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Live Match Chat Gameweek 25 FPL News

Live Match Chat Gameweek 25 FPL News

Live Match Chat Gameweek 25 FPL News

Welcome to Live Match Chat Gameweek 25 FPL News: There are just 14 weeks left now. Four or five of those will involve irregular fixtures due to either double or blank GW’s and will probably shape your FPL season. This isn’t one of those. That’s not to say this one isn’t a game changer. Or is it? Just ask Lukaku owners this week. Or indeed non owners… We hope you find your Lukaku this week. It probably won’t be Lukaku though… Doubles, blanks or neither – Lukaku was proof that every week matters. This one begins with Arsenal looking to revive any faint hopes of a title challenge at home to an ever improving Hull. Five games follow at 3pm including the man himself travelling to Middlesbrough. Saturday is rounded off nicely with a biggie as Liverpool host Spurs. Sunday begins with an intriguing one as Burnley’s amazing home record is put to the ultimate test as Chelsea swagger into town. Later on Swansea will look to get their recent revival back on track against a beleaguered Leicester side. Our GW doesn’t end there though as we have a Monday game this week which sees Bournemouth try to stop the latest phenomenon that is Jesus of Manchester. Good luck this week and please feel free to join us as ever as the action unfolds and post your thoughts, comments and feelings as the points (hopefully) roll in for you.

Saturday11th February
Arsenal vs Hull

Man Utd vs Watford
Middlesbrough vs Everton
Stoke vs Crystal Palace
Sunderland vs Southampton
West Ham vs West Brom

Liverpool vs Spurs

Sunday 12th February
Burnley vs Chelsea

Swansea vs Leicester

Monday 13th February

Bournemouth vs Man City

Keep track of all the action, the goals, the talking points, right here at FF247 Live Match Chat, an interactive chat which encourages you to keep involved and share your thoughts and emotions as the matches take place.

Good luck to absolutely everyone for GW25 from all at FF247!

Thanks for reading Live Match Chat Gameweek 25 FPL News. This article was written by FF247

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  1. Not sure when was the last time I have seen Barsa outplayed and almost humiliated.

    • Almost humiliated? This is complete humiliation, I love it.

    • Evening Doc, did you get sorted with the code ?

    • Didn’t they get a hammering at Bayern a couple of year ago – like 7-0 aggregate? Hope it will be like that again! Allez Paris!!! :)

      • Ummm no. I remember Bayern getting a 5-0 hammering in 2009 or something and the next year reaching hte CL final.

        Ps. I think it was Barca giving them the beating.

        • Perhaps Raz! Karma is a bitch lol…Oh well Barca are capable of a big big win at camp Nou.
          But this was in 2013 :
          Bayern did put 7 past them….remember thinking it was a dream but it actually happened lol!

        • Oooh wait, Kung Fu. That was over 2 legs.

        • Over two legs and arms in deed! ;) PSG are capable of this – but I see a draw at Camp Nou – that coach is something special in Europe!! It would be nice if they finally win CL – quite tired with the usual suspects! PSG or Atletico for a change!

        • This Barca is awful though.

        • Yeah! I do not know what is up with them. Iniestas “decline” and Busquets inability to actually play proper footie really left them exposed! BOOOOOOOOOM!
          MSN was also nowhere to be seen – strange – something must have happened in the dressing room before the match – I think Suarez ate all the team’s Snickers bars!

        • Time for Messi to City & Aguero to Liverpool ?! :p

        • Lolz those rumours are sure to start circulating now haha! I bet Pep will create some fake Twitter profiles and get things going!

      • Yes. That was the Heynckes Bayern team. That team was a dream :kissheart:
        A well-oiled juggernaut that destroyed everyone in its path.

  2. Hmmm, two Dortmund defenders really haven’t helped me. Glad I have a Benfica goalie and the one delivering the assist for Benfica. 12 and 9 points from Benfica defense. Goalie stopped a penalty. HEHE!

    • From my forward you b@stard :D

      • The goalie was the man of the match. Hehe. I am first in the FF247 Fantasy CHampions League. I got 28 points today from 5. I will bench the bloody Dortmund dimwits and maybe even Messi. Hehe. Positive thing is that I still have 3 more cappo choices. Ronaldo tomorrow, Griezmann and maybe even the guy from Porto.

      • That was harsh init. He had two sitters and a missed penalty ! I am now happy I changed him to Lewandowski but I’ll be looking to get him in for the second leg. Very unfortunate/uninspired here.

        • Yeah sorry, I missed the two sitters out :)

  3. Ooh people. I am a famous person. I am number 1 in the Dutch League of Fantasy Champions League and number 119 in the overall ranking of Fantasy Champions League. Props to me. Hehe. ;)

    Most importantly, number 1 in the FF247 league in Fantasy Champions League Football. :D

    • Oh, stop bragging!
      We all know it won’t last long ;)

      • I figured you’d be happy this star lives amongst these mere human beings. :)

        • Mehehe, I’d rather do better at Fantasy Premier League, but it is what it is. Just 40 something points away from the number 1 of the Fantasy Champions League. The number 1 capped Di Maria though, hehe. Who knew Messi and co would go this bad. I am sure they will score a fewf goals in the next leg, so good cappo material, but I don’t see them making the second round. Not in any scenario In all honesty, I am happy with that. Done with the Barca/Real/Bayern dominance.

        • We are Raz, we sure are :)
          BTW, you are doing pretty well in FPL fantasy, too…

    • Raz I’d say I was pleased for you. But I’m not. ;) :D

    • Brilliant Raz, well done.

      I’ve just checked my team and not having seen the game I was delighted I had the PSG keeper!

      0 points? I picked Areaola and Emery played Trapp. :cuss:

  4. Any news on carzorla?

  5. LUKAKU has a calf problem and is to see a specialist about treatment – HO HUM all who have brought him in early for GW26

  6. Is there any reason almost 80,000 managers have brought in Gabbiadini when he hasn’t got a game this week?
    In his next 4 games his got: blank, wat (a), MANU (H) and tot (a)
    am i missing something?

    • photek

      Some are blinded by his goals and look no further ahead than last week (if that sentence makes sense!) whereas others won’t mind he won’t be playing and will be buying him to make money from his rise in value.

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