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African Cup of Nations Betting: Long Odds from Confused Bookmakers

This African Cup of Nations is set to be a spectacular tournament, and not just because it’s taking some of our top fantasy picks away from our Premier League fixtures here Taking place from 21 June to 19 July, there are many leading contenders to take the continental crown, which has got a couple of top bookmakers in a bit of a muddle. Usually, you won’t find too much of a split between the odds offered by two leading online bookies, but with the 2019 African Cup of Nations, there are good reasons to back many of the favourites. What do the bookies have to say? Source: Pixabay Usually, when we’re trying to determine which teams are the favourites or among the leading contenders to win a tournament, the odds provided by the bookmakers are usually the best way to g...[Read More]

Most Humiliating European Defeats for English Clubs

Most Humiliating European Defeats for English Clubs Arsenal recently tasted embarrassment when they lost their Round of 32 First Leg tie against BATE Borisov, 1-0. The Belarussian side sit a mere 120th in the Euro Club Index, while the Gooners occupy 15th. Can Arsenal turn it around in the second leg? You’ll find the latest odds, here: In honour of this humiliation, here are some of the other most embarrassing defeats for English clubs in the Europa League… 2017/18: Everton 1-5 Atalanta Everton were already eliminated from the group stages of the Europa League, prior to facing Atalanta at Goodison Park. The Italians were unbeaten and had already won on home soil 3-0, while Everton had yet to win a single group game. Atal...[Read More]

Significant Events That Changed Fantasy Football Forever

Significant Events That Changed Fantasy Football Forever Fantasy sports, and especially fantasy football, are constantly gaining popularity. They are experiencing unstoppable growth, with more fans and money entering the party every day. The Betting-Sites team created an infographic showing 101 facts that prove fantasy sports are getting bigger. However, in this article, we will focus on the most important events that changed forever fantasy football and fantasy sports as a whole. High Rewards and Prizes One of the main reasons behind fantasy football’s success is the fact that the prizes are continually growing. Sponsors are willing to spend more money on this sport, increasing its popularity among fans from all over the world. For example, the prize for the National Fantasy Football Cham...[Read More]

A few cheap alternatives to give your Premier League fantasy football team the edge

With the Premier League football season in full flow, various players are auditioning for every fantasy football manager’s team as fantasy bosses around the globe look to find a gem or two to help take their side to the next level and earn them a few sneaky points alongside the usual earners. Nearly everyone has Sergio Aguero or, in last season’s case, Mohamed Salah, but any fantasy player worth their salt will tell you that adding a shrewd differential or two can help take your team up a peg and gain those vitally important extra points to help give you the bragging rights over your best friend or your annoying boss at work. Below are a few players in outfield positions worth keeping an eye on or, better still, getting in your side while their price is low and they’re performing at a wort...[Read More]

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