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FPL Fixtures Analysis Gameweek 38

FPL Tips and Fixtures Analysis Gameweek 38 Welcome to FPL Tips and Fixtures Analysis Gameweek 38. Ladies and gentleman, we’ve arrived at the end of this year’s journey. Some would say that the end has come too soon, whilst others are looking at their pitiful DGW scores for this current round…and they’re thinking the end can’t get here soon enough. I fall somewhere in the middle of those two sentiments; one part of me would love to see football every weekend, and the other part of me is just ready for some cold beer and baseball on a lazy Saturday. What else is a man supposed to do on Saturday? Watch MLS? Oh yeah, I’ve signed myself up for that, haven’t I? As for the matter at hand, this being the final gameweek of the FPL season, I feel that I’ve drawn the short straw in trying to cr...Read More

Fantasy Premier League Tips Gameweek 33

Fantasy Premier League Tips Gameweek 33 Welcome to Fantasy Premier League Tips Gameweek 33. Here we go, then – it’s been two months since my last article and it’s great to be back! The last piece I wrote actually turned into a bit of a beast that needed to be split in two, so sorry about that! Whilst it is a crucial time for us in fantasy football, with double gameweeks fast approaching, you’ll be pleased to read this one is a bit shorter! The gameweek just gone was, for many, business as usual – Spurs carried on with their fantastic run, with Alli, Eriksen and – in particular – Son bringing home the points, whilst Lukaku got another two goals and the likes of Aguero and Hazard found the back of the net. Oh and Sunderland lost, even to the draw specialists of Manchester United and Arsenal ...Read More

FPL Ramblings Part 2 The Striker Conundrum

FPL Ramblings Part 2 The Striker Conundrum Welcome to FPL Ramblings Part 2 The Striker Conundrum: What to do? Who to buy? But… if I sell him, I just know it is going to come back to haunt me. If I get this other guy, what happens if the other top striker goes off?! I am afraid of Aguero, but Costa has been so consistent. How about Zlatan? He is on fire right now. There is also some fella named Harry that pops up and gets some nice points for managers. What to do? Well, sometimes FPL is about gut feel. Sure you can lean on the stats and go with the majority in many cases, but this might not be one of those moments. The top 4 strikers (when fit or not kicking David Luiz) have made this difficult. We also can’t overlook the cheaper options. Because they have also caused us to doub...Read More

Fantasy Football 247 Site Team Gameweek 15

Fantasy Football 247 Site Team Gameweek 15 Welcome to the Fantasy Football 247 Site Team Gameweek 15 article. After a great rise in the ranks the previous week, we decided that we like the view from this perch. How much? Well, we moved up 80 spots! Considering we took a hit and did not captain Sanchez, we will call it a win. All the more when a quick glance at our team one can see that Pedro, Austin, Firmino and Kun combined for a total of 3 points. So Pedro was a bust as a transfer and now sits in the yellow, but our other move paid immediate dividends. Harry Kane scored 13 points and since he was our captain in GW14, that was doubled. If only we had went Alexis again…oh well, could have been 14 points worse also. We could have been one of the teams that went Kun and seen our site t...Read More

Fantasy Football 247 Site Team Gameweek 10

Fantasy Football 247 Site Team Gameweek 10 Welcome to the Fantasy Football 247 Site Team Gameweek 10 article. GW9 was one of the dullest game-weeks in history – it was a game-week dominated in the main by clean sheets for a change and we were fortunate enough to gain a clean sweep of them, courtesy of Cech, Walker, Holebas and Pieters. The only other contributions to our score were assists for Firmino and Lukaku and yet we scored 48pts, 6pts above the average of 42 and saw us climb to a ranking of 57,577. Exciting stuff. Another captain failure for Alexis was slightly compensated by Kun scoring just a solitary point on Sunday, so things could have been worse. All in all, we probably dodged a bullet given our defensive performance. Transfer: Rasford to Deeney We contemplated a whole r...Read More

Around the Grounds FPL Team News Gameweek 10

Around the Grounds FPL Team News Gameweek 10 Welcome to Around the Grounds FPL Team News Gameweek 10. Another week, another week to disappoint and deflate – or as so many are feeling after a rough few weeks which has seen captain choices fail and regular names not delivering. And so onto game-week 10 and we kick off at the Stadium of Light where Sunderland host Arsenal in the lunchtime match. Five 3pm matches follow as Man United aim to bounce back from last week’s nightmare at Chelsea as they host Burnley, Boro face Bournemouth, Spurs welcome the Champion Foxes, Hull go to Watford and West Brom tackle Man City. Liverpool again appear in front of the cameras as they face Palace under the lights at Selhurst… oh the memories. Sunday sees two matches – firstly Everton ...Read More

MLS GW34 Tips Fantasy Major League Soccer

MLS GW34 Tips Fantasy Major League Soccer The end of the season and quite possibly the end of an era. We stumbled across Guy on twitter a couple of seasons back and we were immediately taken with his laid back writing style allied to an obvious in-depth knowledge of MLS and his grasp of exactly what it is that makes a great fantasy football article. We were lucky enough that he accepted our invitation to write for us and we have all benefited ever since from his weekly tips and insight. It helps that he’s a great bloke ‘off the pitch’ too and it helps even more that his work is meticulous to the point that we don’t even bother editing it any more, we just know it will be polished already. Sadly though Guy has decided to call time on his MLS writing career. That̵...Read More

Fantasy Premier League Captain Picks Gameweek 9

Fantasy Premier League Captain Picks Gameweek 9 Welcome to Fantasy Premier League Captain Picks Gameweek 9. Fantasy Football is played by over 3 million people. A lot of them come to this website for help. This is an article to help you, the Fantasy Premier League manager, select his, or her, captain for the upcoming gameweek. This is a serious business. I want you to know that like all of the writers here, I take my responsibility as this week’s article author extremely seriously. It also hasn’t escaped me that for many of you playing in mini leagues, there is money at stake. Some of you need that money to pay your bills. Some need it to feed your family. Some of you, playing in Colombia for example, need that money to pay the ransom to get your sibling back from the cartel. That ma...Read More

FPL Fixtures Analysis Gameweek9 2016-17

FPL Fixtures Analysis Gameweek9 2016-17 Welcome to FPL Fixtures Analysis Gameweek 9 2016-17.Well would you look at this site now? It’s like this site is a character in an old RPG video game and it just leveled up and took on a completely new form. Usually leveling up comes with new abilities and gear. But in this case you still get me writing the Fixtures article. I haven’t lost any weight. I haven’t developed any new attacking moves or finishing combos. Still just me. But…in anticipation of this change, I did mark Stoke City #3 on my list of Best Bets last week. That raised a few eyebrows at the time, but after their 2-0 victory over the weekend, it may prove my FPL prowess is still good enough to be used in the future quests of this here site. And that’s probably enough with the ne...Read More

MLS GW33 Tips Fantasy Major League Soccer

MLS GW33 Tips Fantasy Major League Soccer Welcome to one of the most ‘MLS-y’ round of FMLS that you’re ever going to see. First of all, we have just two rounds left of regular season play – so naturally we’re all getting a universal wildcard to recover from the last round that happened during the international break. We have various teams already eliminated from postseason play, so we have no idea what their lineups will look like come game time. Oh, and the round starts and ends for all teams this Sunday. Never mind the fact that the NFL owns Sunday, the MLS is going to try to sling this round in there and hope for any piece of the market share. I guarantee there will be people checking their NFL fantasy teams throughout the day who will completely forget to set their FMLS lineups. ...Read More

Grab, Avoid or Bore Off! GW8 The European Edition

Grab, Avoid or Bore Off! GW8 The European Edition Welcome to the Grab, Avoid or Bore Off! GW8 The European Edition article. Another international break, another bore-fest for FPL managers everywhere. Just as we begin to build some momentum and look forward to bouncing from one weeks ecstasy to the next’s disappointment we are cruelly curtailed again. What it does allow us the chance to do though is to pause and reflect on our performance so far. Have we made the right choices, are our teams headed in the right direction, do we have plans laid out or are we basically just winging it week to week? They’re probably questions most serious FPL players ask themselves on a weekly basis and so we thought we would take this international break as a chance to actually ask those questions...Read More

FF247 Site Team Game-week 7 FPL Tips

FF247 Site Team Game-week 7 FPL Tips Welcome to the FF247 Site Team Game-week 7 FPL Tips article. Can we wildcard every week? Playing our wildcard last week certainly had the desired short-term effect, hopefully it also pays dividends over the coming game-weeks! We picked up 67pts which was 22pts above the average and this saw us jump back up from a rank of 262,127 to 91,692. The standout performers were undoubtedly Sergio Aguero, whom we had captained, and Alexis Sanchez. Elsewhere we had contributions from Petr Cech, Raheem Sterling and Marcus Rashford. Having brought Etienne Capoue in on our wildcard and more significantly as our 4th midfielder he blanked for just the 2nd time this season. We were not impressed. Yet again we were trolled by Romelu Lukaku. The Belgian had picked up 29pts...Read More

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