UEFA Champions League Fantasy Football 2019/20

Fanteam’s €100,000 Champions League Fantasy Game

Fanteam’s €100,000 Champions League Fantasy Game The guys at Fanteam are back with an all new fantasy tournament and this time they are going for Europe’s Elite! As advertised the prize pool is a guaranteed €100,000 to be shared between 600 rankings as well as best GW manager and highest round-score of the group stage. This tournament will not run for the whole UCL event but ONLY of the group stage so just for 6 Gameweeks. If I am honest this is better than the original UCL Fantasy where you have a Wildcard at every stage as the teams tend to template. Top 10 managers at the end of the tournament will win 4-digit cash prizes as per below table! Test your knowledge of the game at a European level and use the skills you acquired over the years playing FPL to win some cash. Game Rules •...[Read More]

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