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Fantasy Football League Round-up

Fantasy Football 247 League Round Ups February

Fantasy Football 247 League Round Ups February

Overall FebruaryWelcome one and all to the February FF247 leagues round up. Well I must say its nice to be back, I have tended to my personnel business, got new batteries in my hearing aid and given my jam jar glasses a good clean, so I’m raring to go. Thanks to my young apprentice for standing in at short notice and writing a great article for the month of January. I had a great meeting with Stevie G and Bruce Arena, all is looking swell for the LA Galaxy. Stevie has been given the number 8 shirt, which he is happy about, but there was some argument over taking the captaincy and penalty duties off former Liverpool team mate Robbie Keane, which are still to be resolved. There is also talk of Stevie building a brand new mansion not far from Liverpool, does this mean he could be loaned back to Anfield from LA Galaxy? We shall have to wait and see. Anyway on with the round-up.

FF247 Overall League. Overall February

Top of the podium in the overall league is David Ross with his team ‘Rossaldinho’, David has achieved a grand total of 1650 pts so far. In 2nd place, with 1647 pts is team ‘Suarez ate my team’ with owner Ben Martin. 3rd goes to Stephen Gayton… Qual, with his team ‘LFSteve’ and a total of 1640 pts. The 3 guys mentioned have also hit lofty heights in the global rankings, their positions being 82nd, 90th and 156th respectively, positions which would give most of us nosebleeds, well done to all 3 of you. 4th + 5th positions go to Sakari Uutela with team ‘Oulunkylan Tahti’ and Andy Gaskell with team ‘Pretty in Pink’, both having 1637 and 1624 pts respectively

FF247 Manager Of The Month.Overall MoM
Gold medal position for February goes to Rishad Islam who managed to achieve 263 pts over the 4 gameweeks with his team ‘Hunain F C’. Team ‘James United’ took silver for James MacKenzie with a total of 258 pts. We had a tie in bronze medal position with Dan Treeby and Akshay Salunke each gaining 252 pts with their respective teams ‘Inter Young Boys’ and ‘Akshays Warriors’. In 5th just 1 pt behind bronze was Soud Abdallah Soud with his squad ‘SAS United’.

FF247 Doubles League.Doubles league Feb

Top of the shop are NZ Alex & Peaky Dave with their team ‘North South Divide’, this pairs joint efforts have amassed 1585 pts so far, this total also gives them a global ranking of 1669, which I think is great for a doubles team. 2nd position goes to team ‘Potty Morbid FC’ with a total of 1540 pts for our old friends Potty and Morbid. Team ‘The two Uniteds’ are just 3pts further back in 3rd place with a total of 1533 for owners Silvers & PvR. In 4th and dropping like a whore’s knickers, are ‘The Boss’ Init and my good self with 1521 pts for our team ‘Aditupem’, as pointed out by my apprentice in last month’s article, our cheating looks to have been found out???? 5th spot goes to the pairing of Monty + Norfolk, with their team ‘Le$bian Lion$’ with a total of 1500 pts.

Congratulations to all mentioned, and if you are not, as in the case of our regular poster ‘Razman’ keep plugging away, it will come good eventually. That is it for February, I’m off to commit a crime or two, so I will see you all at the end of March.

Thanks for reading Fantasy Football 247 League Round Ups February. This article was written by Ellefcee

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  1. 13
    nishant says:

    There was a time when i was 37k overall. 38k by GW19, 37k by GW 21, And now i am 87k overall. What difference a WC makes. 6 red arrows since GW 21,

    i.wanna climb high. This is my second season. Hoping for a top 40k finish Atleast till d end of season

    Kane (c) Eriksen and Austin to play. 45 this week after the hit

  2. 14
    MR D says:

    Hello you lovely bunch. Around average 57 for me last night, seems the norm. Green, Walker, cappo Harry and Zamora (yep, you heard right) left to play. Quick question, are you rabble in any MLS Fantasy leagues? Just sorted my team, literally no idea who most of them are but should be fun.

  3. 15

    Evening all, Thanks for all the kind words. After seeing the tables that go with the article being superbly produced, my apprentice is now promoted to Head of Design. ????

    I will be getting in touch with him to amend the doubles league to oust ‘The two Uniteds’ as Silvers has now posted he is a singles team, thanks to Mito for the proposal, i’ve just seconded it. :big-lol:

  4. 16
    Qwkliduzzit says:

    Hi all. My team only has players with no Premier League minutes before the start of this season. A real challenge to find and maintain a decent squad! Currently got 1437 points, and ranking 270K. Still got Austin (C) to play on Saturday to add to my 58 GW points so far. My aim is to finish in top 10% of players, so am on track. My main problem has been finding consistently good midfielders. Sanchez is the only one. ADM has faded. Tadic and Elia hot and cold. Got Mane back in this week for Tadic – which was fluke or great skill… Would appreciate some tips, bearing in mind forthcoming fixtures and the run-in to the end of the season.

    For GW29 I have 1FT and £8.3 ITB. Here’s the squad:
    Courtois, Ospina
    Bellerin, Zouma, Janmaat, Wollscheid, Reveillere
    Elia, Mane, Markovic, Alexis, ADM
    N’Doye, Austin, Ideye
    Will, of course, at some stage bring in Costa for DGW34, and maybe Schlupp too. I bottled bringing in Mason for ADM or Markovic this week…
    Any thoughts? Thanks

    • 16.1
      inittowinit says:

      Hi Q, (no way I can spell the rest of that!). Wowzers, that’s a challenge and a half indeed. And you’re doing splendidly well all things considered. Your forwards, defence and certainly goalie are about as good as you are going to get I reckon having just scanned the player lists. The midfield is really tough, you’ve got pretty much all of the top scorers that are eligible as it is I reckon. Next best down is Kouyate of West Ham. He stood out as he looked excellent last night against Chelsea. Toughie this week but then it’s Sunderland at home and Leicester away. He’s not pulling up any FPL trees so far I know but with a recent 9 and a 7 and from what I saw last night he’s maybe one who’s growing into his surroundings.

      Not much help beyond that I’m afraid as the rest are pants!

      • Qwkliduzzit says:

        Hello Init. Thanks for your reply.Yes, I’m aware of Kouyate, and thought about him when I had my transfer window WC – but others seemed to be more compelling at the time. Wonder how Cuadrado’s going to turn out? But with two Chelsea already, the third one has to be Costa. Quite happy with the defence. Only Toby and Moreno are other contenders, I think. Maybe Mangala (fixtures), if he can be guaranteed starts…Attack: also reasonably happy. Apart from Costa, I’d consider Sakho. Ings has terrible fixtures coming up, and Pelle looks like a busted flush. Kramaric? Hmmmm.

        As I said, midfield is the tricky area. Herrera (game time?), Fernando? Naaaahhhh. Very thin here…Aarons or De Jong, if only they were fit, would be interesting…I’m struggling!

  5. 17
    inittowinit says:

    NIN!!! Where are you buddy? RMT, MLS. Or anyone for that matter 😉

    • 17.1

      Your defence is :poop: But I see palmer and Burch on the bench. Palmer should be ok, but I wouldn’t touch a Colorado defender and not sure Burch is a sure fire starter anyway.

      Earle won’t start, Zimmerman probably won’t and Haggs is 50/50 at best. The rest I kinda of like. Drop Mckendry in case you want to bring in a Vancouver player for their double that actually starts

      DC and NYRB have a bye in week 2, so I would not have both.

    • 17.2
      NIN says:

      Howdy! I was on the phone there mate. Right – Unfortunately Zimmerman now seems like a risky pick. Toronto’s schedule is rotten so i’d stay away from them totally, unless you fancy a whirl at Giovinco but that’s quite an expensive risk. GK’s are quite solid but both have a double in GW6, tough to pick which to play. What’s the pan for GW2 bye’s for Burch and Pontius?

      • NIN says:

        This is what i’ve got now. Pretty happy with it and will likely keep as is unless tomorrow brings any bad news.

        • nice team NiN! I take it you are confident that Kennedy will hold that spot down? Pareja is very sketchy on goalkeeping so that is why I am staying away for now. Kah is a value pick, but also can implode at any moment. I guess we all have places where we need a bit of luck for our team to start off well. I will certainly have a spot or two where I will be hoping for a bit of luck.

        • NIN says:

          Cheers! Yeah Kennedy is a bit of a risk. From what i have been told he’s the first choice but may miss out in week one as he has been away at some player meetings or some shit. He played all the preseason games. I’m also not sure about Kaka but Eternal seems pretty set on picking him so i’ve followed suit there as he knows his shit.

          init, errrr, chickens cant paint! Wings, man, what about the wings? laugh

          Right i gotta get some sleep. Might not get on here tomorrow so if that is the case, good luck with your MLS teams lads. Hopefully we all get a good start to the season :thumbup:

        • inittowinit says:

          You’ll be on tomorrow and you know it! Anyway, not sure you’ve kept up with evolution too well there, chickens have arms now and yes they can paint!

    • 17.3
      inittowinit says:

      Thanks Mito and NIN, much to chew over tomorrow then I guess. Hate this first week as I feel so uninformed. Supposed to be painting the kitchen tomorrow but I’m guessing that will take a back seat now. You’ve both got some explaining to do to my Mrs laugh

  6. 18
    Bench@BanterburyLeagues says:

    Banterbury Champions League Last 8

    Drink Up Thy Zider
    Swiss Chocks United

    Quarter Finals Draw to be Confirmed

    Banterbury Champions League Quarter Finals 1st Legs – GW 31 April 4th 2015

    Banterbury Champions League Quarter Finals 2nd Legs – GW 32 April 11th 2015

    The Banterbury Help For Heroes Cup Last 4

    Pas op he!

    Semi Finals Draw date to be confirmed

    Help For Heroes Cup Semi Finals – GW 30 March 21st 2015

    Potty have decided a draw date, that news with be relived, on pottys lastest post

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