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Live Match Chat Gameweek 28 FPL News

Live Match Chat Gameweek 28 FPL News

Live Match Chat Gameweek 28 FPL News

Welcome to Live Match Chat Gameweek 28 FPL News: Or at least what there is left of it! If ever there was a definition of a ‘blank’ game-week then maybe this is it. There are just 4 games this week. And just two of the current top seven feature. That’s not to say that the weekend if irrelevant of course, as the rubbish teams can still score you some points, but in all honesty if you can still get excited about this lot then we doff our caps to you as a hardcore fantasy manager. As for the action itself then there are three games at 3pm on Saturday – Bournemouth will be looking to turn their Old Trafford resilience into something more tangible, and arrest their current slide, with what would be their first victory in 2017 as they welcome West Ham. With Man Utd winning the Milk Cup last week 7th place now represents a chance to qualify for the Europa thing and the two prime candidates face off this week to see who wants it least. Actually Pulis would probably see it as a feather in his cap whereas Koeman is probably more aware of it’s pitfalls. Now we aren’t suggesting that Everton would ever throw a game… but they probably should! The third game is a relegation battle as Hull face Swansea. Defeat for Hull won’t necessarily seal their fate but it will go a long way to doing so. We close out on Sunday with just the one fixture which sees Liverpool hosting Burnley. The visitors don’t often visit anywhere well. We don’t mean that they turn up late, get drunk and are surly and rude. Quite the contrary, in fact. They turn up on time, are polite and respectful and usually bend over obligingly when asked. If the real Liverpool turn up then they may well fill their boots in this one.

Saturday 11th March
Bournemouth vs West Ham
Everton vs West Brom
Hull vs Swansea

Sunday 12th March
Liverpool vs Burnley

As an added bonus, and as the main reason why there are so few PL games this weekend, the FA Cup Quarter Finals take place this weekend and may be worth keeping an eye on as they will dictate further DGW scenarios depending on who progresses. Just so that you are aware, they look like this –

Saturday 11th March
Middlesbrough vs Man City

Arsenal vs Lincoln

Sunday 12th March
Spurs vs Millwall

Monday 13th March
Chelsea vs Man United

Keep track of all the action, the goals, the talking points, right here at FF247 Live Match Chat, an interactive chat which encourages you to keep involved and share your thoughts and emotions as the matches take place.

Good luck to absolutely everyone for GW28 from all at FF247!

Thanks for reading Live Match Chat Gameweek 28 FPL News. This article was written by FF247

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  1. Firminho, please start…………. I have a terrible feeling. :(

    My transfers were Firm and Llorente. Haha. One hit.

  2. Liverpool XI: Mignolet, Clyne, Matip, Klavan, Milner(c), Wijnaldum, Can, Lallana, Mané, Origi, Coutinho #LIVBUR

  3. Here’s hoping for a Mane poker and Lallana blank.

    • You capped Lukaku though?

      • Yeah overall rank wouldn’t be good but ML wise it would. Rival doesn’t have him and has Adam.

  4. Well this week is going well,with Firmino & Lorente coming in to produce 1 point for a 4 point hit. Baines goes off for a 1 pointer but is fine for next week. Still got Captain Mane ,Barnes and Brunt,another 1 pointer,coming on for Firmy.

    Was looking to do Lorente to Kane as his price was going up tonight but held up after Firmy and I was happy I did when Kane got injured with what looks like a bad ankle.

    If Chelsea win tomorrow,then it looks like Southampton will have 3 games to arrange.Arsenal & Utd at home and Chelsea away so I think Gabby will be in my team soon.

    • Barnes with a goal,is my luck changing? A brace from Mane would be nice!

  5. Kane’s injury looks like a bad one. I wonder if Janssen will find he’s scoring boots now.

    • No. ;)

    • Janseen wasn’t even trusted… Poch brough Eriksen on for Kane instead!

      Alli with a goal and assist now, without Kane present, a promising sign for his upcoming FPL returns.

    • Yea I’m happy I’ve already got Alli, but dunno what to do about Kane. What’s people’s thoughts on Vardy? Leicester have a nice run in.

    • It seems he did just score his first goal from open play. That’s at least something. :p

      • Yea that’s what prompted me to think about it. He missed a sitter 5 minutes later tho ;)

  6. Barnesss! What a beast, at 4.4m, he has been for me.

    Screamer from Ben Mee must be inbound now… ;)

    • He’s great for the price I may get him for my bench.

  7. Liverpool only do well against big clubs. If Burnley bring in any subs it’s all over for Liverpool they will collapse faster than a house of cards. Having did that I did captain a Mane so I’m hoping for a hat trick.

  8. Liverpool equaliser from Wijnaldum right on half time but that first half from Pool was pretty abysmal !

    • Wijnaldum went off injured mate ;)

      • Haha no that was Coutinho….. ;)

        • Still a better buy for a hit than Firm. Hehe.

    • Leicester revisited!

  9. Kane and Mane always do Shit all when I cap em. Jane misses penalties and Mane works hard for 2 points. :(

  10. Anybody else thinking of an early wc ?? :)

    • No.

    • Early as in 6 weeks ago maybe ;) but honestly if you’ve had a shit week I wouldn’t worry about it Brooky, most will be the same. You’re advantage is that huge GW 37!

      • Chasing a 70 point lead in an ml,the leader will play his wc just before gw37 too,he still has his tc chip too.I need a different tactic to him,he’s a good player aswell so i’m thinking as soon as the dgw’s are announced which should hopefully be gw30 time ish to go for it.Will help in getting Sanchez back to.

        • Yeah that’s tough Brooky. Im over 100 behind my leader whos an absolute part timer, lad got 9 points this GW (YES THIS SEASON HAS ACTUALLY BEEN THAT BAD). Only thing I could suggest is u know what teams have more DGWS coming (not necessarily when) so focus each FT transfer around them. I’m in a similar position so that’s my plan, kanes injury has actually benefitted that

        • I need to gamble so i’m pretty sure i’m gonna wc gw 30,more so as the city dgw and this gw are fails really.Hopefully by then we will know for sure when the dgw’s will be.I already know that gw 34 and especially gw37 will be the main ones.

  11. Can’t believe everyone of my pool players let me down today!

    Feel a couple of rage transfers are coming tonight!!

    • And to think people were getting excited by Liverpool’s fixtures after the derby!

      • Was painfull to watch,think i’ll lose both Coutinho and Mane over the next couple of weeks.

        • Coutinho and firmino are going in the next few days! Alli is coming in, the other is TBC

        • Coutinho especially was terrible,not sure if he was carrying a niggle ? So much for his supposed great stats,i dont think he even had 1 shot !

  12. Wow. Even Mane is missing sitters.

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