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The Tips article, which will be released on Thursdays, is where we take a look at which players should be considered for your team, both on a short-term and longer-term basis. While the more obvious selections will, naturally, be included, we will also endeavour to find those hidden bargains and differentials that could set you apart from your rivals and help your performance in your mini-leagues.

Fantasy Football Trends From The Top GW21 Analysis

Fantasy Football Trends From The Top GW21 Analysis Welcome to Trends From The Top – What Are The Leaders Doing? After a small hiatus, I welcome you to this week’s edition of Trends From the Top. In previous weeks, the trends showed that the popular picks were indeed the wise ones. This week however, saw a bit of division amongst the top ten as well as a fascinating occurrence while selecting team captains. Read on to learn more… Who was the most captained player by the top ten for Gameweek 21? This week, for the first time in many, many gameweeks (I really mean seasons), an interesting phenomenon occurred in which there were 5 different captain picks among our leaders. This is indeed incredibly odd for those fighting for the top spot as they usually tend to go with the safe and...[Read More]

Fantasy Football Tips Gameweek 18

Fantasy Football Tips Gameweek 18 Twas the game-week before Christmas when all through the site not a member was stirring no meltdowns tonight Our captains selected chosen with care in hopes that green arrows soon would be there Our players were nestled all safe in their beds while visions of clean-sheets danced in our heads Could this be the week a big score for my cap? I lay myself down for a quick winter’s nap When over on Twitter there arose such a clatter I jumped on the boards to see what was the matter Some bloke from the paper says Aguero is back he’s been wrong before this might be all cack I could bring him in and hope that he scores but he may not be playing and it’s for minus four When what to my wandering eyes should appear it’s time for the site team so raise up a cheer...[Read More]

Fantasy Football Tips Gameweek 17

Fantasy Football Tips Gameweek 17 Welcome to Fantasy Football Tips Gameweek 17. Well, again it is time for GP Tips but in all honesty, you’ve caught me at a bad moment. For you see FPL and I are at yet another impasse, sleeping in separate rooms, she’s gone to her mothers in fact and I’m sitting here ignoring her messages knowing that I’m in the right and it was her who acted irrationally. I had done nothing wrong, I was attentive, treated her with respect, did all the leg work again as usual, and what do I get in return, the cold shoulder, surprise mood swings and a general feeling of aggravation and isolation in equal measure. She’ll be back though. She always comes back. And what’s worse, I’ll let her back.* *For the avoidance of doubt and if my wife reads this – this is metaphorical. L...[Read More]

Fantasy Football Tips Gameweek 14

Fantasy Football Tips Gameweek 14 Welcome to Fantasy Football Tips Gameweek 14. Why do you build me up (build me up) Buttercup, baby Just to let me down (let me down) and mess me around And then worst of all (worst of all) you never call, baby When you say you will (say you will) but I love you still I need you (I need you) more than anyone, darlin’ You know that I have from the start So build me up (build me up) Buttercup, don’t break my heart. This song may have been released long before the conception of FPL but its lyrics are tailor made for the emotions an FPL manager goes through. We’ve all been built up only to be let down…in the game-week just past many of us were let down by the likes of Richarlison, Martial and Aguero. And you know what? They’ll all do it again… When ...[Read More]

Fantasy Football Tips Gameweek 13

Fantasy Football Tips Gameweek 13 Welcome to Fantasy Football Tips Gameweek 13. Here we are then, as we breathe a sigh of relief that that’s the last international break of 2018 out the way. Unfortunately, it’s been a pretty turbulent time as a large number of the popular players have fallen out of contention through injury, as Mendy has gone under the knife and the likes of Doherty, Martial, Wan Bisakka and Trippier have found themselves with the dreaded yellow danger sign next to their name. Compounding that, we are at the start of what is going to be a busy time for Premier League teams – and therefore FPL players alike – as the fixtures are crammed together on the run up to Christmas and New Year. Richarlison, at least, looks to be OK as he played 23 minutes for Brazil agai...[Read More]

Fantasy Football Trends From The Top GW12

Fantasy Football Trends From The Top – GW12 Analysis Welcome to Fantasy Football Trends From The Top – GW12 Analysis. Hopefully, you saw last week’s bonus edition but just in case you missed it… Trends From the Top takes a detailed look at what the league leaders are doing every week in attempt for us, fantasy football fanatics, to capitalise on our observations and analysis of their selections and choices. I hope you enjoy this article as it helps prep you for this upcoming Gameweek! Who was the most captained player by the top ten for Gameweek 12? Based on GW 12 fixtures, it is of little surprise that 90% of our top 10 leaders selected Salah as their captain pick thus yielding them 16 points. Interestingly enough, our top league leader, Toni Haapanen from Finland, was t...[Read More]

Fantasy Football Tips Gameweek 12

Fantasy Football Tips Gameweek 12 Welcome to Fantasy Football Tips Gameweek 12. As I sit here about to write my introduction I note my five-year-old is watching the latest episode of Trolls on Netflix. To be honest, Trolls makes a lot more sense to me than FPL these days. Life has dictated that I no longer have nearly as much time as I once did to spend on FPL. It’s gotten to the stage where some might say I’m playing as a casual!! My current rank of 344k would also point towards casual status. I haven’t managed to creep inside the top 200k yet this season. Maybe I’ll just forget about FPL and become a Troll… Over the past number of weeks, we’ve had some excellent Tips articles from the likes of Rosco, GP and Swirly (aside from his sh*t keeper tips!). I’ve decided to try a different approa...[Read More]

Fantasy Football Tips Gameweek 11

Fantasy Football Tips Gameweek 11 Welcome to Fantasy Football Tips Gameweek 11. The build-up to GW10 revolved around one man; Mo Salah. On Twitter I read with amusement as all those people who’d give it ‘the big un’ when they ditched him weeks ago, suddenly in a panic to bring him back ‘is it worth a -8 to bring him in? I’ll sell my least favourite child, anyone want to swap a kidney for him?’ etc. It was only two game-weeks back that Harry Kane caused a similar panic, and we all know how that went. Fortunately, Salah delivered. Sadio Mane matched Salah’s 15pt return, softening the blow for those who had stuck by the Senegalese instead, but looking through my mini-leagues there was still plenty who went with neither. Ouch. While half the FPL community worried about ‘no Mo’,  it was ‘...[Read More]

Fantasy Football Tips Gameweek 10

Fantasy Football Tips Gameweek 10 Welcome to Fantasy Football Tips Gameweek 10. I’ve stepped back in to the breach this week, out of turn, which I’m happy with. I’m using this as a form of therapy for you see, because the last time I wrote Tips, for Gameweek 8, I did OK I think, well at least 87.5% of my Tips returned immediately (you won’t go back and check or do the maths!). Of the 16 names I tipped, only really two that I tipped never returned – Anthony Knockaert and Harry Kane. I’ll let you work out for yourselves who I brought in with my two transfers that week! So this week may not be as much who I tip below, but who I actually bring in myself, right? I’ve been having one of those FPL weeks now for about two months! (Positive Mental Attitude… Positive Mental Attitude… Pos...[Read More]

Fantasy Football Tips Gameweek 9

Fantasy Football Tips Gameweek 9 Welcome to Fantasy Football Tips Gameweek 9 So, here we are then, back to business after an international break that seemed to last even longer than the previous one. With most some of the popular FPL players coming out of the games unscathed, at the time of writing at least, we are able to look forward to four consecutive gameweeks of Premier League action before we have to put up with a lack of action over the weekend of 17th November. You may remember from reading the last tips article I wrote that my managerial career was hanging in the balance as I’d recorded the worst start to a season since becoming a member of this great website. Well, I’m afraid Gameweek 8 also joined the legions of previous weeks in being one to forget as I joined the Kane bandwag...[Read More]

Fantasy Football Tips Gameweek 8

Fantasy Football Tips Gameweek 8 Welcome to Fantasy Football Tips Gameweek 8 Having now read both Inittowinit’s tremendous Fixtures article and the Captain’s focus superbly supplied by Rosco, I feel like I have been painted in to a corner a bit this week. If this article was in a boxset this would be a filler episode! So I thought, what should I do if I can’t write screeds about players without seeming repetitive and you all falling asleep of boredom? Thenceforth came a condensed Tips article where I selected four quick players by position and did a couple of paragraphs about them – this was done without my usual research (no laughing at the back) and therefore I may read this back myself after publishing and question my own credentials/sanity. Here now, are my excuses in ascending n...[Read More]

Fantasy Football Tips Gameweek 7

Fantasy Football Tips Gameweek 7 Who’ll be the first manager to get fired? Could the sack race be won by Mark Hughes, as his Southampton side have won one game in six and conceded five goals in their last two? Or perhaps it might be Jose Mourinho as the trials and tribulations of being the Manchester United manager continue, having drawn 1-1 with Wolves and been knocked out of the Carabao Cup? Maybe even Neil Warnock, with no funds available, could be for the chop as his Cardiff team search for that first win and are reminded about the danger of relegation daily? Personally, I fear I would have been given the sack from my own FPL team by now this season, had there been a board overseeing my performance! A wildcard in the last gameweek seems to have stopped the rot and so there are hopes fo...[Read More]

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