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Live Match Chat Gameweek 33 FPL News

Live Match Chat Gameweek 33 FPL News

Live Match Chat Gameweek 33 FPL News

Welcome to Live Match Chat Gameweek 33 FPL News: Just the six gameweeks left and so time is running out to close down those mini-leagues, make a late run for glory or consolidate what you have, all in the pursuit of office bragging rights. It may just be six gameweeks but not all gameweeks are created equal, as we are about to find out. At least three of them will be DGW’s. This is the part of the season when planning and preparation come to the fore and the casuals are left in a daze wondering how their seemingly unassailable 100 point lead suddenly turned into a deficit. Chips will be brandished like confetti. And those that can’t will learn lessons about patience.

GW33 is perhaps one of the last of the ‘normal’ gameweeks when all 10 teams will play, and just once at that. Spurs kick us off with a home fixture on Saturday lunchtime, much as they did last week when they mauled Watford. This time their victims are Bournemouth. And this time they will probably have Kane and not Janssen…

Saturday continues with five 3pm kick offs as Palace welcome a rampant Leicester, Everton batter Burnley, Stoke bore Hull, Sunderland pretend to care against West Ham before we finish with Watford teasing Swansea.

Saturday closes out with Man City visiting an in form and stubborn Southampton at tea-time.

Sunday begins with West ‘out of the office until August 2017’ Brom hosting Liverpool before we get to Jose trying to derail Chelsea’s title bid at 4pm.

The gameweek ends on Monday as we count the banners again. And planes. And planes with banners. Seriously, how much determination and / or money do these people have?! Anyway, if anyone notices or cares for the game itself it is Middlesbrough facing Arsenal.

Please join us as ever to discuss the games as they happen and share your feelings, successes and woes as the action unfolds and hopefully the FPL points flood in for you.

Saturday 15th April
Spurs vs Bournemouth

Crystal Palace vs Leicester
Everton vs Burnley
Stoke vs Hull
Sunderland vs West Ham
Watford vs Swansea

Southampton vs Man City

Sunday 16th April
West Brom vs Liverpool

Man United vs Chelsea

Monday 17th April
Middlesbrough vs Arsenal

Keep track of all the action, the goals, the talking points, right here at FF247 Live Match Chat, an interactive chat which encourages you to keep involved and share your thoughts and emotions as the matches take place.

Good luck to absolutely everyone for GW33 from all at FF247!

Thanks for reading Live Match Chat Gameweek 33 FPL News. This article was written by FF247

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  1. Hi all! Good luck this gameweek! Should I be doing anything with this lot this week? I have 0.3 in the bank and 1FT. Any advice would be appreciated!

    • In any other week I’d say roll it but seeing that your short in numbers for dgw34 and given the CL Leicester situation I would vote against shipping Origi and Firmino for Tekkers and Zaha! Kane would be good too but that wouldn’t suit the purpose of adding dgwers.

  2. Morning gents
    First of all best of luck to each and everyone.
    Secondly, I need your help. Should I play AOA this week or next week? Top 8 will be pretty much the same (with Ibra in Kane’s spot) so it’s down to whether play Siggy now against Watford or next week home to Stoke. If that ‘was that’ I’d play it next week but the problem is my defense. If Fuchs gets rested – which he probably will – then Smith comes in (potential negative pts…) which leans to AOA this week. Next week on the other hand offers Smith at home to Boro, Fuchs away to Arsenal and Shawcross at Swansea. That looks better defensive wise and also I’m planning to add a Utd or Boro defender for the dgw which means I’d probably have a better defense next week with less need of AOA (and play 3-4-3). The problem is I’d then need to bench Siggy who has a good one or Sterling who is at home vs Utd. Humm maybe that answers it, AOA this week, bench Sterlo next week? Definitely could use some fresh eyes on this if anyone can be bothered. Cheers

    • Play AOA and Jaku?

    • DMC

      As it looks you have your front eight fit this week, I would use it now (i.e. this week). By the time of the next gameweek anything can have happened.

      • Thx both. Here it is!

        • You said thanks but you only listenend to half of my advise. I think Chelski will run over United, to be honest.

        • Ps. last comment was a joke since I didn’t go for your advise either. Was more like I didn’t know which to pick. The beam me up Scotty was against and you were for.

        • Yeah I read the jaku tip but I always playbthe premium player. I’d play him over jaku even if this was at Stamford Bridge. You followed the sensible route on your team so you’ll be fine. Best of luck

  3. Hey friends. My team. Used ft on Llorente to Benteke. Now problem is that I have no Kane. Firm to Zaha and Costa to Kane for a double hit? And cap Kane?

    • Team.

      • A bit extreme but surely much funnier! I would feel very confident with having those two in. Taking them hits also relates to ML situation, whether they have Kane or not, etc, but ML aside, why freaking not?!

        • Hmm. Indeed.

      • You’ll be fine with having Alli for Spurs.

        -8 is a bit reckless Raz

        • Two conflicting messages. Hehe.

        • Firm did train apart from the squad yesterday.

      • Anyone? I mean ffs. ???

        • Raz – I wouldnt have done the hits.

          What did you do?

        • I just hugged a tree. I kept it as it is. ;)

          How are you? Team setup good?

        • Not bad Raz, cant complain. Bank holiday Monday and all that (not Friday though). Whats it in the Netherlands?

          I feel happy with my team – so expect Sanchez to screw me over.

          Captained Lukaku

        • It’s almost Easter here? We have a long weekend. We call Monday second Easter day. Haha, only the Dutch can do such a crazy thing. I think. :p

          IT’s like another Sunday. ;)

        • Second Easter Day we sit on windmills, smoke weed and try to find eggs. In that order.

        • that could be …… interesting to say the least

        • As long as it doesn’t end with the eggs on weed and trying to find the easter bunny!

  4. Pickford v Heaton between the stick this GW gents?

    • i have same keepers. Pickford is my choice.

    • specialK

      Burnley are bad away and Sunderland are just bad.

      On that basis, both will probably concede and the points saves will be your saving grace.

      I say Heaton as Burnley are more likely of a decent result and he’s had a penalty save and Pickford hasn’t. Heaton also crushes him on Bonus Points.

  5. Jaku or Heaton?

  6. Too late to help me now. I haven’t made the changes. Hope it works out. Have had such terrible weeks. Hope I survive this one. My main mini league opponent caught up 100 points in 5 weeks. :(

    • Anyway good luck all. Hopefully finally a good day. For us all. Don’t care about my ranking just the mini league. Really want to win that one. So just let me better my evil f-cking rival.

    • Raz

      Every week you jump on here five minutes before the deadline! :D

      And I gave you my opinion above, so . . . .

      • I got 2 conflicting messages. :(

        When I could, I always voted for you as well. HUG! The team thingy. HUG!

        • Cool. :ok:

        • Just cool or do I get a hug back? Don’t you hug Dutch men? I mean, for real? :(

        • I always accept you wearing skirts. Why can’t you accept me wearing make-up? :(

        • And liking to hug men? :(

        • HUG ME GEEPEE! I know you want to. It’s not awkward at all. Let it all out.

        • Anyone else? :( GeePee doesn’t like me. :(

  7. Kane starts !!

    • Now you show up. Where were you when I needed you? I mean, damn boy.

    • Walker back in the starting line up as well, Stanislas finally returns for Bournemouth.

  8. Tottenham Hotspur

    Lloris (C), Walker, Alderweireld, Vertonghen, Davies, Dier, Dembele, Son, Eriksen, Dele, Kane


    Boruc, Smith, Francis (C), Cook, Daniels, Stanislas, Wilshere, Arter, Pugh, King, Afobe

    • Damn, I hope Bournemouth win. :D

      • Ha, ha Raz.
        I would like 3-0 or even 4-0 for Spurs as long as Alli is involved in most of them as scorer or assist

        • Do you have Kane and him capped? If that’s the scoreline I am pretty sure he will involved in most and if you don’t have him as cappo or like me don’t have him at all. You are 10-20 points behind before the day starts.

  9. Afternoon, all, it’s a scary lunchtime kick-off today!

    Kane has 5 goals in 2 Premier League appearances against Bournemouth… and I don’t even own him.

    • Same here.

      • James, I know life as a gooner must suck right now. Are you in need of a hug? *HUG*

        • Dark times, Raz, dark times indeed.

        • Hehe, I hope that monkey wasn’t forced in your arms. I know in countries like Morocco they push monkeys in your arm, take a picture and ask money.

          Dark times indeed, not football related though. Football is secondary, always. But if you look at the bloody world we live in. >.<

  10. Glad that cappo Kane, Alli and bloody Walker finally starts. All the best lads! Hope Kane and LKK scores but Kane scores more

  11. HUGS FOR THE WORLD! HAPPY EASTER! Even trees will get some action. :)

  12. Afternoon all, and good luck everyone!!!!!!

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