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Negotiating DGW28 & BGW29 Part 2

Negotiating DGW28 & BGW29 Part 2

Negotiating DGW28 & BGW29

Welcome to Negotiating DGW28 & BGW29

We last asked the team this sort of question ahead of DGW25 and BGW26. We felt it was pertinent to go to the well again with similar (ish) GW’s incoming – albeit with a much less enticing double and a much blanker blank.

Let’s go see how they fared after the last debacle one and how they intend to tackle these upcoming ones.

OddDane – £2.2m ITB – 1FT

Alright, part two! The better, improved half of this segment. Or so you’d think. Usually, one saves the best for last, building suspense and showing the real gems in the end. Here you have my team instead – Ha!

The story so far

Since last time I’ve relied on the likes of KdBozo and Doku to save my week(s)… I even had a full starting team for the blank week, with a bench! Yeah, well, as it turns out Taylor, yes that Burnley bloke, scored more than my entire defensive line and he had one measly, freakin’ point! I then went on to buy a Korean bloke. He did nowt… Actually, that’s not fair. He did get injured. On the plus side, I remembered to bench Gordon. Again.

Conclusion. 500k drop in rank, and an invitation by a random bloke to join something called ‘anti-FPL’ because they adore me there…

GW28, onwards and sideways!

By now you must be eager to know my plans. Surely, so as to make sure they’re not a part of your plans that is! Fret not my friend. Here. They. Are.

Sell it all! Burn, baby, burn! Muahahaha…. Ahem. Anyway, the plan is to sell Jeremy. I don’t care for whom. Maybe Eze, E. What, with the cool name and all.

Full disclosure, Solanke (C) for his double – sorry in advance.

FH29, I’ll share to scare!

In week 29 I plan to do a sweeping declaration and share a panic free hit team on deadline day to prompt one or more heart attacks for those of you who have ventured into the dubious realm of Odd’s starting XI player selection – much like City’s starting lineup leaks, only here, you hope your team’s players are actually absent, or at least benched!

Have fun! And remember, don’t drink and press confirm transfers kids…

Swirly – £0m ITB – 1FT

The story so far

Gameweek 27 was certainly an interesting one for me. There were a number of 50/50 calls, and I managed to get every single one wrong. Trippier was always going to play, though I thought he would last longer than 52 minutes. That paled into insignificance just the next day, as my dilemma between Van Dijk and Senesi came to the fore, as the former got six points and the latter got one. Of course it was the Liverpool man on my bench; Bournemouth’s clean sheet didn’t account for anything when the chap is only on the pitch for 11 minutes. I was always going to play Kelleher over Areola, but another incorrect call was who to play between Gordon and Palmer. The thought process was that Brentford’s defence was decimated, though the mistake I made in playing the Chelsea man is that, well, it is Chelsea. So, a total of 32 points on the bench, as a few of my starting XI floundered.

I’m now looking at an overall rank of 110,517 after two consecutive red arrows, but I’m consoling myself with the facts that a) I’m still happy with my rank and b) just one point can mean quite a large shift in position.

Plans for DGW28

My original plan was to do nothing, as I was happy with how my team looked. I’m holding fire until something more concrete comes out on Senesi, but it’s looking likely I’ll take him out for another Bournemouth defender who has the double. Twitter is saying Zabarnyi, but Kerkez could be an option. That’ll restore my three DGW players for the gameweek.

Plans for BGW29

It’s a free hit for me, as I’d only have four starting otherwise. As for who’ll be selected, well, the fixtures don’t inspire much – though that does give vindication for not altering my whole team just for one gameweek.

IvanTheTerrible- 3.2 ITB- 0 FT

The story so far

It looks like this is going to be the worst season in my 13 years FPL career but I’ve learnt to live with it. Perhaps with a few bold decisions from now on might soften the blow and see the end of it.
After two relevantly good gameweeks when the ranking improved by 700 K it’s all going downhill again. DGW 25 wasn’t that bad but it was followed by disastrous BGW 26 when Pep decided to bench Walker and give KDB a six minutes cameo in which he managed to receive YC.

Plans for DGW 28

Earlier in the week I used the FT to replace Darwin with Solanke and avoid price fluctuations. I think he will be my only doubler. Have been pondering whether to get Neto for Dubravka but have decided against it as he has been rotating nicely with Areola for most of the seson and the upcoming fixtures ain’t bad at all. That said, taking a hit is very likely and that will be a replacement for KDB who has become an annoying expensive toy at late. It will be between Son and Bowen but that will be decided close to deadline.

Plans for BGW 29

With the planned hit for this week I would have 7 players and by using the FT they will become 8.
For now I am determined to resist using the FH. I recon it will be wrong to sacrifice the chip for 4 awful games as it can be used later in a big DGW with much better results. Then again, a week in football is a very long time and all sorts of unpredictable things can happen.

Matt – £2.7m ITB – -4 taken

The story so far

Since we last did this article back before DGW25, I have been on a steady downward spiral. I bought Darwin for the double, he played 45 minutes and got only 5 points. I sold him for GW26 for Solanke who has been outscored already by Darwin as he has blanked in his last 2 games yet Darwin scored. I also brought in Hwang in GW26 for the coveted home game against Sheffield United…. Wolves only scored one goal and it did not involve the South Korean, he then went and got injured! Things have not been going well at all. I have gone from around 519k to 777k. This game is FUN!

Plans for DGW28

I’ve got four double game week players and that is enough for me now. I had a few City players that I didn’t see the point in keeping, I sold two and in fact I think I’ll sell all three for the craic! I don’t care! I have Doughty at the back, Barkley in the midfield, Solanke and have now added Morris up top for that extra game and because my current players had a good few tough fixtures with games against Liverpool, Spurs, Villa, Chelsea. However, I don’t see it being a gameweek for the ages!

Plans for BGW29

I have a good few players for GW29 so I don’t need to use my FH chip for the blanks and will be happy to go with 8 or 9 players. I also don’t really like the fixtures or teams involved in GW29 so I plan on getting rid of them as soon as I can. I have WC31 pencilled in for my side with a FH34 and BB37 so I think everything will work out (Cue some new global pandemic that only effects footballers). I have sold KdB this week to Bowen in preparation for GW29 but also due to him having Burnley at home in 28. I also think I might try and get one more attacker either for Solanke or Foden who both blank. I won’t have many defenders with maybe 1 or 2 but defence is not where points are being made this season and I want to try and grab any attacking points that could be made. I hope this works but if this season has been anything to go by, I’m sure it won’t!

Inittowinit – £0.3m ITB – 2FT’s

The story so far

Up until we did this ahead of DGW25 I was having a decent season. Since then it’s all gone Pete Tong! Three red arrows to the cost of about 100k in places. Now I’m not saying that it’s all your fault…

In truth, I blame it on some combo of the allure, and ultimately failed promise, of KdB, the allure, and ultimately failed promise of the DGW itself, and my own daft decision to go without Watkins and Saka for a few weeks. Having had, held and profited from them all season prior to this.

I’m a bit annoyed really as my whole season had been based upon staying calm, making as few changes as possible, keeping the faith in what I had, etc, etc. And then a few things had to change, due to AFCON / Asian Cup, and the advent of the doubles and blanks. I guess this sort of threw my focus a bit. Having been as high as 15k, and held a steady ish rank beyond that, I have since plummeted to 112k in GW24, 182/4k in GW25/26 and then down to 219k in GW27.

GW28 Plans
Ah great, another DGW to ruin my season with! In truth though, I’ve probably held onto Alvarez a few weeks too long and so this is the perfect opportunity to finally switch him. Ideally it would be to Solanke but as you will see I am struggling for numbers in GW29 and so it may have to just be Morris instead. Elsewhere I will probably bring in Neto or maybe even just a Bournemouth defender, as exciting as that sounds. Although it does just feel like playing a numbers / percentage game.

GW29 Plans
Oh dear! I’ve currently got 4 for that. Hence the above with Morris, which would be 5. With the FT and maybe a hit then 6 or 7 fells like it approaching not having to use the FH, which I really do not want to waste on this pile of shit BGW with such obvious limits to it.

We hope that all of the above, and also that in Part 1 has been of some help to you. It has certainly been fascinating seeing the thinking ahead of BGW29, ranging from full on ignoring it to full on Free Hitting for it.

As ever, please feel free to continue to post up your own dilemas below and also attempt to help out others with theirs.

Thanks for reading Negotiating DGW28 & BGW29. This article was written by Swirly, Matt X, Ivan, OddDane and Init.



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