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Fantasy Football 247 FPL Team

Fantasy Football 247 FPL Team – GW3

Fantasy Football 247 FPL Team – GW3

GW2 Review

gameweek2pointsfplIt’s fair to say that GW2 was certainly a case of leaving it late. Our final score of 62pts was significantly higher than the average of 44pts and helped lift the team to 34,135 in the world. But for most of the weekend it looked like we were going to see a depressing red arrow as our defence disappointed as others around us made ground. Our skipper Diego Costa delivered his goal vs Leicester, though in all fairness we were hoping for at least a brace from him. So, 12pts from him, 6pts from Cesc Fabregas and 5pts from Gylfi Sigurdsson was a decent start, but Palace’s shocker at home to the Hammers saw Joel Ward gain just a single point. The evening match was mixed, Calum Chambers conceded two, picked up a yellow card and failed to trouble the scorers, though Aaron Ramsey rescued things somewhat with 9pts. So, we went into Sunday optimistic, but Erik Pieters, David de Gea and Wayne Rooney all scored just 2pts each, so we were relieved and delighted when Juan Mata followed up his goal with 3bps to leave us on 49pts with just Stevan Jovetic to play – while all around us we saw fellow managers with scores in the 60’s…. we feared the worst. All the talk before the City/Liverpool game was of Sergio Aguero and Mad Mario, so we were pleased to see Jovetic starting and he rewarded our patience with a brace, 3bps and a 13pt haul to take us to 62pts.


GW3 Transfer(s)
We have two transfers in our back pocket and while it’s always tempting to use them and make immediate changes, we have decided to play conservatively this week and use just the one. The main reason for this is that we are looking to get Sergio Aguero in a few weeks, but in the meantime it gives us a look at how we accommodate him and who we need to sell. It is likely, at this stage, that either Juan Mata or Wayne Rooney will need to be sacrificed and holding that extra transfer buys us time to look at how Angel Di Maria settles in, what formation United adopt to accommodate him and who suffers as a result. We have decided that we will probably sell Joel Ward and buy Newcastle’s Daryl Janmaat. However, with so many matches taking place this week, we have not yet pressed the button in case some injury news comes through. In the case of a downward price change for Ward, we would not be able to afford Janmaat, in which case we will get Fabricio Coloccini or Paul Dummett instead. Palace as we know struggled last week at home to West Ham and continue to be dogged by problems off the pitch. While we acknowledge that they haven’t become a bad unit overnight we feel that a Newcastle defender is a good investment (as per Bryan’s Fixture article) and Janmaat possesses the attacking qualities that other options (Coloccini and Dummett) don’t have. We wouldn’t rule out re-investing in Palace at some point and Martin Kelly at 4.5mln looks interesting.
We will announce when our transfer has been made.


GW3 Team and Captain


We have decided to hand the armband to Jovetic this week. A home fixture vs Stoke will, we believe, hand the Montenegrin the chance to continue his good form, which saw him score twice against Liverpool on Monday night. Despite the slight risk of rotation, we feel that Edin Dzeko’s knock and Sergio Aguero being gradually eased back into the action minimises the risk of Jovetic not starting. We did consider other options. Diego Costa is of course in great form himself, but an away trip to Goodison is never easy and we feel Chelsea may keep it tight. Wayne Rooney away to Burnley is a great option on paper – but in reality, we felt United are not yet the force they were and after a pretty shocking week for them, confidence may be low and it’s clearly taking them time to kick start their season. Aaron Ramsey could do well at Leicester, but with the Giroud injury, Wenger saying Sanchez is “not quite there”, we just felt there was too much risk. Gylfi Sigurdsson was our other thought and he came very close to stealing the band from Jovetic, but we just felt City looked ominous without playing to their capacity vs Liverpool and if they can again reach those levels, then the goals should continue to flow.

Thanks for reading Fantasy Football 247 FPL team – GW3 . This article was written by the FF247 Manager and backroom staff.

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  1. 133
    Raziel says:

    Ok, correct me if I am wrong. Hull City won 2 goals to 1 but but the lost the first away game with 1-0 iirc. So the Belgian team goes through. No more travelling Europe. F-ing poor by the way.

  2. 134
    RedVT says:

    Guys, my plan all week was to get rid of Dzeko. Partially because he got a knock, but mostly because he looked completely disinterested and crap last match. I have Costa as well, but he’s a player I want to keep long term and it’s not the end of the world to me if he’s out for this week.

    Since I don’t want to bring in Aguero this week, do you see anything wrong with bringing in Adebayor for Dzeko tonight? I’d love to wait until tomorrow but I think Dzeko will drop and Adebayor will rise tonight, and I can only just afford it now. I also have 2 FT so my plan is to just make the one trade and have 2FT for after the international break.

    Krul Foster
    Terry Debuchy Pieters Hutton Taylor
    Eriksen Siggy Sterling Ramsey David Jones
    Dzeko Rooney Costa

    Or I could use both transfers and bring in Adebayor AND Jovetic for Costa and Dzeko. ORRR, just swap Dzeko for Jovetic, or, or, or…. haha, holy crap. Any ideas gang? I’m at a loss for what to do.

    • 134.1
      duthers says:

      I’d personally just do Jovetic in for Dzeko, not only does he free up 0.5 mil, he offers the best captaincy in your team ( Home vs stoke)

      • Raziel says:

        But will he still be first choice after International break? Dzeko and Kun could both be back. Ade is a better choice in the long run. Guess it depends on what you’re planning, short term or long term.

        Short term Jovetic, long term (or longer than just 1 or 2 GW’s Ade). Also, City face ummm Arsenal and Chelsea after Stoke (or the other way around :P).

        • RedVT says:

          Thanks Raz and Duthers. I’m thinking long term with Adebayor. Jovetic seems like a quick bandaid and I will plan to bring in Aguero shortly if he’s ever fit enough to start a match anyway, so that would mean having to get rid of Jovetic soon anyway.

          The other option would be to keep Dzeko and downgrade a defender to generate enough money to upgrade Costa to Sturridge this week with my 2 FT. I don’t know why, but I literally have no good feeling on what the best move here is, I’ve been thinking about it all day and I’m not getting anywhere, lol.

          Maybe I’ll do Dzeko and Costa out for Adebayor and Balotelli and throw caution to the wind! laugh

    • 134.2
      Raziel says:

      Ade is a good shout mate. I see you can field 3 good defenders this GW (which is also important).

  3. 135
    EBC says:

    Adebayor in for Dzeko?

    Anything else needed?

    • 135.1
      Raziel says:

      @ EBC
      Points up… same question as Red…
      Geezzzzzzz, you guys tend to be a tat lazy… 😉

      • EBC says:

        I read that but our defence and midfield are pretty different…

        • Raziel says:

          Not really, both of yall can field 3 defenders with CS potential. But it’s ok, hehe. Just pulling ya leg.

          As said above, Ade is a good shout. I like Jovetic for one GW, also like his form. Sold him last weekend can you believe it? Haha. Long term, I don’t know.

          In the long run if injury isn’t serious Diega Costa > Dzeko.

    • 135.2
      RedVT says:

      That’s the exact move I’m thinking about EBC. The only problem is that I think at least one of them will change price tonight (if not both), so I have to make the transfer tonight if I’m going to do it. I actually think Dzeko will probably feature this weekend as his injury isn’t serious, but he didn’t look good to me last week so I’m ready to get rid of him.

      • EBC says:

        I have the same issue.

        I was planning on taking him out next week so I’ll just go for it tonight.

        Looking at Sterling & Balotelli in for Ramsey & Costa over the next couple of GWs..

  4. 136

    Whats the latest on Costa? FPL reckon there’s a good chance he’ll play, but I’ve been reading the exact opposite… so can anyone give me some insight?

    • 136.1
      Raziel says:

      Wait for presser tomorrow. Quite a few reports that the injury isn’t all that serious and that he might even start tomorrow. WHen I hear reports like that I’m starting to believe he tore something. 😉

  5. 137
    blackillusion says:

    Alrights folks, need some major advice. This is my team right now. Having Felipe Luis has been hurting and I was going to transfer him this week but then Giroud decided to get injured. So my options:

    1. Replace defender, keep Giroud on bench and replace him next week.
    2. Replace Giroud, keep luis on bench and replace him next week.
    3. Replace both and take a 4 point hit.
    4. Use my WC as my current defenders aren’t helping me much anyways.

    Thoughts? I’m edging towards 3 or 4 to avoid losing a lot of points in GW3

    • 137.1
      Calvin Clyne says:

      Alright Black, keeping Giroud is not an option as he is likely to be out for a few months from what I’ve read. He would be your priority to replace, and Jovetic or Adebayor would be my suggestions. You will be just shy of managing the latter with your 1FT though, so if you do want Adebayor then it may be the best time to downgrade Luis to raise the cash. Changing defenders for hits is usually a bad idea, but to enable another transfer, especially one so pressing, justifies it in my opinion.

      • blackillusion says:

        Gotcha, so definitely a NO to using my WC this early in the game? Is getting Adebayor a better option that Jovetic?

        • Calvin Clyne says:

          Entirely up to you of course, but a WC should only be used when planning a big overhaul, which I don’t think is necessary at all for you. It’s a tough one re. Jovetic.. There was talk of Dzeko being injured, but seems he’s now good to go. And Aguero seems like he’s coming back, but will still probably be eased in, so if you fancy Jovetic then it’s probably the best time to get him. Adebayor on the other hand is a safer option, in a Spurs team with a tactically sound new manager. He would be my bet.

        • SEKOTN says:

          I was in a bit of a fix early last year, deployed my wc early and made good points every week for a good while based on early form… If I had held on to the problems I had, they would have cost me a little bit every week…

          Not sure what to do right now as I am healthy, but could do better…. Wc now would be aggressive

  6. 138
    hammers says:

    Evening all,

    Is this ready to go or do you think I need to swap any of the bench players around


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