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Fantasy Football League Round-up

Fantasy Football 247 League Round Ups December

Fantasy Football 247 League Round Ups December

FF247 overall DecemberWelcome everyone to Decembers round up of the FF247 leagues. I hope you all had a cracker of a christmas, no pun intended, honest, (a scouser being honest, not buying into that at all, Ed), and a brilliant new year. Well there were a few good weeks, points wise, and a couple of bad weeks in December, so lets see who came out top of the shop.
[highlight_yellow]Editor’s note: In the past our pictures have not lined up with the article because the screenshots taken from the FPL site in the Manager of the Month table in particular, did not take into account any hits that Ellefcee deducted. We have now hired Elle some help with the sorting of the sceenshots and everything should line up correctly. His help wishes to remain anonymous! [/highlight_yellow]

FF247 Overall League. FF247 overall December

Number one spot was jointly shared come the end of the month by Stephen Gayton, aka Quallathon, and David Ross who had both amassed a total of 1187pts with their respective teams ‘LFSteve’ and ‘Rossaldinho’ and at the time of writing this article (3/1/2015) sit 63rd and 120th in the world, well done lads, keep up the good work. In 3rd spot is team ‘Olunkylan Tahti’ with owner, Sakari Uutela, who sit only 1pt behind the top 2 with 1186pts. In 4th place is Nathan Crook, with his team ‘Crookys Gunners’ on 1182pts and 5th spot goes to Kyle O’Shaughnessy, whose team ‘Dzeko & The Bonymen’ with 1170pts. Well done to the top 5 teams.

FF247 Manager Of The Month.FF247 Mom league
1st place for the month goes to Kunal Devi with his team ‘Comeback Kings’, Kunal managed to achieve a total of 414pts and again at the time of writing this article, he sits 274th overall. Only 1pt behind in 2nd place is Daniel Hennessey on 413pts with his team ‘Boys ll Mendonca’. Nick Shackleton came in 3rd place with 407pts for his team ‘Shack Attack FC’. 4th spot went to team ‘Besic Instinct’ with 400pts for manager Oswin Diniz. Pawan Basnet was placed 5th with his team ‘$$ Money Money $$’ with 399pts.

FF247 Doubles League.FF247 Doubles

Top of the Doubles League come the end of the month were NZ Alex + Peaky Dave with their team ‘North South Divide’, they had amassed 1133pts, which had also propelled them to 1563 overall (at the time of writing). 2nd spot goes to Inittowinit + Elleffcee with their team ‘Aditupem’ on 1100pts. Potty + Morbid sit in 3rd place on 1075pts with their team ‘Potty Morbid’. 4th place is took up by Silvers + PvR with team ‘The Two Uniteds’ on 1069pts and finally on 1062pts in 5th spot are Mr + Mrs Facepalm with their quite aptly named team ‘No Hope Bob Hope’.

Congratulations to all mentioned and keep up the good work peeps. There are only 4 gameweeks in January, as we have a couple of weekends of FA Cup action, so be aware of any injuries or suspensions to your players. See you all come the months end, cheers.

Thanks for reading Fantasy Football 247 League Round Ups December. This article was written by Ellefcee

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    NIN says:

    Really looking forward to the Madrid derby tonight. Shame Ronny isn’t starting though. Torres starts for Atletico.

  2. 8

    Evening all, cheers for the plaudits. Kop you wil have to do what i do to get a mention, get yourself a top notch doubles partner who knows what their doing and hang on to their coat tails like mad, i’m with Init, hes the brains of the outfit and hes the one that keeps us up there and getting me a mention. :shake:

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