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Fantasy Football League Round-up

Fantasy Football 247 League Round Ups March

Fantasy Football 247 League Round Ups March

FF247 leagueWelcome everyone to the round up of the FF247 leagues for the month of March. There were only 3 gameweeks due to an FA Cup weekend and an international break but there were some excellent scores recorded, so lets take a look at who enjoyed a fruitful month.

FF247 Overall League. FF247 league

Top of the shop is still David Ross and his team ‘Rossaldinho’ with an overall total of 1840pts, this total has also put him at 145 in the world. In 2nd place is team ‘LFSteve’ for our old friend Steve Gayton, AKA, Quallathon with a total of 1830pts and ranked 232 in the world. Bronze goes to Ben Martin with his aptly named squad ‘Suarez ate my team’ with 1824pts and a world ranking of 305. Only 1pt + 2pts behind in 4th + 5th places respectively are Andy Barnard and Alberto (Albertini) Mendonca with their teams ‘Cry Me A Riviere’ and ‘Celtinha’ with 1823 + 1822 points

FF247 Manager Of The Month.FF247 MoM league
The gold medal goes to Dan Creaner who over 3 games has amassed 252pts with his team ‘Per Aspera Ad Astra’. Praveen BR takes silver with his team ‘Red Devils’, he has achieved 233pts for the month. The bronze goes to team ‘The Blaugrana FC’ with 231pts and owner Tanmay Gudhekar. Minesh Patel and Hysen Hoti come in at joint 4th with their respective teams ‘hazard + FC Gjakova’ on 229pts.

FF247 Doubles League.
FF247 Doubles league

Still sitting at the top of this league are the exellent pairing of Peaky Dave + NZ Alex, they have amassed 1793pts to date and sit at 1051 in the world. These 2 are looking more and more like the champions elect, as in 2nd place, 74pts behind are reigning champs Init + Elleffcee with a total of 1719pts with their team ‘Aditupem’. Team ‘The two Uniteds’ for owners Silvers and PvR sit in 3rd with a total of 1712pts. Mr + Mrs Facepalm and Potty + Morbid take up the next 2 places on 1700 + 1693pts for their respective teams ‘ No Hope Bob Hope + Potty Morbid FC’.

Congratulations to all those mentioned, well done and keep up the good work over the remaining gameweeks of the season, especially those with high overall rankings, go get higher, good luck.

Thanks for reading Fantasy Football 247 League Round Ups March. This article was written by Ellefcee with no help at all from anyone. Honest.

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  1. 1
    inittowinit says:

    Many thanks to both Elle and Mito for their time and effort doing the monthly round up. Good to see a few familiar name up there.

    Given as it’s quiet could I get some suggestions as to how people would proceed with this lot this week please? 2 FT’s and 0.4 itb. Thanks in advance.

  2. 2
    WhoIsRonaldo says:

    Hi Initt
    Is it a good idea to play double Southampton away from home?

    • 2.1
      Brookyboy says:

      It’s either that or double Sunderland !!

    • 2.2
      inittowinit says:

      Hi Ronaldo, possibly not but this week is the crick in the double Southampton armour as such as the fixtures ahead favour that. The alternatives are equally unappealing though – could play PVA and maybe then play Krul to avoid a double Sunderland. Ultimate alternative is to find a transfer for one of the other defenders outside of Southampton but I’m not sure it’s wasting. Any suggestions?

      • Brookyboy says:

        Well as Dawson is out this week and West Broms good fixtures end soon I think I’m gonna get rid of deadweight wisdom for Naughton,if that’s any help.I’d probably just do the Sanchez transfer if I was you though and carry your other FT.

      • WhoIsRonaldo says:

        you could gamble on Baird getting a game against QPR or alternatively play Krul and PVA bench one of southampton df’s

        • inittowinit says:

          Good shout, he could do I guess. If so then yes the other combo looks most likely but not sure about any of them in all honesty!

          Eyeing up a massive punt on Fellaini as a cheap throw away differential now after tonight’s brace. 3m difference against Mata could make a big difference elsewhere in weeks to come. (I was considering Mata for Caz). Allows Austin to Costa too very easily. And feels like a great differential ‘cheapie’ given the form that Utd are in. Supposedly difficult fixtures but they’re not really if you look beyond Chelsea.

  3. 4

    Well done lads on a super round-up.

    A settling in season for Mr Potty and I . . . . . laugh

  4. 5
    Bench@BanterburyLeagues says:

    Ok guys its its that time of year, where i cook the books, i mean sort the books for the banterbury leagues, even tho, i will again send e mail out to address i have for you all, after four years, its not a lot to ask for people to confirm their place for season iv, and help me have a stress free summer too, so if you would help me our with team name and confirmation that you wish to take part next year, whould be brilliant, e-mail

  5. 6

    Cheers for the round up lads smile this final is becoming depressing! Anyone watching?

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