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Fantasy Football Live Match Chat Gameweek 7

Fantasy Football Live Match Chat Gameweek 7

Fantasy Football Live Match Chat Gameweek 7

Welcome to Fantasy Football Live Match Chat Gameweek 7. Your last chance for some FPL points before we go off again on another pointless international break and all your star players get to globe trot like carbon emissions are a thing of the past. GW7 spans just Saturday and Sunday this time and we begin with Spurs on the road (that’s good Spurs then) as they go to Huddersfield at lunchtime. We then have five 3pm kick-offs. None of which look particularly exciting if we are being totally honest! Man United hosting Palace may be for those who captained Lukaku, but then again who didn’t! Hence the lack of excitement…

The best game on Saturday (in theory) is being kept back until the evening and sees the current champs Chelsea host the probable next ones Man City. Or so it seems. You could probably have said the same this time last season. And been proven very wrong. Which makes it just the more intriguing this time.

Sunday is a veritable feast, at least compared to last week! Arsenal host Brighton in the early game, Koeman will hope that Niasse can keep him in a job a week longer in the 2.15pm one and then we round the week off with Liverpool going to Newcastle and the TV companies flogging the possibility of another 4-3 classic. Monkeys and typewriters and all that…


Keep track of all the action, the goals, the talking points, right here at FF247 Live Match Chat, an interactive chat which encourages you to keep involved and share your thoughts and emotions as the matches take place.

Good luck to absolutely everyone for GW7 from all at FF247!

Thanks for reading Fantasy Football Live Match Chat Gameweek 6

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  1. 163
    ziddy says:

    Contemplating hitting the button – first draft team, any thoughts welcome.

  2. 164

    How is this for a WC 1st draft. Any recommendations?

    Would like to have Jesus but would have to get RLC instead of Groß then Vardy out.

    1.0 ITB

    Dawson Davies Kolasinac
    T.Carroll Doucoure Coutinho D.Silva
    Vardy Kane Lukaku

    Elliot Groß Mee Hunemeier

  3. 165

    I’m tinkering with a WC team, many possibilities including my Full on Attack team.

    Is that defence just too thin??

  4. 166
    ATAEman says:

    Any ideas on ways to improve this team guys?

    Considering Morata to Jesus if Morata is ruled out of the Palace game next week.
    Or taking a -4 hit to change Morata to Vardy, Salah to Hazard. Need something different…


  5. 167
    Jamie Mc says:

    Changing the subject….doesn’t the two week break seem to last an eternity.

    Only one thing worse than the international break…the FA bloody cup.

    At least there is an interest in the home nations qualifiers, no-one cares about the FA Cup.

    Come on Scotland, home win against Slovakia and an away win in Slovenia secures second place in the group and should guarantee a play off place.


    • 167.1
      banjomaker says:

      I have to disagree on the FA Cup. I guess you support one of the top four? I think it’s a huge shame that the financial importance of the Premier League results in top teams playing weakened sides, but for the other 72 professional football league clubs, plus the 700+ amateur teams that compete every year, the magic of the cup is very much still there. In my opinion, it’s by far the greatest cup competition in the world.

      • Jamie Mc says:

        I was talking in Fantasy Football sense that all the two week breaks are a pain in the backside.

        I am Scottish so the English FA Cupis not as relevant to me.

        My English team was always Man City…I remember as a 10 year old, Tommy Hutchinson og against Spurs in the FA Cup Final. Spurs won the replay with the amazing Ricky Villa goal. Pretty sure Kevin Reeves??? scored a stunner which I guess is forgotten about.

        As a kid, the magic of the FA Cup final was real even in Scotland in those days.

        Possibly because in those days a live tv game was such a treat and Wembley is such an iconic stadium with the pitch looking so good.

        Ah the good old days….


        • banjomaker says:

          The magic of the cup certainly isn’t what it was. It’s such a shame because it’s such a unique competition. I think you’ve probably got a point about TV games being a treat and Wembley being more iconic back in the day. Playing the semi’s there has had a major negative impact.

          If I were you I would be quite happy sitting inside the top 1k for two weeks though ;) Congrats again by the way. Cracking start.

        • Australia have just started with the FFA cup, similar concept to FA cup. Everyone loves the Cinderella stories, great for local soccer.

    • 167.2
      Kop Warrior says:

      I always enjoy the brerak as it means I can forget about FPL for a while.

      I’m old school though as I still enjoy international football and the FA Cup. I realise the standard of football in the qualifiers isn’t great but I still believe that playing for your country at a major tournament should be held in high regard. I also think it’s a shame that the FA Cup is no longer what it once was. As a kid I used to love the 3rd round and the shocks it threw up and FA Cup final day was always the highlight of the season.

      • Jamie Mc says:

        The break up of Yugoslavia and Soviet Union has ended up in so many meaningless games for the top nations.

        Plus the seeding of the top nations makes it almost impossible not to qualify with 10 games to play. Holland may be the exception to the rule.

        How proud must you feel representing your country.

        Easy to say but if I was a player I would never retire from international football. The manager would need to retire me.


        • Kop Warrior says:

          The fall of communism has a lot to answer for!

          Being Irish, I don’t have to sit through any meaningless games. I do however sit through an awful lot of terrible games :)

      • colonial says:

        J Mc – You have not linked your 247 site name with your FF team – any reason? If not follow instructions in Help section. It is just good to know what team the writer has.

        • Jamie Mc says:

          Hi Colonial,

          Don’t know how – lol.

          I will try to follow instructions.



        • Jamie Mc says:

          Help, I don’t understand the instructions to link my team (might as well been in a foreign language).

          Fantasy Game – Check
          My Team – Check
          History (Underneath Team Kit) – Goosed


    • 167.3
      Colriles says:

      I love the coverage of the FA cup here in the States. We don’t get any (very little) Championship or League 1 coverage here so it’s nice to learn about some of the clubs we don’t get to see play here. Some great stories and personalities in the last few years…. pie-eating keeper come to mind :)

  6. 168

    Guys we have a Bore off! on the way, just give me a bit to get it ready.

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