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This article will be released as the gameweek deadline bell rings and the gameweek officially starts and it presents the chance for you to get involved in live chat on the site as the team’s line-ups are officially revealed, the matches kick-off, the goals go in, the clean sheets are lost and you count those points up!

Fantasy World Cup Live Match Day 14

Fantasy World Cup Live Match Day 14 This evening sees the culmination of Groups E & F. It’s Group F to kick us off as Argentina meet Nigeria – Argentina have already qualified without being anywhere near their best, but a win for Nigeria would see the Africans secure top spot. However, should Nigeria lose and Iran can beat Bosnia then it’s all down to goal difference as to who goes through with the Argies. The late night matches in Group E should also provide plenty of excitement and tension. The French have pretty much qualified – only an unlikely last game disaster and heavy defeat would see les Frogs eliminated. The more likely battle is for the other qualification place with both Ecuador and the Swiss battling to proceed – Ecuador currently hold the po...[Read More]

Fantasy World Cup Live Match Chat Day 13

Fantasy World Cup Live Match Chat Day 13 When Group C kicks off we are in for a treat with the Uruguay vs Italy game. Uruguay finds themselves in a must win situation, whereas Italy will be happy with a point to advance. Let’s see if Luis Suarez can produce magic against real defenders or if the most interesting man in the world Pirlo will even break a sweat. Considering the teams this promises to be an absolute can’t miss game. In the other Group C match up we have the eliminated Costa Rica…sorry I meant England vs the surprising “Pura Vida” squad. One suspects that even the mothers and girlfriends (or boyfriends) of the players will be glued to the screen watching the other group game.

Fantasy World Cup Live Match Chat Day 12

Fantasy World Cup Live Match Chat Day 12 Australia play Spain in the dead rubber of dead rubbers at 5pm. Both teams have been eliminated already – Australia unluckily, Spain disgracefully. How they both approach the game is anybody’s guess and we could be n for a 5-5 just as easily as a 0-0. In the same group Holland face Chile and with both having qualified we may have a similar scenario here but hopefully each will be attempting to win in the hope of avoiding Brazil in the next round but even that may be folly depending on the results later. Group A concludes at 9pm. Cameroon are the only team out of it and they face Brazil while the other two face each other in what may be a winner takes all tie as Crotia play Mexico. This one will be a cracker as it is effectively knock out...[Read More]

Fantasy World Cup Live Match Chat Day 11

Fantasy World Cup Live Match Chat Day 11   Happy Sunday to you all! Belgium and Russia kick us off at 5pm today with Lukaku hoping to atone for his no show in stage 1. Well ok, he showed up, but he did pretty much bugger all and disappointed many who had him as a last resort captaincy option. Hopefully he can produce in this one and announce himself on the world stage. Either way, and even if he notches a hat trick, we imagine Jose will be sat at home saying ‘meh, bring me Costa’. Hazard and KDB will hold many a hope here also and it will be interesting to see if Belgium can get into their stride as they looked a little burdened in the opener, perhaps with the weight of expectation but if they can it would be thrilling to see a ‘smaller nation’ finally threaten...[Read More]

Fantasy World Cup Live Match Chat Day 10

Fantasy World Cup Live Match Chat Day 10 Fantasy World Cup Live Match Chat Day 10 It may be wise to keep any Iranian players firmly on your bench for the first game of the day as they face Messi and co at 5pm. Well ok just Messi really. Many an armband will be thrown in his direction today with most hoping that it ends the week on the wee Argentinian maestro. After a scintillating display in their opener Germany will be looking to secure their inevitable march to the knock out stages at 8pm as they take on Ghana. Muller owners will be hoping for more of the same while Ozil owners will just be hoping for anything. Nigeria and Bosnia round the evening off at 11pm in what could best be described as a game of great interest. To Nigerian’s and Bosnian’s. And maybe the odd Dzeko owne...[Read More]

Fantasy World Cup Live Match Chat Day 9

Fantasy World Cup Live Match Chat Day 9 Good morning all and we hope you’re up for some more non-stop action as we continue to progress through the group stage of the World Cup. Today is Day 9 and we kick off in the colourful and coastal city of Recife as Italy meet Costa Rica – both teams won their opening fixture in the group and this one should be a further test of how good the surprise package of Costa Rica really are. The middle game sees us move into Group E as the toblerone-loving, cheese-eating Swissies aim to put one of their neighbours, the garlic smelling French. These two also won their first game, though we suspect you will have more fantasy interest in the French, with the likes Benzema, Pogba and Evra. And finally, for all you insomniacs out there we have Hondura...[Read More]

Fantasy World Cup Live Match Chat Day 8

Fantasy World Cup Live Match Chat Day 8 Oki doki we’re getting the hang of this now. The Champions are old, rubbish and are the first team to be knocked out of the tournament, Iranians score better than the Portuguese, Brazil are toothless without Ronaldinho, Ozil and Lukaku are about as reliable in this as they are in FPL and even the Yanks have produced a win – Chins must be bringing them some beginners’s luck. Today sees the 2nd round of games in Group C and we kick off with what could be one of the games of the tournament so far as those sniffling, snorting Colombians meet Ivory Coast – with both sides having won their opening fixture whoever wins this will have one foot into the next round. The late game sees Japan play Greece, both of whom will be looking for ...[Read More]

Fantasy World Cup Live Match Chat Day 7

Fantasy World Cup Live Match Chat Day 7 And on the seventh day He rested. Well the Lord may have done, but we still have work to do and the World Cup waits for no-one. So we bat on and what a day it could be – for Spain, the reigning World Champions, will likely see their Brazilian adventure cut short today if they lose to Chile at the Maracana – how likely in all reality is that I wonder? Well, we shall see tonight at 8pm UK time. Of course, they will likely just do enough, sneak through the group and progress in the tournament, but they will have to improve on their inept display last week vs the Dutch. Talking of the Dutchies, they kick off our day when they take on the Aussies at 5pm. They’ll be sighs, shrugs and cries of “ZOMG” if they fail to win this on...[Read More]

Fantasy World Cup Live Match Chat Day 6

Fantasy World Cup Live Match Chat Day 6 Ok, so today could be interesting! Group stage 1 ends and Group stage 2 begins. If only it were that simple… Just so we are all perfectly clear here there are three games today. The first and the last ones are in stage 1, the Brazil game in the middle is actually the start of stage 2. Now how McDonald’s choose to handle this quirk could be anybody’s guess and judging by the way they have handled the whole fiasco so far we are not holding our breath on this being a smooth transition! Please keep us updated throughout the day if anyone notices anything to indicate that Group stage 2 is open on their site. As for the games themselves we begin at 5pm with Belgium vs Algeria. This could be a game with plenty of fantasy interest, some int...[Read More]

Fantasy World Cup Live Match Chat Day 5

Fantasy World Cup Live Match Chat Day 5 Well we’ve had a great start to the World Cup and there has been plenty to talk about from the opening 4 days…the referees are as dodgy as Sepp, Vincente Del Bosque has morphed into David Moyes, United fans are drooling over the imminent arrival of Louis van Gaal and then there’s England who despite playing well succumbed to the Italians. Today sees the worlds #1 player enter the fray as Cristiano Ronaldo and 10 other Portuguese lads take on Germany at 5pm…do the schedulers not realise that some of us have work?!! We suspect that much of the fantasy focus will be on the aforementioned Ronaldo as well as Germany’s Mesut Ozil, while it will also be interesting to see if Miroslav Klose can equal the all time record for goals scored at the Wo...[Read More]

Fantasy World Cup Live Match Chat Day 4

Fantasy World Cup Live Match Chat Day 4 Oh yeah baby, Sunday’s don’t get any better than this. Not only is it the last day of the US Open golf, but it’s also the Lord’s Test match. Oh and we have some T20 action to enjoy. And……wait for it…..four, yes four World Cup games! Get in there. Our day starts early, at 2am at Yaya’s Ivory Coast take on Kagawa’s Japan. Then you sleep and tell your partner to wake you up around midday. Go enjoy a lovely Sunday lunch and be ready for 5pm at the Swiss take on Ecuador….obviously not that exciting a game, but it’s just the build up to the evening. 8pm sees France take on Honduras and many of you will be looking to the likes of Benzema or Cabaye to produce a decent point’s tally for y...[Read More]

Fantasy World Cup Live Match Chat Day 3

Fantasy World Cup Live Match Chat Day 3 Today’s the day we’ve all been waiting for – our hopes have been raised, we’ve been told that the group is a happy group and optimism within the camp is high. Yep, it’s time to see if these Colombians are truly as good as Mito keeps banging on about! They kick off day 3 at 5pm as they tackle the stubborn Greeks. And then Group D comes to the party as Uruguay play Costa Rica – this is of course a chance to see Messrs Cavani and Suarez play together, if the latter is passed fit. And then it’s England – good ol’ England. Italy are the opponents and it’s likely to be a tight affair between two sides who generally start tournaments slowly. Kick off is not until 11pm UK time so book in for a late ...[Read More]

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