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Live Match Chat Gameweek 28 FPL News

Live Match Chat Gameweek 28 FPL News

Live Match Chat Gameweek 28 FPL News

Welcome to Live Match Chat Gameweek 28 FPL News: Or at least what there is left of it! If ever there was a definition of a ‘blank’ game-week then maybe this is it. There are just 4 games this week. And just two of the current top seven feature. That’s not to say that the weekend if irrelevant of course, as the rubbish teams can still score you some points, but in all honesty if you can still get excited about this lot then we doff our caps to you as a hardcore fantasy manager. As for the action itself then there are three games at 3pm on Saturday – Bournemouth will be looking to turn their Old Trafford resilience into something more tangible, and arrest their current slide, with what would be their first victory in 2017 as they welcome West Ham. With Man Utd winning the Milk Cup last week 7th place now represents a chance to qualify for the Europa thing and the two prime candidates face off this week to see who wants it least. Actually Pulis would probably see it as a feather in his cap whereas Koeman is probably more aware of it’s pitfalls. Now we aren’t suggesting that Everton would ever throw a game… but they probably should! The third game is a relegation battle as Hull face Swansea. Defeat for Hull won’t necessarily seal their fate but it will go a long way to doing so. We close out on Sunday with just the one fixture which sees Liverpool hosting Burnley. The visitors don’t often visit anywhere well. We don’t mean that they turn up late, get drunk and are surly and rude. Quite the contrary, in fact. They turn up on time, are polite and respectful and usually bend over obligingly when asked. If the real Liverpool turn up then they may well fill their boots in this one.

Saturday 11th March
Bournemouth vs West Ham
Everton vs West Brom
Hull vs Swansea

Sunday 12th March
Liverpool vs Burnley

As an added bonus, and as the main reason why there are so few PL games this weekend, the FA Cup Quarter Finals take place this weekend and may be worth keeping an eye on as they will dictate further DGW scenarios depending on who progresses. Just so that you are aware, they look like this –

Saturday 11th March
Middlesbrough vs Man City

Arsenal vs Lincoln

Sunday 12th March
Spurs vs Millwall

Monday 13th March
Chelsea vs Man United

Keep track of all the action, the goals, the talking points, right here at FF247 Live Match Chat, an interactive chat which encourages you to keep involved and share your thoughts and emotions as the matches take place.

Good luck to absolutely everyone for GW28 from all at FF247!

Thanks for reading Live Match Chat Gameweek 28 FPL News. This article was written by FF247

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  1. Afternoon gents,
    I know I’ve left it a bit late but should I transfer out Sterling for Coutinho?
    Team below
    8.something itb
    Already on a -8

    • db, that’s a good looking team. the timeline is over anyways. We have exactly the same front 4.

      • Thanks,

        Yep left it a bit late, had one of those annoying customers asking the insurance and outside of a ducks ass bit not one of his questions was relevant for the system I installed. Oh well, it’s not something that actually bothers me but was trying to get back to the van for about 40 minutes to finalise my team :biggun:
        Good luck all.

  2. Couldn’t decide on my captain so I let fate decide!
    Kept switching back and forward between Mane and lukaku ( literally and deliberately!) right up till the deadline so I have no idea which one it landed on before it saved!
    Thought it might make things a bit more exciting… I live on the edge ha ha

    • It ended on Mane! Thought it would have been kaku! Well this makes tomorrow more interesting!
      Snoddy and Brunt need to come off those benches!!

  3. Good luck everyone. I went with the late cappo in Mane. Hope it won’t bite me in the ass. I have checked Pools and Manes form at home and he scores for fun there, even against he big teams.

  4. Brunt and snodgrass benched… not looking good for me this week! Oucheee

    • Snoddy has been a letdown since he moved over. He needs trust by the manager though. He can do great things, but the teams need to be built around him. I also have him, only got an assist the first week I got him. Has done shit all since. Really annoying.

      Anyway, he should come on the pitch later and maybe grab an assist. Who knows.

      • Yeah I brought him in ages ago as part of the ‘grand plan’ but he’s been a let down!

  5. All the best everyone. Let’s wish that all our players start the game in the first place..

  6. Adamm Smith for a -2? :p


    • By the way guys, you reckkon I am good? I made Mane cappo and Lukaku vice. SNoddy not starting and Firm is a big doubt.

      • As good as you’re going to be Raz :)

      • Not ideal but you should be okay.

  7. City won 2-0 at Boro courtesy of Silva and Aguero goals if anyone cares.

    • Ya.. Kun goal was good

      • Would have been better against Stoke

        • In deed. Raheem assist and TC Kun goal would have been a treat.

    • I watched the Chinese super league game rather than the FA cup, I might be a bit more interested come semi final time though I’d prefer them to be played away from Wembley still.

  8. Finally finalised my team for the upcoming weeks no Zlatan , Sanchez or Aguero don’t need em Llorente has more points for Aguero for essentially half the price. I’m banking on Arsenal not delievering in the double gameweeks. Now hopefully I can secure that top 10k finish and end this season on a high note.

    • Oh yes any recommended changes would be appreciated I’m always looking to improve my squad.

    • What’s your current rank Waxys? You seem very confident. BTW very good looking team there. I mean beauty-wise.

      • My current rank ain’t the best anymore but There’s still many games do go I’m not far at all. Haha colours look nice, Mane kinda ruins the look but I need some Liverpool’s coverage function over form in this case.

        • Can you share the status of your bench too. That’d be good

        • Sure thing

        • Waxys, you need to sort that bench out. Moreover, you need to reduce the risk by getting players from other teams too. Currently, you have players from 5 teams(including Mane) only. That’d bite you for sure later. I’d suggest you to check the form and fixtures of any player you chose. Rest, your wish and strategy.

        • Other teams have let me down… I do not trust them. Jak is a good keeper he’s all I need herjberg plays I think..

        • OK.. suit yourself

    • How many points have you got so far Waxys?

  9. This is the perfect example of what I was ranting about earlier. This is my ML leader (don’t ask). He’s very short in numbers and only made 1 FT and that was Luk for Kun. He obviously capo’d him as I did but given I have 8 other starters vs his other 5 I now start the week with a +6 advantage. Not too much ofcourse, but a misfiring capo choice would immediately cancel that. Win-Win.

    • Misfiring (differential) capo I meant. And here’s his team.

      • How is he winning with that team?

        • Kane did it…

        • Kane has been a complete bastard if you didn’t have him…

  10. Seeing a lot of love for Mane as captain. Will be interesting to see the overall stats

    • FPL discovery will no doubt update soon to fill in the blanks for who’s done what, that smarty pants guy is normally up to speed.

      • Was just about to post it up Andy.

        Here we go –

        • 30% of teams overall captained Ibra,Costa or Aguero ??

        • Ibra captained by 15%.. Dead for sure.

        • That’s roughly the amount of dead teams Brooky so feels about right

      • The dead teams will be a little inflated this year with more teams joining up looking for the weekly prize boost with the chips (I think), gets more hits for the FPL site though.

  11. I’m watching the Bournemouth game..what about you guys?

    • Soccer Saturday for me, lots going on throughout all the divisions in England so I like to keep up to speed with all that.

  12. King penalty miss for Bournemouth !

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