Fantasy Football 2014/15 Transfers

Transfer Deadline Day

It’s transfer deadline-day and one of the most exciting days of the year in the football calendar and possibly one of the most important in terms of fantasy football, as come the end of play today many PL teams will have a different outlook depending on their business on this one day. With FPL taking a mini-break due to international fixtures this is the perfect time for many to reflect on today’s happenings and decide whether any new signings are worth a punt or will impact positively on the players they already have. We kick this article off early doors and look forward to seeing it through until the deadline tonight with all of your rumours, hopes and probably lies (!) along the way. Keep us up to date on anything you hear and most importantly how you think it will affect yo...[Read More]

Fantasy Football Fixtures Gameweek 3

Fantasy Football Fixtures Gameweek 3 “You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step”. A lovely sentiment, but Martin Luther King Jr. clearly hasn’t visited FF247 where we look at the FPL staircase six steps at a time. Welcome to the GW3 Fixtures article, in which we endeavour to segregate the teams that will be relishing a points feast over the next 6 games, from those that will be wanting to avoid their Twitter feed for a while. If GW2 had one motto for FPL managers, it was ‘We told you so’. Delivering for the 2nd consecutive week, Ramsey and Costa scored, Sigurdsson assisted and Dier replicated his handsome CS/goal haul. 29 points in 2 games is mightily impressive, but for a defender? Come on now. Behave. But it wasn’t all good news. Ch...[Read More]

Transfer round up Part 6

Transfer round up Part 6 Carl Jenkinson (DEF – 5.0) The story from the training ground is that when Jenkinson first heard the rumors about going to West Ham, he thought it was some classic good honest English banter. He was still laughing when he was taken down into East London and presented with his very own West Ham shirt. “OMG guys, you’ve even put my name on the back! Wait, you look a lot like Fat Sa… Oh sh*t.”. The writing was probably on the wall when Debuchy signed. The writing was firmly underlined when Chambers rocked up at London Colney. So what now for young Jenkinson? Based on last season’s stats, Jenkinson is actually a decent young attacking full-back. Unfairly blamed for the 8-2 hammering Arsenal took at Old Trafford, he has responded well when given the chance. (And t...[Read More]

Transfer round up Part 5

Transfer round up Part 5 We have allowed the transfers to settle a while having blitzed them all last week but it looks as though many teams have been adding talent since. Swansea have gone back to the tried and trusted and may have unearthed fantasy gold as well as adding someone to supply that gold with chances, West Ham have strengthened their attack once more and Stoke have decided to test the Barca theory (‘but can he hack it on a cold Wednesday night in Stoke…’). We are delighted that say that Bryan Munich has had his finger on the pulse of the transfer activity since our last update and here is his take on the latest signings in the top flight…

Fantasy FPL 2014/15 Transfer round up Part 4

Fantasy FPL 2014/15 Transfer round up Part 4 Today we cast our eyes over four new imports to the Premier League all of whom come with a decent pedigree and will be hoping to make a name for themselves this season. Chelsea have moved to secure a new left back to replace the departed Cashley, Liverpool have signed another… yes you guessed it… attacking midfielder, Newcastle have gone and signed … yes you guessed it… a Frenchman and West Ham have signed a nutter. Let’s take a look see…

Fantasy FPL 2014/15 Transfer round up Part 3

Fantasy FPL 2014/15 Transfer round up Part 3 Having covered some of the more high profile signings in the last two articles today we look at some of the lesser known but none the less potentially important ones. It’s often the guys we know less about that can make a huge difference one way or the other to your early fantasy squads. They are usually priced kindly and should you get one or two right from the off then they can be fantastic value for money. Think Michu two seasons ago. Think Ramsey in the last one although we all knew him well we just didn’t all anticipate the step up he would make from an also ran to a must have. Southampton have been shopping and bought a couple of well regarded players to replace the rest of the squad who are currently on a bus bound for Liverpo...[Read More]

Fantasy FPL 2014/15 Transfer round up Part 2

Fantasy FPL 2014/15 Transfer round up Part 2 We continue with our look at the major transfers this summer by focusing on another six players and how we feel their moves may benefit fantasy managers, whether they will be worth a look at and some of their key stats from previous seasons. Today we look at four players we are all already familiar with who will be looking to hit the ground running at pastures new and two players who are new to the EPL. At least one of them could prove to be the signing of the season and no we don’t mean Phil Bardsley.

Fantasy FPL 2014/15 Transfer round up

Fantasy FPL 2014/15 Transfer round up Congratulations to Germany on their fantastic World Cup win but time waits for no man and so we move on already! As we eagerly anticipate the imminent launch of this seasons FPL game, many teams have been busy in the transfer market market already despite the World Cup distractions. Louis Van Gaal has wasted little time in beginning the rebuilding process at Old Trafford, Jose went early with Fabregas and Costa, Brendan has ripped the heart out of Southampton and even Arsene has jumped to it with the rather exciting purchase of Sanchez. Over the next series of articles we will give you a run down on the main transfers that have occurred, the potential impact of each player and more importantly we will examine whether they are a viable fantasy football ...[Read More]

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