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Live Match Chat Gameweek 37 FPL News

Live Match Chat Gameweek 37 FPL News

Live Match Chat Gameweek 37 FPL News

Welcome to Live Match Chat Gameweek 37 FPL News: We have finally arrived, the big double. We are not sure on this, but this could be the first time we have ever seen a DGW with at least one game for seven straight days. It is going to be pure excitement and what better way to kick off the double, on a Friday no less, than with two teams who have nothing to play for? We know, pretty exciting. Everton who are locked into 7th hosts Watford who are safe from the drop so as long they don’t concede an insane amount of goals in their last two games, and even then, they are probably still safe. That joy of a fixture is closely followed by The Baggies vs the soon to be champions Chelsea. Pulis and the gang will hopefully make an appearance from the retreat they have been at since late February to see the CFC lads awkwardly hug and kiss Conte as they clinch the title.

Saturday brings us five fixtures. We start with a lunch time affair between City and Leicester. City will be looking to leap frog LFC and get away from the hard chasing Gunners who are making a late charge for their 4th place trophy. That is followed by three 3pm matches. WARNING!! Even your missus will know that these games are sh*te. So just take some time and do what she wants done in this time slot. The Cherries and Burnley square off in what is known in FPL circles as “That game King plays in”… Boro plays their last home game before heading back to where they belong when Southampton visits, and Sunderland unfortunately have to play their games out and take the pitch vs a Swansea team sitting just outside the relegation zone. The late game has The Stokies looking to do us (and probably them) a favour and end Arsenal’s dreams of Champions League qualification.

Sunday has 3 fixtures in store. Palace tangle with Hull at lunch time, The Tigers will be desperate to take something from this as they continue their battle with Swansea for the last safe spot. That is followed by West Ham facing off against a Liverpool side who can almost taste the Champions League, similar to when they could almost taste the title in 13/14. The last fixture sees Spurs vs United, two teams who if results go as expected in the previous games really won’t have much to play for here.

Monday only carries one game. Chelsea and who knows what XI if they are already champions welcome in Watford as both teams complete their DGW.

Tuesday brings us two fixtures and the second game in the GW for all four teams also. Arsenal and hero Arsene Wenger host United legend David Moyes and the soon to be disappearing Black Cats. No worries though, Sunderland fans can rest easy knowing they will have a local team to still support in the Premier League as Newcastle make their way back. In the second fixture of the day City get West Brom, who if you were following earlier, you will already know are well and truly on vacation.

Wednesday also has one fixture. Saints tangle with Man United. The team sheet for this will be interesting to say the least. That is followed by the end of the game-week on Thursday when Spurs travel to Leicester.

Friday 12th May
Everton vs Watford

West Brom vs Chelsea

Saturday 13th May
Man City vs Leicester

Bournemouth vs Burnley
Middlesbrough vs Southampton
Sunderland vs Swansea

Stoke vs Arsenal

Sunday 14th May
Crystal Palace vs Hull

West Ham vs Liverpool

Spurs vs Man United

Monday 15th May
Chelsea vs Watford

Tuesday 16th May
Arsenal vs Sunderland

Man City vs West Brom

Wednesday 17th May
Southampton vs Man Utd

Thursday 18th May
Leicester vs Spurs

Keep track of all the action, the goals, the talking points, right here at FF247 Live Match Chat, an interactive chat which encourages you to keep involved and share your thoughts and emotions as the matches take place.

Good luck to absolutely everyone for GW37 from all at FF247!

Thanks for reading Live Match Chat Gameweek 37 FPL News. This article was written by FF247

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  1. 123
    Snookie Bear says:

    I hope Sanchez doesn’t play, lead my ML whole season he played 2nd wc early and I took hits around gw 30-35 and got red arrows now he is 40 points ahead and had Coutinho which I got rid with WC :( He has TC’ed Sanchez so hope Sanchez is rested against Sunderland!!! And Soton gets a CS :/

  2. 124
    charlcupido says:

    Any news on Sanchez?

  3. 125
    Silvers says:

    Morning all season nearly over & its been a very interesting & tough season for me with so many players proving there worth , with some teams and players preforming better than expected and some worse , over 28 def , 41 Mid & 15 Fwd scoring over 100 , 4 Mid & 1 Fwd scoring over 200.

    Fwds proving that you literally could have picked any 3 from the start and you wouldn’t have been far off having the same score same goes for GK any 2 would have done.

    The big hitters Sanchez , Haz Eriksen & Alli , two to keep an eye on nk season King & where would we be without Siggy , how well did the 4 Pool mids do I feel nk season we will see MC & Spurs become a force and plenty to pick from.

    How dull have MU been this season will Che have it all there own way nk I don’t thk so

    Team off season Che
    Player of season points & cash wise Capoue
    GK of season Heaton surly
    Def of season Che
    Mid of season Liv
    Fwd of season Luk

    Good luck all for the run in :smiling:

  4. 126
    Offside says:

    Haz+Gabbi out for Coutinho+Giroud with a hit?
    Yes or No

  5. 128
    Pancho says:

    My goal was top 10k this season and I’m almost there! Just 400 above me to unseat! So for th second half of this DGW I need Jesus to outscore Sanchez, Kane to hit Leicester for at least one goal, and Alonso and Costa to both start and contribute something.
    What is everyone else looking to accomplish over the next few weeks and what do you need in the second half of this DGW in order to get there?

    Click on image to enlarge:

    • 128.1
      Colriles says:

      Great stuff Pancho congrats! As for me, hoping they cancel all remaining games and pull the plug on this season! Only a Costa hatty and Sanchez blanking will help me now…

      • Pancho says:

        Colriles, what’s most important for you? I’ve had a look and “Friends of Nordy” is likely out of reach (barring 4 goals and 4 assists from Costa today), but you could foreseeable climb to 2nd in it with a brace from Costa and some more returns from Eriksen later this week. I can see what you mean about a quiet/invisible night for Sanchez though. I’ve got Jesus captain and I own Sanchez (as you can see), so I’m hoping for Jesus to just outscore Sanchez by one extra goal. Also, I’d be happy with that 4 goals and 4 assists afternoon from Costa as well! :winktongue:

    • 128.2
      Rosco77 says:

      Epic stuff Pancho!! Reckon you’ll get there no problem!!

      My goal at the start of the season was to beat my virgin season (77k) but as things moved along i changed that to 10k which I think is safe now (famous last words!!)

      I don’t really want to be greedy or seem unsatisfied so if I end around where I am now i’ll be chuffed to bits!
      I need the opposite to you! Sanchez to outscore Jesus and a Kane blank!! I’ll take those Costa and Alonso points and some Hazard and Erik points too!!

      • Pancho says:

        Rosco, yours is a great story this season! Between you, Red, Neilos, and another one or two I’m forgetting right now it’s been a fabulous season for the FF247 family! Could easily see 5-6 in the top 1k, which will be brilliant considering the random results and the rough first third of the season for many. Took me about half the season to settle into the saddle but it’s been steady climbing from there. Onward and upward and 2 more green arrows for all of us!

        • Mitro says:

          *Cough cough ;)

        • Pancho says:

          Mitro, I know you’re around 6k but I’m expecting an implosion :winktongue:
          In all honesty I thought top 10k wasn’t out of the ordinary for you, so I didn’t include you. My bad. I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings lol
          I thought of mentioning our epic season for doubles but then I realized someone made me get KDB this week and I decided it too! Hahah

        • Mitro says:

          KDB will come good mate….. keep the faith brother!! ;)

      • Rosco77 says:

        Thanks man, I’m chuffed to be mentioned in the same breath as those other guys!
        Yeah my first half was pretty hit and miss too really, got a bit better at around the half way mark…with the occasional dip!
        I’ve learned a lot this year and i’ll hopefully take this into next season…but we’re not there yet!!

        I’m looking at 38 and already can see players i’d like but none I would want to take out!!
        I’ve got 2 ft’s so I have some wiggle room so no doubt i’ll be looking for some opinions come thursday night!

        • Pancho says:

          Yeah, I could have had Jag’s points in the bank already and be starring at 2 fts for 38 but I gave in and got Kompany for him. I’ve thought all along that Coutinho would have been good for the last 6 GWs of the season, even with no double. If I’d have gotten him in 29 on my WC then I would probably have kept him. #Hindsight

        • Rosco77 says:

          Tis a wonderful thing! As I said to cookie this morning though, sometimes you have to play the odds and in theory those were the wise moves, could easily have went the other way and with a game still to go it may still work in your favour!

  6. 129
    micbarca10 says:

    Rumors on Twitter that Costa and Hazard are both being rested. I hope they are and Pedro still starts!

  7. 130
    Rosco77 says:

    Ahhh tits Haz starts but Alonso and Costa on the bench .. 1/3 .. there goes a number DGW score for me then!

  8. 131
    Pancho says:

    Capoue brace incoming! :/

  9. 132
    ChrisOllie25 says:

    Wow wasn’t expecting 9 changes. Glad Hazard starting but no Cahill means no double CS

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