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Fantasy Football Community Team

The FF247 Community Team

Fantasy Football The FF247 Community Team

Two seasons ago Cookie put out a call for new ideas for the Fantasy Football 247 site. I saw the request before leaving for work and whilst driving I kept thinking how we could have a Community team run by the people who frequent the site. One question kept coming back to me; if you get the median answers of a fantasy football community, would it lead to a successful fantasy football team?

After discussing it with the FF247 team we decided it would be too hard (logistically) to run that season and it went on the back burner. At the start of this season we decided it might be doable but we were still unsure of the logistics. Thankfully the offer of help came from two seasoned FF players, namely The Gallant Pioneer and Elleffcee and between the three of us we managed to iron out the problems.

The original version was using typed votes on the FF247 site and Twitter which was arduous but manageable. GP then took the bull by the horns and moved us onto Strawpoll and then on to the much more streamline Survey Monkey which has made calculations far more manageable thanks to the Scotsman’s initial time setting it up. At this point we’d like to say a massive thank you to GP for the time he has put into reinvigorating the voting for the Community Team. In all honesty he has been the driving force for it this season. To quote Init ‘Many thanks GP, massive effort running this, especially with them two stooges helping you’. I shall be having words with you later young man and not just about your grammar!

On average we get around 55-60 votes for transfers, captains picks and who to bench. Next season we will be tracking this more closely as it will make interesting reading for the end of season article.

So how did the team perform I hear you cry? Well, we finished with a very respectable rank of 100,193. Here are some more detailed stats taken from the excellent FPL Statistico site ( If you would like to see more detail of the Community Team our FPL code is: 586387.

[table width=”100%” colalign=”left|left|left|left|left”]
Total Transfers : 43
Total Points Hits : 32
Total Auto Subs : 13
Total Auto Subs Points : 15
Total Immediate Points Gained from Transfers : 181

[table width=”100%” colalign=”left|left|left|left|left”]
3-4-3 (30 times – average 55.5 points)
4-3-3 (3 times – average 61.7 points)
4-4-2 (3 times – average 40.3 points)
5-5-3 (1 times – average 154 points)
2-5-3 (1 times – average 61 points)

[table width=”100%” colalign=”left|left|left|left|left”]
Highest Gameweek Score : 154
Lowest Gameweek Score : 31
Median Gameweek Score : 55
Highest Gameweek Rank : 48520
Lowest Gameweek Rank : 3223249
Average Gameweek Rank : 1201913
Median Gameweek Rank : 1105410
Total FPL Users : 3734001
In Top x% of All Users : 2.68%


[table width=”100%” colalign=”left|left|left|left|left”]
Total Captain Points:,466
Total Captain Points as % of Overall Score:,21.64%
Total Vice-Captain Points:,208
Possible Captain Points if you Always used your Vice-Captain instead:,416
Possible Captain Points if you Always Captained Highest Gameweek Scorer:,1014
Total Actual Captain Points as % of Highest Possible Captain Points:,45.96%
Difference Between your Captain Points and Highest Possible:,-548
Possible Total Points if you Always Captained Highest Scorer out of (C) and (VC):,2214
Difference Between your Total Points and the Above Number:,-61
Possible Total Points if you Always Captained Highest Scorer:,2421


[table width=”100%” colalign=”left|left|left|left|left”]
Captains Used
Agüero (14 times – 162 points – average 11.6 points)
Lukaku (5 times – 64 points – average 12.8 points)
De Bruyne (4 times – 54 points – average 13.5 points)
Vardy (3 times – 24 points – average 8 points)
Kane (3 times – 40 points – average 13.3 points)
Sánchez (2 times – 56 points – average 28 points)
Payet (2 times – 40 points – average 20 points)
Özil (1 times – 4 points – average 4 points)
Pellè (1 times – 4 points – average 4 points)
Hazard (1 times – 4 points – average 4 points)
Giroud (1 times – 10 points – average 10 points)
Costa (1 times – 4 points – average 4 points)


[table width=”100%” colalign=”left|left|left|left|left”]
Points Difference to:

Rank 1 : -305
Rank 101 : -228
Rank 501 : -194
Rank 999 : -177
Rank 4996 : -130
Rank 9999 : -106
Rank 24995 : -70
Rank 49961 : -38
Rank 99979 : 0
Rank 249878 : 62
Rank 499909 : 124
[table width=”100%” colalign=”left|left|left|left|left”]
Benching Stats

Goals – 107
Assists – 66
Clean Sheets – 53
Own Goals – 2
Red Cards – 0
Yellow Cards – 42

[table width=”100%” colalign=”left|left|left|left|left”]
Goals – 2
Assists – 2
Clean Sheets – 8
Own Goals – 0
Red Cards – 1
Yellow Cards – 10
So what does that all mean?

The interesting facts are the variables that, as a community we control, so captain and benching transfers are harder to summarise:

We picked the highest scorer in our team as captain 45% of the time.
We benched two goals out of a total of 109.
We benched two assists out of a total of 68.
We benched eight clean sheets out of a total of 61.

And how well did we do?

Median Gameweek Score : 55
In Top x% of All Users : 2.68%

So the sun has set on one of the most amazing of Premier League seasons we are likely to see; the Fabulous Foxes wop the league by 10 points, LVG brought a new level of dullness to football and Spurs somehow manage to finish below Arsenal again.

As for the FF247 Community Team well you made it what is is. A massive thank you! We want this to carry on and go from strength to strength. For that to happen we need your help; spread the word and keep voting. We at FF247 are very proud of the fact this is the first community based FPL team and others have since followed our lead. As is said, “imitation is the the sincerest form of flattery.” We nearly finished in the top 100K (our points total was enough it was just the amount of hits that stopped us reaching it). So close to the holy grail of FPL in our first season!

So in answer to the original question; would the median answers from a fantasy football community lead to a successful fantasy football team? Abso-bloody-lutely!

Finally, we’d love some feedback from the community so if you’d like to leave feedback please comment below. To help us answering some/all of the questions would be great:

When you didn’t vote, why was this: Did you forget? Was it not posted enough?
Did you know you can find us in “Hot Comments”?
How is Survey Monkey for you to use?
Do you follow us on Twitter? If so do you retweet for us and if not would you consider it?
Anything else you’d like us to do differently?

Thanks again guys, see you all next season!

Thanks, GP/NZ/ELLE


To pre-register your interest, please click the Fanager banner above and enter your name and e-mail address to get involved – it take less than 30 seconds. Once registered, they’ll soon be in touch to advise you of when the game is ready to explore and play, so please get involved, register your email address and tell a friend.

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  1. 13
    Silvers says:

    Morning Cookie yes I’m not keen on Hendo , but who else will he be looking at dropping Townsend , Wilshere , Drinkwater , Lallana & Rasford who do you think should be dropped.

  2. 14
    Silvers says:

    Been looking to find cheap def for the Euros all 4.5m maybe Chester Wales , Johanssen Sweden , Hinteregger / Prodi Austria , Durica Slovakia & Keogh R of I are worth looking at these . Also maybe a Romania player but not sure who yet.

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