Put your FPL skills to the test in this weekend’s Bundesliga fantasy football contest and shoot for the €10,000 first place prize. FINALLY! Fantasy Football is returning to our screens and our lives this weekend, thanks to The first big European league returns this weekend, with Germany’s Bundesliga season resuming behind closed doors on Saturday 16th May. To celebrate this return, our good friends at Fanteam have created a massive €50,000 Bundesliga fantasy football contest, with a 1st place prize of €10,000 in guaranteed cash. The fantasy contest kicks off with 5 fixtures on Saturday at 14:30 BST, and ends with Union Berlin vs. Bayern Munich on Sunday, featuring a total of 8 games across both days. How to Enter To enter th...[Read More]

Could Premier League-bound Joao Palhinha be a Fantasy Football Success Next Season?

Could Premier League-bound Joao Palhinha be a Fantasy Football Success Next Season? Many Portuguese stars have graced the Premier League over the last decade and a number of them have proved hugely profitable for FPL managers. The likes of Bernardo Silva, Joao Moutinho and Ruben Neves have all accrued plenty of points in recent years, and one of their fellow countrymen looks destined to play in the English top-flight next season. Joao Palhinha is certainly a player to keep an eye on, and although defensive midfielders aren’t necessarily the most glamorous option when it comes to selecting your fantasy team, the 24-year old’s ball-winning abilities could help managers potentially rack up the clean sheet points throughout 2021. The on-loan Sporting star has proved very effective ...[Read More]

Will Leeds United rollercoaster ride end of a high?

Will Leeds United rollercoaster ride end of a high? It’s been 10 long seasons for Leeds United in the second-tier of English football, but even longer when you look back at the glory days of the Premier League. Their best season in the top flight came in 1999-2000, when the Whites finished third and ultimately, qualified for Champions League football. While this season’s Championship may have taken a short hiatus, due to the coronavirus pandemic, Leeds are often there or there-abouts when it comes to promotion football bets. Just last campaign, the promised land looked likely, and for long periods, they topped the table. Most notably, at the turn of the year, the Whites remained in pole-position for eight games, but a four-point margin at the top does not give enough room for error and two...[Read More]

UEFA Champions League Fantasy Football 2019/20 GW4

UEFA Champions League Fantasy Football 2019/20 GW4 The one with Russ… Part 2 Hello everyone and welcome to UEFA Champions League Fantasy Football 2019/20 GW4. Our mirror image is back again so soon, as promised. If you wildcarded on the back of Russ Part 1 then well done as it probably paid dividends and here you are for part 2 of that, probably already set up and ready to go. If you didn’t then either way it’s GW4 this midweek and you will have at least 2 FT’s, maybe 3. The main purposes of this article are threefold; to remind you to do your team, to provide a separate CL space to ask for help and advice from the community and to hopefully reciprocate in that aim and lastly just somewhere to chat about the games as they happen; a CL Live Match Chat if you like. Le...[Read More]

Pre-season Hub 2019/20 FPL season

Pre-season Hub 2019/20 FPL season Hello and welcome to the Pre-Season Hub 2019/20 season. A new season of FPL action is ahead and as some of you may now have become accustomed to FF247 will run an article detailing all relevant pre-season news focusing specifically on the team line-ups, goal scorers and assisters. This is the article and here’s how it works; This article is a living document which we update daily during pre-season. The intention is to offer a one-stop-shop for all fantasy relevant pieces of information as we begin to assemble our new squads over the coming weeks and months. I intend to personally update this as we go but as always, I’m not precious about it and your help is appreciated in copy/pasting all relevant and salient pieces of information against each team’s comme...[Read More]

New Fantasy Premier League Transfers 2019/20 – Moise Kean and Nicolas Pepe

New Fantasy Premier League Transfers 2019/20 – Moise Kean and Nicolas Pepe If my last player analysis article was a cautionary tale then this is more of an upbeat and promising one with talk of potential, proven stats, potential, excitement, potential, missing links, potential, Romelu Lukaku, potential and of course Mario Balotelli. Did we mention potential? Let’s go take a look at two genuinely enticing editions to our FPL landscape… Moise Kean* Everton FPL price: £TBCm (probably £7-8m?) Position: Forward One can only assume that some bright spark at Everton finally googled the words ‘centre forward’. Quite how they’ve managed to stay afloat in the Premier League without one since Lukaku left two seasons ago is anybody’s guess. Quite how they’ve m...[Read More]

New Fantasy Premier League Transfers 2019/20 – Che Adams and Joelinton

New Fantasy Premier League Transfers 2019/20 – Che Adams and Joelinton A tale of two £6m strikers. A tale of red cards, mediocre statistics, wishful thinking, youthful promise, Mike Ashley, Steve Bruce, Mark Hughes (yes!), anti-Moneyball, stating the bleeding obvious, dodgy hamstrings, James Beattie (yes!) and smoke & mirrors. A more positive intro you’d be hard pressed to find… and you’re probably thinking you know where this one is going already. And you’d probably be right to be fair. But don’t judge just yet, let’s go see if we can find some positives amongst what ostensibly appears to be a roasting. Joelinton Newcastle United FPL price: £6.0m It’s not often a beleaguered Newcastle United fan wakes up to a headline of ‘Toon bre...[Read More]

New Fantasy Premier League Transfers 2019/20 – Fornals, Haller and Jay Rodriguez

New Fantasy Premier League Transfers 2019/20 – Fornals, Haller and Jay Rodriguez Why did I pick these three then? I ask myself as I write an intro I wasn’t expecting to have to write. Well in complete fairness, I don’t know, I looked at the list and picked these three so I’d given myself a task to research and I got on with it. The result is that I now have all three in my latest draft – I can convince myself if no one else. FPL needs to begin soon as I’m on draft 6,489,432. Join me as I write about a returning homeboy and two new boys down Stratford way. Jay Rodriguez Burnley FPL price: 6.0mln Age: 29 FPL Position: Striker Previous FPL statistics: 2017/18: 7 Goals, 1 assist (109 points) 2016/17: 5 Goals, 2 assists (73 points) 2013/14: 15 Goals, 3 assists (152...[Read More]

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