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Bundesliga Fantasy Football 2023/24

Bundesliga Fantasy Football 2023/24

Bundesliga Fantasy Football 2023/24

With the Bundesliga also nearing a start we figured we give it a home again that way you Bundesliga managers have a home to discuss bad transfers and terrible captaincy choices.

We won’t be posting a weekly article, but we will keep this article up and though it will disappear from the front of the site, just use the “Hot Topics” link on the right to find your way back to this chat.

We will do our best to post relevant tweets and links to pages that are helpful in fantasy on the chat below so you all have the best possible help.

Bundesliga Fantasy rules changes season- 2023/24

There are two major changes this season

1.- You can no longer switch the star player to another throughout the GW as before. So, chose carefully your striker, midfielder and defender who are going to have the star before the start of the first game. Still, each of the star players scores will be multiplied by 1.5
2.- You can no longer change formation and do substitutions once the Matchday has started. The good news is that if a player on you bench has scored more points than a player from your field he will be automatically substituted.

Where to get fantasy tips > BULINEWS, Fantasy BL Stats and Fantasy Tipsters

Where to get predicted XI’s > KICKER & DNL FANTASY SITE

Twitter account to follow >

Fantasy Podcast > TALKING FUSSBALL also follow their twitter account

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    In other news
    Kane keeps delivering smile

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    And, I put the armband on Kane crazy

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