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Live Match Chat Gameweek 29 FPL News

Live Match Chat Gameweek 29 FPL News

Live Match Chat Gameweek 29 FPL News

Welcome to Live Match Chat Gameweek 29 FPL News: After an odd GW with just the four games we are back to normal this week with a full compliment of ten to go at again this time. West Brom and Arsenal kick us off at lunchtime on Saturday and then we have no less than five 3pm games with the Palace boring Watford, Everton battering Hull, Stoke pathing the title pathway for Chelsea, Sunderland giving Burnley their best chance yet of an actual away win and then West Ham being Leicester’s latest victims since they woke up again and remembered that they are the champions. Saturday doesn’t end there though as Bournemouth host Swansea in a key game at the wrong end of the table. Sunday brings us the remaining three fixtures as ‘Boro host Man United in the early one, Spurs take on Southampton in the middle one and then Man City and Liverpool book end the lot in what could be the game of the week.

Saturday 18th March

West Brom vs Arsenal

Crystal Palace vs Watford
Everton vs Hull
Stoke vs Chelsea
Sunderland vs Burnley
West Ham vs Leicester

Bournemouth vs Swansea

Sunday 19th March
Middlesbrough vs Man United

Spurs vs Southampton

Man City vs Liverpool

Keep track of all the action, the goals, the talking points, right here at FF247 Live Match Chat, an interactive chat which encourages you to keep involved and share your thoughts and emotions as the matches take place.

Good luck to absolutely everyone for GW29 from all at FF247!

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Fixture Tracker

The Tracker in full…

FT Diff

Teams with DGW’s ahead… (with thanks to Rosco)

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  1. Arsenal XI: Cech, Bellerín, Mustafi, Koscielny(c), Monreal, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Xhaka, Walcott, Ramsey, Welbeck, Sánchez #WBAARS

  2. West Brom XI: Foster, Dawson, McAuley, Evans, Nyom, Fletcher(c), Livermore, Brunt, Chadli, McClean, Rondón #WBAARS

  3. Let’s get the big points in then people!

    Very best of luck y’all*

    *(For Guy and Mito).

  4. Dear all,
    Walkers play or not?

  5. Best of luck everybody. Here is to a good gameweek. Expected one last weekend but my hope is on this one now. GO ALEXIS AND FIRMINHO!

  6. Capos etc…

  7. 1:0 Wet Brom

  8. Whooooooo made my transfer welcome Robles and when city have good fixtures again I’ll Bring in Caballero

    • Dont they have 2 tough fixtures?

      • He loves to have funny City defenders. ;) They can’t defend for shit. Hehe.

        • By the way Waxys. I have been waiting for ages and ages to see your rank. What is your rank mate? :)

          If you can take screenshots you can link your team right? :)

        • Ps. Apart from Stones and the injured Walker, your team looks incredible. Oooh wait, Hazard also injured. What 2 players will come from the bench?

        • What happened to hazard? I’ve heard no news

      • Robles was due to go up tonight I can’t afford to wait i also have a good sub keeper so no problem.

        • And as a follow up to Raz’s question, are you going to share your rank?
          You seem surprisingly coy about that. Embarrassed?

        • It’s a bit personal don’t you think? It’s like asking someone how much they earn.

        • Past experiences suggest that managers who don’t link their teams are more often than not spoofing :)

        • That include you kop ?? :)

        • Fck yeah! I haven’t a clue what I’m talking about.
          I’ve always assumed my team was linked.

        • You big fraud :)

        • Thought you were just too embarrassed to show it…. :)

        • Classic

    • Nah it’s nothing like that mate it’s just a game the other is real life, plus you were talking about making top 10k so you must be doing alright! Just link your team like everyone else nothing to be ashamed of!

      • His team changes so often. I think he plays more for fun and amusement than the serious rank

        • Woah woah woah right now I’m top 5k for champions league fantasy and I have a consistent 30k-100k finish every epl season. A team must constantly be changing to stay revelant it’s how I’ve made so much profit

        • I can laugh all day :hippo:

        • I’d be very surprised if you’re in the top million never mind 30k!

        • I believe you Waxys

        • My team isn’t radically different from when I firet started.

        • He’s back!

          Link your team son…

        • I’m not sure how to. And even if I did I wouldn’t as you’re guy that wants me gone.

          End of season I’ll show my rank, as that’s all that matters. Anything can happen. But if I don’t finish in this bracket 10k- 60k I will very suprised and disappointed.

        • If I wanted you gone, you’d be gone…. ;)

  9. Hmmm, hoping Danny Rose will return for the next game. He is just 5.9m now, great value for money.

    • So that’s GW34. City play West Brom and United play Burnley that week. And that’s a Thursday night and City play again on the Saturday, united on the Sunday. Smacks of City rotation that.

      • Hey Init, rotation is the reason I decided to use my WC this week. I didn’t like the team I had and wanted Sanchez back in. I also had the Kane injury and Snoddy, who’s been crap. Had double WBA with Foster and GMac. Needed to make a lot of moves and the unique craziness of the doubles this season caused me to use it early. My squad:

        • Capoue has to go!

        • The rest is really good tho except for capoue and Vardy better and cheaper options out there

  10. I feel like Sanchez has to carry arbsela the same way ibra carries united :/ interesting to see how poor hey would perform without their key players respectively.

    Ozil what are you doing this season? And he wants the same wage as Sanchez???.

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