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Fantasy Champions League The Last 16 2018/19

Fantasy Champions League The Last 16 2018/19

Fantasy Champions League The Last 16 2018/19

We are posting this just in case it takes you by surprise by its sudden return on Tuesday evening. It’s been a long break and you probably can’t even remember who is in your team, never mind whether or not you were doing well in it! Either way it’s time to make amends and get back on the the wagon. We felt it right to also give a reminder of the nuances too. The first being that there are essentially 4 ‘match days’ within this single round; Tuesday 12th, Wednesday 13th, Tuesday 19th and Wednesday 20th. You can switch your subs in and your captain around ahead of each one, until you land on what you feel is an acceptable sticking point.

You can access the game here – Fantasy Champions League

The main points are these;

Tuesday (12th Feb) at 8pm UK time.
Set your team and make sure you have the players who play on Tuesday in your starting 11. Make sure your (first!) captain plays on Tuesday too, you can switch him and your Wednesday players in later if needs be. And likewise next week too.

Wednesday (13th Feb) at 8pm UK time.
Yes, there are multiple deasdlines, four in this particular in fact. The 2nd is prior to the next ‘match day’, as they like to call it. The purpose is that you get to switch your aforementioned players in for anyone who hasn’t performed on Tuesday. And most importantly you can select a new captain if your Tuesday guy did a ‘Sane’.

The 3RD & 4th DEADLINES!
The 3rd is next Tuesday the 4th is on Wednesday. It’s the same principal throughout; make sure your early players are in your 11 and that these later guys are ready to be called into action.

Prior to the ‘Round of 16’ (this one!) everyone gets a Wildcard; so yes, you can select a new squad now and start afresh. You also get an increased budget of £105m and in this round you can now select 4 players from each team, rather than the standard 3.

You get 3 free transfers before the 2nd legs of this round begin. That’s in a couple of weeks, not before Wednesday, or indeed next Tuesday, before anyone asks / gets confused!

The 4 ‘match days’ ahead look like this;

This is looking as competitive as ever and it’s good to see a a few familiar names in the current top 10. We’ve tried to keep it as much to ourselves as possible so that it is mainly ‘Regulars’ from here but some tool did tweet it out from the site handle so there a few unknown participants!

Thanks for reading Fantasy Champions League The Last 16 2018/19.

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  1. 7

    @Sanchez, Llorente picked up an injury vs Atletico on the weekend and hasn’t travelled, so Casemiro should be safe. Not that I would buy him, but thought I let you know since I said Llorente would be locked in a 50/50 battle to start over him.

    • 7.1
      FC Sanchez says:

      Cheers, Mito. Last one I swear: You reckon Carvajal starts?

      • Odri has similar capabilities attacking wise, so it could just depend on how Solari reads the game. Carvajal is a better defender and they are about even on the attacking end, but Dani does have injury issues when he plays a lot and he started vs Barca and Atleti. If Solari puts his best XI, Carvajal has to start, but I am not fully convinced that he won’t think that Odri can do the job and give Carvajal the rest he needs. If I were betting I say Carvajal does start, but funnily enough out of the XI, I see that position as the most in the air now that Lllorente hasn’t travelled.

        We (Madrid fans) are all over the place on the xi, some seem to think that he will rest several guys. That he will start Navas, Marcelo, Odri, Ceballos and Bale. Some think one or two will start. I be worried if we rotate a lot, in part because of the mindset of a team when you rotate like that. My thought is that they play their best XI, at least I sure hope they do.

        Think this is how they go out
        Carvajal- Varane- Ramos- Reguilon
        Modric- Casemiro- Kroos
        Lucas (but I would still prefer Bale)- Benz- Vini

        • FC Sanchez says:

          I’m defo with you on starting the strongest / the guys he has most played recently for the first leg of cl especially after the long cl break.

  2. 8

    Saw this posted on twitter apparently bookie odds about clean sheet and qualifying converted to percentages. I assume the clean sheet % is for the first leg only.

    • 8.1
      FC Sanchez says:

      Interesting. So quadruple up on Atletico defenders. Double on City as well, plus Sterling and Aguero. Done!

      • Not sure I see it. Atletico are always very tough in these legs in particular at home, but they just got run off the pitch by Madrid 3 days ago and Juve is a much better attacking side. A month ago I thought they had a decent chance at making stuff really complicated for Juve and possibly pulling the upset but not so sure they can drag the contest into the final minutes of the 2nd leg with the tie still up for grabs anymore.

        • FC Sanchez says:

          Was just being facetious. Maybe a couple years ago when they were solid at the back. Ronnie and Juve are in good form so expecting a Juve win here both legs.

        • FC Sanchez says:

          Or 1-1 tie at home then 2-1 / 3-1 loss in Turin.

        • I wouldn’t call Atletico unsolid. smile They are still the best in La Liga and one of the best around on defence. Gimenez has been great and has basically replaced Godin as the best defender. They have a very good keeper and Arias on the right is an upgrade on JuanFran.

        • FC Sanchez says:

          True. I do hope it’s close to keep it interesting!

  3. 9
    Raziel says:

    Forgot the bloody CL a few times because of early games. They make it pretty impossible to play the game unless you’re at home 24/7. I was close to the top but missing a few games makes you drop like a mofo. 😛

  4. 10
  5. 11
    Starfox says:

    Quick question about the main game. When I activate the free hit chip am I then able to keep chopping and changing my team, transferring and confirming the transfers as many times as I like until the next deadline in the same way you can with the wild card?

  6. 12
    Frenchie says:

    Here’s mine.
    I wanted Di Maria instead of Draxler but I’m 0.2 short!
    Any advice?

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